The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

We have had enough of people saying that they are speaking for us, and where has it got us. So i say NO to people coming on board, saying that the want to be spokespersons, it is to late in the day.

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Geraldine, Catherine, why not use Care2 and start our own petition against this Irish State and Church fraud against we Slave Victims of Irish prison schools. Oliver.

Hi Oliver,a few petitions have been on Care2 regarding our situation for some reason not many people sign them.I believe our only hope of justice is through the Human Courts and its impossible to find a solicitor who would take our case on.The Irish Government and Catholic Church have the money to pay the best solicitors and Lawyers you can find so I really dont know where we stand.Take care Catherine.

Geraldine, any people that can imprison and enslave, 120,000 of their own (Irish) infants and children, can never be trusted, to care for anyone or anything. But my Sister, what goes around, comes around. Oliver.
Geraldine, God Bless You, you said it all. And Oh!! how new found power corrupts. Seems like our Sally, will even bed down with our fraudelent, theiving, enslaving Irish State and Churches. Would'nt surprise if these people have already made a pact with their master Satan. Oliver
Thats it, am going to Dublin, to learn to read and write in Bhearla, oops!! I mean the English Language. And this is what that crook Quinn is about. We'ill cut him in two and fight him twice. Another Irish Joke, by Quinns Sins. Oliver.
Wow, have just been practising my English. How Now Brown Cow. Hows that Quinn you blatant crooked, DH. Oh thats Richard Head in Anglish. Oliver.
we must speak for ourselves



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