The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

This was Shared with my Facebook Account, Quite Frankly I am appalled at the Controlling nature od the HSE and the Slur on Survivors by their Ban!

I would like to share this piece of information with the public The new policy by the H.S.E for the chosen few .Please read and leave a comment on what you think about this Catherine Coffey Obrien Moll Donovan Maurice O Connell .

This letter I have drafted and will be sent to the relevant organizations and T.D. of Dail Eireann .

I am a survivor of the Industrial School regime where I spent the first thirteen horrific years of my young life. I was informed on Friday 6th December 2013 by a telephone conversation that I received by two members of staff in "RIGHT OF PLACE SECOND CHANCE, CORK” that a Christmas party that was organized for past pupils for the 14th December 2013 in Cork that the venue had been changed. . When asking why at such short notice to the change I was appalled and shocked to hear the response.


“The H.S.E has instructed these groups who are suppose to be representing us in a private memo they received in October which stated any social events funded by them CAN take place in a license premises, but the sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited to be sold to any survivors attending that event".

The original venue that our party was to take place was a licensed premises Redmond’s GAA Club in County Cork. The proprietor refused to comply with this demand from the H.S.E. and so was relocated to a community hall where no alcohol is served. This hurt me. Our dinner will be brought into us and entertainment will be provided. I can attend the social event if I want, but no one can consume alcohol and therefore goes our freedom of choice again. I am entitled to have a drink with my meal if I choose to do so. I said ! no you can’t do that and when asked the reason why? I was informed that it is to protect the safety of their outreach officers. So basically what their saying is we can’t handle our drink we are violent and are all alcoholic’s. I am over the age of 18 and a very responsible adult . To be told again we can’t do what we want, brings it all right back. We are nobody's in these people's eyes .

This so called policy has been signed off by employers across the boards of all survivor groups. This is what I was told. Asking why we were not informed of this new policy. And when I requested the original email I was told it was a private memo only sent to them to which I responded, its not private now . No notification whatsoever was published in any form nor any communication sent out to its members. Although we can attend the event we cannot purchase alcohol. We now are been dictated all over again. I will be gracing the steps of Dail Eireann to veto this" private memo" regarding this ridiculous new policy. The perception they have of us survivors today has not changed and never will. I am extremely upset about everything that has gone on since these groups were formed. It’s the principle which matters in this case. Not the alcohol. and our basic rights as human beings . Talk about knocking people when they are down. The spirit of Christmas has been taken from us again.

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Who decides what we do with our lives. 

WE DO, NOT THE HSE or anyone else for that matter.


How about being " Captain of your own Ship".why allow outsiders to interfere with our lives

Kathleen O'Malley.  "Childhood Interrupted"


Please don't think I am directing the above at you.


I had, but the phrase "Don't Shoot the Messenger" came to mind ;-)

As you know I am quite thick skinned and don't mind open Debate.

I also welcome points of views that are out of line with my own, and welcome Constructive Criticism, as I am far from Perfect!

I have never Censored or Deleted any Comments from Any Member of the Website.

I certainly wouldn't want this website to not reflect the views of its Membership Accurately.

This is no surprise to me.

It is simply an old patriarchal tactic used by the HSE to rattle your, put you off balance, etc.

They clearly know all the buttons to push to annoy you and in doing so - if you fall for it- they suck your energy. This is the tactic of a psychopath/psychopathic system.

There is a piece of research documenting all tactics used by people in positions like HSE.

Clearly here the HSE is treating you like children and intonating you are all drunks etc- because that is the impression they like to give of the "disposable kids of Eire"

Remember the old mentality of you children.

Will write more later.

Why would the HSE be assisting in any way as they are the same Gov agency that is the perpetrator to the abuse you suffered? is it to keep an eye on you and report back?

Of course their training is that victims of abuse turn to drink and drugs to hide the pain- yet they will also say you sufffered no abuse at their hands. Conflicting ?

Protect "their outreach workers"?

Yet these same HSE workers will be out drinking whenever they want. many people know HSE agents who drink like fish and yet will accuse service users of being drunk.

I do not drink and HSE agents said I was drunk. I asked for Gardai to be called to take blood sample.No. But rhe HSE agents still told the court i was drunk.

This is a mere example of how the HSE agents operate.

Reports from Cork also speak of HSE agents celebrating a child snatch with high fives and drink in the pub.

Talk about projecting their own problems onto innocent service users like veterans of church/state abuse.

I call you veterans rather than victims- because we have survived and like any veteran, treated with respect and dignity.

again i really appreciate the spirit of your message Catherine!  :)

i am liking the spirit of your post Catherine!  :)

I totally agree. Why give them the time of day.  The above comment I have said in so many words last week, yet the replies keep coming.    Life life to the full and don't allow negative thoughts to enter your space.  By getting angry you give POWER.


It should have read " Live life to the full."

Kathleen O'Malley"Childhood Interrupted".

Thank you for the posting Robert. Just who the hell does this Idiot Quinn think he is. He is now saying we are NOT responsible enough to have a drink. Not that i will be taking up any offers from any of these groups who say they support Survivors, because EVERYBODY already know that they dont. I will be writing to Quinn myself about this disgraceful carry on.

Most people of Eire would rather deny the abuse ever happened, despite them all knowing about it.

Typical perpe trator style too- blame the victim.

It is the usual attack the victims, because that is easier to scapegoat them, with so called professionals labeling victims as damaged goods.

So it goes from "disposable children" to drunken victims in adulthood.

This is the norm, sad to say among professionals and this is then taught to the next generation of students and put in the media to create the scene showing the child victims really the evil children of Eve ill Eve.

Once you know the law we use, maritime law, where all children born through the waters of the mother are slaves for the system......bonded with the birth cert. So they see nothing wrong with using children as slaves and  abusing them in the same way as Vatican boys believe they have the divine RITE to molest children and sacrifice their innocence to their god.

and Catherine that denial is not only no exaggeration at all but remains an injustice too .. there can be no peace without justice in ireland and that affects everybody!  so often people refer to the past as that was then and things are different now ..really?  it is thanks to the minority that the majority can now have their complaints investigated regardless how many decades ago!  survivors have done so much for ireland and the recognition hardly begun  ..



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