The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Redress scheme aims to assist abuse victims in old age

Friday 17 January 2014 11.21
Mary Higgins said the fund will focus on health, education and housing Mary Higgins said the fund will focus on health, education and housing

A new scheme to assist those who were abused in residential institutions is aimed at providing help to the survivors as they face into old age.

Caranua currently has €74m of the €110m fund committed by the religious congregations who ran the institutions to draw on.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Caranua Chief Executive Mary Higgins said the fund was there to meet the current needs of survivors, focusing on health, education and housing.

It will not be a cash payment.

Only those who received awards either through the Residential Institutions Redress Board or the courts are entitled to apply for help.

Ms Higgins said the scheme was in recognition of the fact that cash may not have addressed many of their issues.

She said: "Many of the people who spent time in residential institutions were neglected, were badly nourished, were poorly educated, and a result of that, they have spent a life of severe disadvantage.

"So this is in recognition of the fact that they are now in their older age and is a way of trying to focus on them and provide a service that is dedicated to them and to meeting their needs as they are now."

The amount of money they received from the redress board or the courts will not be taken into account.

"This is really about trying to provide something that is for them. Even though people got money ... it's where they are now, that’s what we're interested in," Ms Higgins said.

Families of deceased abuse victims will not be entitled to apply.


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If there is 74 million euros in the fund for the survivors why are we not entitled to a share in it.  Just how many of us at our age needs further education,  I'm sure most of us would like the money to do as we please as we may not have many years left on this planet.  How dare these people dictate to us like this,  we have been told what to do all our young lives and had to obey now we do not need to OBEY.  If ms Higgins is really interested in the survivors she aught to be living in a real world where people need money to get by and not have to rely on handouts from this organisation. Who are you to say we cannot have a cash payment,  I spent 7 years in Moate hell hole our education was sparce we spent a lot of time in the fields doing work that the bloody nuns could have paid workers to do,  I now suffer with arthritis in both my knees, because of the work we did in the fields we were child slaves to these awful people and I say we want our money now,  no more arguments as to how it will be administered just get it done,   YES I AM ANGRY

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