The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Hi Jack, I would like to help further your cause and possibly the best way I can help is with my radio show.  I know you are not interested in being on the radio, but if there is another member of your group who would consider doing a show with me, then you will have a recording that might be used to achieve your goals.  It's up to all of you, but it's what I can offer.  Missing my orangutan-liking friend, Sallie

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Yes I Too Do Not Feel Easy With The Word "Survivor"  ...  Too Limiting.

In the future start with the Country Code 001 then 760-890-7144.  :) Thanks Jack.

i agree, this certainly was a great interview.  Here is the short link to it:  

And People Can Still Hear It Now?

Short link to this program:

Think The Interview Lasted 1 Hour And 20 Minutes.  Great Show And So Much Covered!

Yes A Significant Number Of Children Disappeared Over Night.  Adoption Was Not The Policy.  Money Was Made Out Of Us 'Orphans'.  Not Sure Any Of Us Were Orphans!  The "Orphanage"  Was A Cover For Something Else!  Child Abuse!  It Is Now A Block Of Private Apartments!  I Would Say There Are Reports Of "Ghosts"

Hi Jack, the inboxed messages I keep trying to send you do not appear after I push enter, so I will write to you here. The paragraph directly above I placed in the comments under the radio show in quotes with -JC after it.  Thank you for making this remarkable interview happen with William.  I really want the WORLD to hear it, it's so very important.

You can hear William Gorry's interview at the following Link

Thant ittks Rob. I will think about it.

 how many people have been interviewed up untill now.I dont know if i can add anything new.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Hello Pauline.  Listening To William Being Interviewed I Was Reminded Of Familiar Experiences.  Things I Had Heard Before. Things I Can Relate To. We Are All Individuals But Have Experiences In Common.



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