The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

This was Shared with my Facebook Account, Quite Frankly I am appalled at the Controlling nature od the HSE and the Slur on Survivors by their Ban!

I would like to share this piece of information with the public The new policy by the H.S.E for the chosen few .Please read and leave a comment on what you think about this Catherine Coffey Obrien Moll Donovan Maurice O Connell .

This letter I have drafted and will be sent to the relevant organizations and T.D. of Dail Eireann .

I am a survivor of the Industrial School regime where I spent the first thirteen horrific years of my young life. I was informed on Friday 6th December 2013 by a telephone conversation that I received by two members of staff in "RIGHT OF PLACE SECOND CHANCE, CORK” that a Christmas party that was organized for past pupils for the 14th December 2013 in Cork that the venue had been changed. . When asking why at such short notice to the change I was appalled and shocked to hear the response.


“The H.S.E has instructed these groups who are suppose to be representing us in a private memo they received in October which stated any social events funded by them CAN take place in a license premises, but the sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited to be sold to any survivors attending that event".

The original venue that our party was to take place was a licensed premises Redmond’s GAA Club in County Cork. The proprietor refused to comply with this demand from the H.S.E. and so was relocated to a community hall where no alcohol is served. This hurt me. Our dinner will be brought into us and entertainment will be provided. I can attend the social event if I want, but no one can consume alcohol and therefore goes our freedom of choice again. I am entitled to have a drink with my meal if I choose to do so. I said ! no you can’t do that and when asked the reason why? I was informed that it is to protect the safety of their outreach officers. So basically what their saying is we can’t handle our drink we are violent and are all alcoholic’s. I am over the age of 18 and a very responsible adult . To be told again we can’t do what we want, brings it all right back. We are nobody's in these people's eyes .

This so called policy has been signed off by employers across the boards of all survivor groups. This is what I was told. Asking why we were not informed of this new policy. And when I requested the original email I was told it was a private memo only sent to them to which I responded, its not private now . No notification whatsoever was published in any form nor any communication sent out to its members. Although we can attend the event we cannot purchase alcohol. We now are been dictated all over again. I will be gracing the steps of Dail Eireann to veto this" private memo" regarding this ridiculous new policy. The perception they have of us survivors today has not changed and never will. I am extremely upset about everything that has gone on since these groups were formed. It’s the principle which matters in this case. Not the alcohol. and our basic rights as human beings . Talk about knocking people when they are down. The spirit of Christmas has been taken from us again.

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totally with you with respect to universal law!  it overrides man man law!

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  • Micheál Walsh
    This a letter I received today regarding the ban of alcohol on survivor social events By  Right of Place S.C The memo exists !!!
    Micheál Walsh

    Hi Miriam,

    Dear Miriam,

    I wish to make two points in relation to your criticism regarding our recent decision to move our free pre Christmas outing from a Public House to a community centre.

    Point One: We get some small funding to put on some social events. It has always been our thinking that the people who attend any of our events should enjoy these outings and by and large they have.

    We have also been very conscious that we deal with a broad group of people and our biggest concern has always been those who are most vulnerable. Our experience of holding these social gatherings is that sometimes we have survivors whose lives have been blighted by alcohol. Their stories are some of the saddest, and they have a voice also in our organisation.

    In our desire to strike a balance between the two we have decided to hold socials that will be in settings that alcohol is served (e.g. Our poetry event in J,B, Keane's Pub in Kerry) on the premises and on other occasions in premises where no alcohol is served, so as to allow those who may have recovering addiction issues, feel comfortable to attend.

    Point two: With regards to the comments you made, coupled with a number of calls from Survivors and the idea that the decision or perhaps explanation of the decision may have caused you to feel angry or hurt we have taken these on Board. We are open, honest and willing to listen.

    While we strive for a balance for all survivors - we don't always get it right but in future we will be identifying alcohol free events, aswell as events that alcohol may be available, so that you will have a choice on whether you or anyone wish to attend them or not.

    To finish this was a decision taken by Right of Place Second Chance, so as to allow our most vulnerable to have the opportunity to attend events. The only Policy we implemented was to ensure our Staff did not consume alcohol at Social Events and to ensure we had options available for our most vulnerable.

