The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Hello all., I got an email from someone wanting to know me because she saw 'my profile' on the Shame of Ireland site. I responded and here is what I got..please advise our community to be aware of people claiming to know us. .
Nice to meet you. My name is Vicky Hayson 29 years old. l really need your assistance. My husband dead two years ago and the family members wants to kill me and my children and seat on the inheritance he left for us with the bank, because of family tradition which said, if you are a woman in the family and your husband dead, you will have no right to your husband properties, and everything was collected from me, the only things I was able to guide was the inheritance with the bank, l am now in a hiding with my kids and the documents of inheritance is with us. Please help us to have this fund transferred to your country and we will fly to join you. Attached is my picture.
l will be waiting for your reply.
Vicky Hayson."

End of email..

I think this is probably a scammer's attempt to get money our of us and, as we have all known pain, we could be seen as an easy target.

All the Best

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I got the same lol

I owe you an Apology


Recently I let someone into the site Vicky Hayson


Here chosen Location on Signing up was New York


She Spammed the site and caused upset!


I had an Email telling me about this from Paul Redmond




I immediately Suspended her for Spam which means that She will not be able to rejoin!


I Checked her IP Address and got this


General IP Information


Decimal: 700266235


ASN: 29571

ISP: Cote d'Ivoire Telecom

Organization: Cote d'Ivoire Telecom

Services: None detected

Type: Broadband

Assignment: Static IP


Geolocation Information

Continent: Africa

Country: Ivory Coast ci flag

State/Region: Lagunes

City: Abidjan

Latitude: 5.3097  (5° 18′ 34.92″ N)

Longitude: -4.0127  (4° 0′ 45.72″ W)


I have refused access to anyone from Senegal because they are our usual source of Spammers.


I will in future check every IP address before approving Membership.


This should help stop this in future!



Once Again I would Like to apologise for any distress caused 






Sound, Rob
Hi I also got this email this week after she befriended me.
Admin need to block her.

I got one of these emails too.It's just a scam.

Is there a weakness in this site that has given our emails to scammers? I remember a dental company managed to insert their advert into the site's twitter account...
The Dental Company joined as an individual Member Sharing Aims and Objectives. Turns out all he was after was access to Caranua Dental Fund "Parasite" that he is!

I accidentally let this Spammer in!

The only way to make it more secure would be membership by invitation only?

But that may exclude people who desperately want to join?

Thank you Rob - don't worry it happens all the time - my email account only weeks ago let me know that there are 4 other IP addresses reading and deleting my emails - also found many perps on twitter and facebook - I have got some friend requests here on this site but have not got around to checking them out - It is a good site when you see what we can do for ourselves here - we have our blog pages and anyone and everyone can access any of us throught that with replies, comments etc,, U feel safe in that - Thank you...Teri

Thanks Rob. I appreciate this site and this is a difficult diffucult nut to crack. Perhaps you could design a brief questionnaire for all new members, membership contigient on satisfactory replies to your questionnaire..just a thought! ☺
Hi yes I also got that email from Vicky but I have block her



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