The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

We have had enough of people saying that they are speaking for us, and where has it got us. So i say NO to people coming on board, saying that the want to be spokespersons, it is to late in the day.

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Kay,thank you for the information regarding Kathleen and Paddy they are the best people to represent survivors.Hope everyone will give them the support they need.Take care Catherine.
I agree with you Kay, Kathleen O'Malley , Paddy, and Robert ,Andrew  should arrange a meeting with the Government regarding the unwanted  unjust Trust Fund, the only people seem keen on having this Trust Fund are those who call themselves  Group Leaders who don't seem to be on the same planet as the rest of us ,and so called services for Survivors  both of these groups of people have  for many years have been given Millions ,without the Real survivors benifiting at all, as a survivor myself of the Dark , Sadistic  Brutal days in Goldenbridge I have NOT recieved any Help, Advice,Nor any Info whatever from any of those services I may as well have been living on the moon since what happened in Industrial Prisons FIRST came out in the Media ,If one is Intelligent and has a mind and opionion of one's own and a good sense of what REAL JUSTICE MEANS  (NOT one of those Group or services who say they represent survivors   WANT TO KNOW YOU (NOT in the least), In case if our opionion gets heard they are afraid  we may well take some of their False Glory away which probably effect their HUGE FUNDING they recieve ,and have recieved . THIS IS ABOUT JUSTICE FOR BABIES AND CHILDREN  who were LOCKED UP in CHILD PRISONS for all or most of our childhoods depriving us of ALL our Human LIBERTIES, and RIGHT'S, > NO TO STATUARY TRUST FUND I find the very Idea of this fund Immoral, Sick,Unjust, and daylight robbery and an ABUSE of Survivors RIGHTS.
Hi Tom,
Thank you for raising this important issue!
I understand you reservations?
What with the history of "NOT REPRESENTING!"

You are amongst Friends!
Here we treat each other with Respect and Understanding.

Have you ratified the Letter to the Revenue Comissioners to prosecute the Directors of the Right of Place and the Aislinn Centre for Fraud?

This can be found @

There is so much we can do without "Representation"

Once this letter is ratified by the "Members" it can be Printed and Posted, there will be a record of how many Ratified it, on the Website!

Proof of our Intent!

However? We cannot deal anonomously with the Government??
Unfortunately they don't work that way!

With a "Mandated Spokes Person" you are in "Control"; they can attend meetings.
They cannot make unratified decisions!

They have to bring offers back for us to vote on!

We have the "Mechanism" here to "Discus Issues" iron out the finer points and when we are ready put it to a "Vote"!!

They are at the service of the "Membership"!

What do they get out of it?

Power? - NO!
Financial Gain? - NO (No more than any other Survivor)

Respect - YES!
Satisfaction of Bringing those without a Mandate down! - YES

Anyone can be Nominated
Anyone who is Nominated can be Questioned?
Anyone Who is "Democratically Ellected" can be "Democratically Removed"

Democracy Transparency and Inclussion for ALL!

On the Question of Leadership, We Lead by Example! We are all capable of Stiring others into "Action".

Be it ratifying a letter for change as with the Revenue Comission.

Doing "Research" on issues that affect us!

Promoting Petitions!

Post "Inspiring" and "Thought Provoking Blogs"!

and as you have done! "Start Debate"! Thank You!
I will try to find the time write and Post a Blog where the Shame of Ireland originated from, it will save you and others reading the Whole of Paddy's Site.

Shame of Ireland was set up to assist and devellop "Activists"!

We are all "Activists" we all contribute what we can!

Some more than others but All are Equal in our Cause!

We wil enable each other to do MORE!

"Together WE are Stronger"

Your Friend in our Common Cause


Hi Jimmy, well said I am also very confident Kathleen and Paddy will do us proud.Kay and Rob have given us the opportunity to vote and make this possible.

hi tom no spokesperson would be speaking without a maandate to do so .people are fed up with so called spokespersons speaking without our mandate .without proper representation we will not be heard .im for a mandated spokesperson acting with integrity and reporting all directly back to us .then we can vote on options rather than be told such and such is happening . theres not one website on the internet from so called survivor groups keeping survivors informed on what it is there doing while using our names to do it

kathleen and paddy would be who i would like to represent me .ive signed already for there mandate ( i think ) ive been signing so many i hope i havent left theres out

The "Shame of Ireland" is the Membership without the active patricipation of Members, this will not work!

i belive ive been participating on this site as far as im aware ive made it known through live voting and petitions where i stand

I know You have Dan and so have a "Core" of Others!

But the wider Membership haven't been??

I don't know how to get them more active??

May bee I will start a Forum topic on Involvement??

we need more publicity .is the site open now .with so much apprehension about survivor groups its really no surprise .lots of damage already done from so called survivor groups on survivors .ireland of late seems to stink of coruption .you can but try rob . i know it takes some time to get a site off the ground i think this has a lot to do with it aswell

i signed the petition on the 17th december .shame we  only have 37 signatures .but real signatures from real people  .happy christmas to you to kay rob and everyone .

Dan, Those people are just a bunch of Bullies,



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