The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

SEEKING Bridget Broderick St Josephs Industrial School Summerhill Athlone

Patricia Thomas is trying to find the lady she believes to be her older sister.

She was born Bridget Broderick in 1945 in Dublin and placed in St Patricks Mother and Baby home till approximately 1947/8 when she was transferred to St Josephs Summerhill Athlone.
Would she have stayed there throughout her childhood.

[The Above is from and Email I recieved]

Regards Rob

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Last Night I recieved the Following Tweet through the Shame of Ireland Twitter Account

I have information for Patricia Thomas who is trying to find her older sister posted in April ..please contact me

I hope so too.

And I hope the inquiry into these Mother & Baby Homes explains why these children were consigned to the Industrial Schools Machine; what law was used; who were the organisations that ganged up on the children and why their rights as Citizens of the Republic were discarded. 

It can hardly be the case that these children were discarded by the Mother & Baby Homes because their Sell By Date had been reached!!!!


I know for a fact now having done the research that my mother was also in St Josephs Industrial School Athlone period from 1947 for over 10+ years. I know from surviving relatives one of her friends there was a lady by the name of Betty Broderick. The dates match and I am hoping this betty could well be her? please can you forward this onto the Betty mentioned above?

It could help me and my siblings fill in some information about her time there....would like to speak with her perhaps,


Sorry MJJ, but there's so much going on, I can't remember if you are trying trace you Mother or Looking for information about her past?
I have forwarded you comment to Betty, she may find it to painful to talk about, as she is still coming to terms with a Sister that she never knew existed!


Not trying to trace my mother shes deceased. What I am very interested in doing is filling in some blanks about her time in this Institution.....I know very little about her time there but i do know for certain from a relative that one of her friends was indeed called Betty Broderick and they were both there from 1947 onwards....this could well be her. In which case it would be fascinating to her from her....

Summerhil is Fleetingly mentioned in the Commission into Child Abuse in the Chapter @

You can use <Ctrl> + F to search for Summerhill

It may appear elsewhere in one of the Many Volumes?


I have read information relating to Summerhill - That is not my reason for posting, instead it was to attempt to trace Betty Broderick, if this is not possible let me know and I will not post anymore.

I don't understand this obsesion with Betty Broderick?

Would someone else who knew your mother do?

Incidently what was your Mothers Maiden Name?

It may help widen the Search?


Did you manage to make contact with Betty Broderick?

My mother was also there during this time - from 1952-1964 I believe.  She was born in 1948 and her name was Mary Teresa O'Shea.  I would welcome contact with anyone who might have known her or would be comfortable giving me any information about the place.

Many thanks

Its not an obsession , I was simply intrigued that it was same one my mother knew that is mentioned in this post above....if for some reason u don't want to forward her my email - OK.


The Reason I asked the Question is I was Expecting someone else to come forward!

But am still waiting, in the mean time I received this from Betty

Hi Rob love to help you but I'm not very good with the past I remember Ester we met in Galway a long time ago but my friend ********** in Galway will tell you all she has told me to give her email address  which is ****************** ok and Rob thank you very much for everything Betty / Bridget

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Once The Lady in the email has read this thread and confirmed that it is OK for me to pass on her email address I will forward it to you by private message!

When I hear from the Other source I shall do the same, so you can build up a more rounded picture of Your Mother and her Life.


Appreciated. I only know of one other name that could have been friends with my mother...initials would have been C.C won't say on here as she may not want it mentioned but I appreciate your efforts it would be fascinating to hear from someone who knew her at that period in her life...i will private message you some detail, thanks



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