The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Survivor Meeting with Mary Higgins, CEO New Statutory Trust Fund

Would like to inform all Survivors. There will be a meeting held in the Imperial Hotel in Cork City on Wednesday evening 20th of November, at 19.30 hrs.

The Host will be Tom Cronin Survivor from Cork. The guest speaker will be Mary Higgins who is the CEO of the New Statutory Trust Fund. And the main topic of conversation will be (The New Statutory Trust Fund) All Survivors are welcome, and you do NOT need be be affiliated to any group to attend this meeting. Everyone will be welcome. Please inform your fellow Survivors of this meeting. Thank you. 

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I have repeatedly asked that some sort of Video Debate be Chaired with written Submission/Questions be included or arranged so that those overseas can feel included.

Hi Robert why are all the meetings being held in Cork and what are the meetings about since no information is given to the survivors it appears that survivors in Britain are being ignored in all decisions about the Trust FUND including the fact that no survivor in Britain wanted this fund Cork seem to be the strong hold of this trust fund why is it because of the group ROPSC strong hold if this fund is to go ahead it has to include all survivors that include all information concerning the fund I am not asking you the questions Robert I know you are in the dark like every survivor Love your site it is the only one survivors can get information as it comes in Thanks

I have to agree with you on this matter, ROPSC think survivors are there for there gratification so they can keep there jobs.I have asked to meet with this Mr Walsh 10 weeks ago and I am still waiting. We are totally ignored and used just so that they can get more funds, I joined this group 4 years ago and I have never got any information from them, the only reply's I get is when I send them an email and that is never any use to me. I have said in the past that all groups should be disbanded as all it dose is make jobs for people who have never suffered abuse and think they know how we feel. Just get rid of them all and let the people who suffered at the hands of those religious orders decide what to do with this fund. 

I often wonder the same thing my husband was in St Kirans and we only get informatiin from here

Hi Robert. I am a Survivor. I had a stroke which left me disabled. Would I be able to purchase a Mobility scooter now and then Claim the money when the trust fund is up and running. As I had to buy one to be a little independent. For shopping and visits.

You know something, I fear it will be another sham meeting. We are Survivors and always will be. We're on our own.!!!!

What Cathriona Barker has just posted is correct,, Board Salaries,, Wages,, for their Shirkers,, until this Money Meant for Our Kind,, ( Survivors) has been thoroughly Spent and Wasted,, by Minister for Education Fraud Fund,, R.Quinn.. ROPSC No Chance Walsh, Mary Magdalene Higgins,, P. Judas Doyle, With Quinn and Orders, in Conjunction with Dail,, Irish Ungodly Churches,, are " Birds of a Feather ".



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