The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

We have had enough of people saying that they are speaking for us, and where has it got us. So i say NO to people coming on board, saying that the want to be spokespersons, it is to late in the day.

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we can speak for ourselves.we know our needs as did the people who signed the petition in ireland last may .all of us are adults

14 years entitle me to tell that cro oked Education Minister Quinn, butt out and kiss the popes assets

Rob has done more for us than any so called Services??? or Groups ???Groups have done NOTHING AT ALL FOR ME ,Never heard from any of them, 

Geraldine I agree with you regarding Rob he is brilliant the way he continues fighting our cause.

The groups should take a leaf from his book then maybe we would get somewhere.

It's now 6 months thereabouts since I phoned  again  been trying for 15 years A Certain FUNDED centre  in the UK and one in Ireland who claim to help trace siblings ,again the person on the other end of the phone asked for all my details +my siblings details .again I'v NOT heard one word back. >and I pay for my phone calls long distance at that,  A BIG FAT CON OR WHAT, it's all about their FUNDING to keep themselves in their fat wages.

Geraldine, you hit the nail right upon the head. Quinn and his Irish Fatcat cheats, this skullduggery is their stock and trade. You will find no honesty in the Dail, and if there was the would be now leading an armed uprising. Words they give and that's all we will get. So much for the victims, memorial, a crappy wishing well. Dear Santa Quinn, can we have some more to eat. What !!! Mooooree, you ungrateful vermin, get back down your dirty ratholes where you belong. We should have some never released you from slavery Constructions. Signed Santa Quinn.

It's now getting toward the end of 2012  and None of those groups have bothered putting up a website for Survivors they have been receiving massive funding  for many years to provide Services for the Survivors using  survivors names they say they have on their lists It has proved totally Impossible to get any information from any of those groups or those who say they provide services for the Survivors, individual survivors needed to know  and still need to know which groups have their names and detail's on their books indeed their silence has been deafening  for many years ,  I bet they will all crawl out of the woodwork now that The Unwanted  Unjust , Rip Off ,Statuary Trust Fund has been passed into law  they will be loud again banging on how they provide Services for Survivors and claim more massive Funding.  Karma will catch up with all of them.

There is such a big difference between what e read and whats really going on . I saw an article about sally wanting a place for holidays like the aisleen center. This was the first i heard of this. i am not alone in this. so for dubliners its english lessons and holidays in ireland. sounds great doesnt it but who goes there. Since no information is given about this how are we supposed to know. And english lessons for survivers over60 years of age is very odd. Since most irish grow up speaking english anyway what is the point

Sally  as you are a Politician you sit on the Council Of State in Ireland and are a Key Adviser to the President of Ireland , you are Director of the Elderly Irish Forum UK,  Head of The Federation of Irish Societies UK,  Labour Party Counsellor for the borough of Hackney in London. UK,  You could have stopped the Statuary Trust Fund and demanded proper Compansation for the Survivors , Now  it's September 2012  I hear your office have decided to Put up a website for survivors , Did the money for your Website  you are setting up come out of The Statuary Trust Fund,  just asking. It's Far to Late you should have done it many years ago ,   You don't comuniciate with us on this site but  parhaps  you will give me an answer to this question> Do you think the Survivors of Childhood Abuse in Industrial reformatory Schools should be properly Compansated for their suffering????????? Do you beleive The Redress Board caused further Trauma and Abuse to Survivors , Do you think all the Doctored Files that  some Survivors did manage to get  but the Pages were all Black'd  Out , (Black Pages) . Do you think it OK for NO medical Files  to be presented on behalf of the Survivor.  Do you think it OK that survivors still have not managed to find their Siblings or Families in 2012. Where and on WHAT has all the Funding the Groups have received over the years gone on.  Do you think it right and proper that all  the services and groups must have their books inspected and everything checked every Euro spent accounted for , after all ,all that funding came out of the survivors rightful compansation thay should have received years ago not to groups . Survivors have been denied their Right's to be informed by all those who say they represent them.  Were they Democratically Elected by the Survivors???? to represent them.  ??????? they were'nt by me for starters.     The Memorial is another decesion made without informing the Survivors,  Can't you all just wait until we are all DEAD.

fellow Brothers and Sister Survivors I am afraid to say we have been Used , Abused, Silenced  Bullied  for many years by the Corrupt that are  a million times more Corrupt than anyone can Imagine  or first thought.

 Robert has worked hard for us and he set up this great site for all survivors , families ,and friends he is the one who should be getting  funding

Totally agree Rob has worked hard for us and should receive funding for our great website.Without

The Shame Of Ireland and Paddy Doyls site many of us would not get any information regarding

whatsoever is going on.Why they need groups I will never understand what do they do for anyone

with all the funding they received.The Statuary Trust Fund and Memorial is of no benefit and should

not have been passed without our consent.Compansation for all survivors is the way forward but who

is listening or really cares no one.






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