The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

The prison camp reminded him of the Irish industrial school.

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My report on Industrial schools
I am not a victim or a survivor I am an inmate of the so called industrial schools the gulags the concentration camps of Ireland call them what you like the outcome is the same
How did Ireland come to have so many gulags it seems that every large town in Ireland had one. The origin of the gulags was the poor houses but with the foundation of the State the Catholic Church took over the responsibly of health and education. Poor houses were converted to industrial schools idle minds and so on The government took no responsibility for the welfare of children dragged through the courts and sent into these places other than pay a small amount per child no regard was taken of the inmates the opinion of the government and society was the inmates were criminals and should be seen as such
The Catholic Church were allowed to do what ever the liked to you there was no comeback nobody would beleive you regardless of who you told. Everyone knows about sexual abuse starvation slavery the Ryan Report touched on these subjects but without living a day in one of these places it is hard to imagine the fear and horror that was being an inmate in the Catholic gulags The government declared that no inmate had a criminal record this was never true as I heard of many people in court and the fact that you spent time in an industrial school was allways used against you
The redress board was set up to save the State money and the Catholic Church's paedophile army immunity what a joke they took us all for fools same with Caranua a Statuary trust fund turned into a free for all for the board running it with such close ties to the Catholic Church
My conclusion we the inmates have sat on the fence an allowed the Irish government and the Catholic Church abuse us over and over again and again with groups that obtained millions to save the government billions. One example a friend of mine approach me and in formed me they gave him ten thousand euro and he only served six months I looked at his life drugs drink and no abilities to look at his life. This for me say it all it was not the length of time you served it was the ability to rebel even do it led to more brutality it kept you sane from the evil that was all around you

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