    We regret this misunderstanding, particularly regarding the HSE’s role and hope you are now aware of the actual nature of the recommendation. You can still call me at any time to discuss if you have any outstanding issues on 051 841819.

    Please feel free to call me as it is only through understanding and speaking to each other that we can ensure any misunderstandings, particularly ones that may make you feel deeply upset, are corrected

  • Miriam Moriarty Owens
    Miriam Moriarty Owens

    Good morning Micheal Thank you for your letter.. I was told by Ann Marie and Edele members of staff in your office in Cork. that it was a new H.S.E. policy across all H.S.E funded organizations and came into force in October and it was signed of by you and three others. . When I asked for a copy of it. I was told it was private.. I was told it was sent from Joanne White of the H.S.E . I was told that all future events were to be alcohol free. When asking why! The reason was to protect their outreach officers This was no misunderstanding MichaeL. I was rang four times on Friday I am not stupid I am very hurt and so are lots of other members. We were lied to again. I have written to the H.S.E. regarding this and many T.D.s I am not going to give up now.. Right of Place staff have no right to tell me or any other survivor what to do. You make decisions to please yourselves. I am a very responsible adult and will not be dictated to by anyone . I knew on Friday when I recieved the phone I was been bullied all over again.

    Regards Miriam

  • Micheál Walsh
    Micheál Walsh

    Hi Miriam,

    First of all, when a policy or procedure is implemented, they are internal documents that govern the behavior of our staff members. Most of this policy is there to protect our clients, first and foremost and secondly to protect our staff members who, as you are well aware, do tremendous work with limited resources often working with some extremely vulnerable adults.

    I can tell you that the information was directly sent from Right of Place Second Chance and it was not a policy implemented by the HSE, but one implemented by Right of Place Second Chance – all the HSE did was offer us advice.

    I wish to correct your assumption that you were lied to, I can assure you this was not the case. It was simply a misunderstanding regarding the new procedure, which is as a direct result of a negative incident on a Social outing that put the lives of some of our staff members and clients into direct danger.

    So to clarify, no person is now telling you that you cannot drink at all events, however there are some that will be alcohol free so as to support our most vulnerable clients. It is then a choice you have to make, if you want to turn up to an event that is alcohol free or wait for the next one where there may be an option to have drink or to consume alcohol.

    To finish Miriam, if you and other Survivors are hurt (which I can understand due to the mis-communication) imagine how those Survivors who are most vulnerable, who are recovering from Alcohol addiction issues, who cannot be around drink, feel when they cannot attend events as they would potentially be around alcohol. We cater for a large group of diverse people, some of whom we need to keep in our mind when we organize events – especially those most vulnerable.

    So the policy has now been explained to you, and we apologize for the incorrect information, however the policy that you are arguing against, does not exist.

    If you wish for a copy of the Memo, regarding this, I would be happy to send it to you, this one time due to the misunderstandings and hurt this may have caused.


ThanX for Sharing Miriam!

Indeed the Memo exists as you have proved!!

Couldn't help but Click on the Michael Walsh Link on Facebook and the Current Facebook Profile Picture is

I nearly Choked on my Lager at the Irony of this LMAO

This image is in the public domain and therefore not Subject to Copyright

I have never recieved any invitations or any information about these dinners. But i wouldnt go if orders were given about what i eat or drink. Bloody cheek and I dont drink any strong alcholol. I cant face the illness that comes. But many of the survivers are catholic so wine is supposed to be okey.Partying at weddings is biblique.Knowing when to stop is wise. Bars and again bars.


Miriam,, don't forget his Fees,, for this waste of time,, Consultation.

Right of Place Staff Christmas Party, Plenty of Alcohol Flowing here?

Now, that's the spirit brothers and sisters.

These are the staff that enforced the NO ALCOHOL rule on Survivors!

Even more hilarious .So typical though.

ah the irony!  are we not all able enter into the spirit that is christmas?!  :)

divide and rule keeps the hell going!  groups should embrace all!



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