The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland


As Minister Jan O’Sullivan is new to her job, would it be at all possible that we could band together and ask the Minister to meet with a group of survivors so that we can voice our ISSUES with the Caranua program. As Caranua was developed for the survivors and because most if not all are already entitled to these services offered either by age, medical card or through social circumstance the Caranua program IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. Minister Quinn, did say he would review the program in 2015, the new Minister needs to review it with URGENCY NOW! We need to have an account from the Minister as to what is happening to our SURVIVORS MONEY AND BECASUE ITS OUR MONEY WE NEED TO BE KEPT INFORMAED OF SPENDING. We would like to know from Minister Jan O’Sullivan about the interest on the 110 Million and where it is being banked, also where the rental income from properties given to survivors by the religious is being banked on our behalf , and what is happening to the original 110 Million.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kate, my mind was never uneasy about you or your Motivation!

I'm, an old hand at Survivors falling out; Groups, Exclusion etc

Emily's Spirits are low after her Illeostomy last Thursday and she hasn't eaten for a week now; She is The Survivor (as you know) not me and she has been so brave and strong it hurts me to she her losing her spirit!

I set up the website for activism; and fought hard for at least 3 years to stop the Statutory Trust Fund (Caranua) from being established.

I will gladly change the privacy of the Web page so that members can collude in private!

I only opened it up in the hope that once people had read the tone of the site they would feel comfortable Joining, as it had turned into more of a Social Network.

I admire and love all of the Survivors here who have done what they could to support the fight I started for them; I do miss Jimmy now he has passed away; he was always one for a fight ;-)

If member wish I will change the privacy back?

sorry i cant be there as i live now in San Diego  California 6300,mils away  all i have to say if we had a LAWYER or legal  help,  we would not be treated this way  if they were here i would Sue them for breach and not abiding what in the contract to serve us.  asked them if they keep track of what is spent (overheads)   in our NAME

Keep the replies coming this shows proof of how we feel about what appears to be an illegal situation of our funds.  We signed a Petition objecting to their decision re dealing with monies paid by the Religious to the Government for Survivors.

Kathleen O'Malley. "Childhood Interrupted". 

Do many of the Survivors in Ireland even know about this website? as I found it by chance when I came across the petition on Survivors Stand Together website.

 vary few know of this Web-site i myself was inform by a friend here in San Diego and it was about Caranua  going on  so more needs to be done i am going to contact the Irish news papers in USA to let others know as this is the only way we can tell the story on what is happening   

I drive traffic to the Website from Face book and Twitter I have asked members to invite others join;they say

"You can lead a Horse To Water but you can't make it Drink"

I do monitor traffic to the site and have attached a file that shows the last month; it shows it is well read!

We do need more members!

I was thinking of giving up about a year ago, and was told that many people read the site and inform Survivors that are not Computer literate of the Information here!

We need more Members Please invite them!


hello Rob.  my understanding has long been that more people read sites than join or leave messages. i guess it kind of makes sense. if Caranua is getting people's attention right now then Caranua as an issue must be pursued!  

hello Barbara. a link to this site is frequently posted to both facebook and twitter. the linked page can be accessed on this site. just the linked page. 

 please please invite all the PRESS and RADIO people you can contact to this meeting 

I've sent an email to the department of education requesting a meeting with the minister for all of us I hope its not seen as stepping on any feet but the more pressure on them the better I think if I'm wrong I'm wrong but that's how I feel I'm going to challenge them on what was signed at the redress board in my case its null and void and I'm going to take a case all by myself without a solicitor I've tried 23 of them they see what's wrong and don't have the balls to do anything but fob me off to legal aid I listened to the girl on Joe Duffy I think she's brilliant and I loved the way she told Joe what she got live on air I was cheering my cat is probably convinced I'm mad now 

you will have a UPHILL battle doing this they will try to ware you down taking years of your life. and there good at this using  all the legal moves. the best bet is the media, i think a face to face with Joe Duffy or someone who cares may be our answer  

I agree, this is a topic the media will use. They'll do anything to discredit the Roman Catholic Church after all that has been revealed. 

Not just newspapers either, Sky News, places that will get national and international viewing. Hopefully then other survivors my emerge from out of the woodwork.

Frank is right, they could take the legal route and string this out for as many years as possible, that will put immense strain on all involved in this protest.



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