The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Rumour Nuns Want to Re-open Stanhope Street Laundry for "Fallen Women"?

Just caught a well sourced, but (as yet) unsubstantiated rumour that the orders are trying to get the old Stanhope Street Laundry re0opened as a "residential centre" for "victims of trafficking" - which is the term they use increasingly for sex workers and anyone they deem to be "at risk of sex work" or "affected by sex work" -

You couldn't make this stuff up and it gets easier to see how the mentality that allowed and encouraged the laundries was created every day..

Has anyone heard any more of this?

Where to START on how wrong that particular building would be, in how many ways.

  • Trauma trigger to laundry survivors
  • Subliminal intimidation of proposed victims
  • Mockery of former victims
  • Extreme bad taste
  • Why do they need a "residential centre" for autonomous adults?
  • How restrictive will the Residence be?
  • How voluntary will entry be (currently Gardaí often offer sex workers the choice between Ruhama and arrest. Ruhama are often called in without the consent of the women involved)
  • Is it a good idea for people sex workers already loath and fear to be running  a residential service
  • Shouldn't that building be turned over to the redress board to fix the victims of their last foray into residential services?


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Like Bessboro which is used by HSE as contact center for mothers and children in care.

Mothers describe the horrible feelings still there, the ghosts of the mothers and babies still there. etc

Mothers searched and made little of.

Typical using the old abuse energies



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