The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland


As Minister Jan O’Sullivan is new to her job, would it be at all possible that we could band together and ask the Minister to meet with a group of survivors so that we can voice our ISSUES with the Caranua program. As Caranua was developed for the survivors and because most if not all are already entitled to these services offered either by age, medical card or through social circumstance the Caranua program IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. Minister Quinn, did say he would review the program in 2015, the new Minister needs to review it with URGENCY NOW! We need to have an account from the Minister as to what is happening to our SURVIVORS MONEY AND BECASUE ITS OUR MONEY WE NEED TO BE KEPT INFORMAED OF SPENDING. We would like to know from Minister Jan O’Sullivan about the interest on the 110 Million and where it is being banked, also where the rental income from properties given to survivors by the religious is being banked on our behalf , and what is happening to the original 110 Million.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

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Caranua money ment for the victims of the industrial schools is now being run by a private company much like the water charges.The irish government can do what they like it appears that nobody can stop themeven the human rights organisation has had little effect. Corruption is rife in Ireland and all politicians have there nose in the troff. They stand up in the Dail and cry crocodile tears for the victims and at the same time they are deviding the miserable amount the Catholic Church payed for survivors.This was seen as a great opportunity for the government to look after there friends and you only have to apply to Mary what's hur name to see her and friends on the board don't exist.

Hi William, you have hit nail on the head!!! They tell us that the average pay out to survivors from the original Redress Board was €62,530 approx. I can bet you any money that very few survivors received even a faction of that amount of money. I can tell you that three of my siblings and myself were late applicants to the redress Board and we got very little we didn't even receive that amount of money between the four of us. On of the four of us didn't receive one penny and the other three did even though they lived the same torment it doesn't make any sense. I live in Ireland and Caranua were meant to help survivors with housing, I am in need of local authority housing and am in private rental with my special needs son and have been told by Caranua that they won't help with housing. Even if I wanted or needed anything other than housing I won't get it as I am already entitled to it with my medical card etc. I am sure many survivors are out there like us!  The government in power at the moment in Ireland are not helping anyone other than the well off in society. They didn't care when we were in the institutions and you can be sure they don't give a dam now!!!

Hello Barbara I just cant believe what I am reading.  You have to badger this caranua lot they say that 

we are entitled to Healthcare, education and housing so why in god's name are they not helping 

you more, and as you have a special needs son you should be at the top of their list for help. Dont take NO for an answer you are entitled to all the help you can get. 

I am trying to get financial help but they keep fobbing me off but I am not giving up, this Trust Fund is a bloody joke the money is ours.  I am sorry you are being treated so badly but keep talking to caranua dont give up.

Good luck.

Hi Elizabeth, you can bet your bottom dollar I will keep after them!!!


Hello Barbara I understand you live in Ireland.   Do you know a TD Minister called Marylou McDonald,   I managed to get her email address from a solicitor who is working for the Magdalen laundry ladies  have mentioned  some of the problems we are having with caranua, and was told by her secretary that my concerns will be passed on to Marylou.  So Barbara if you are still having problems with this lot then just Google Marylou Mc Donald and you will find her email address.  So the very best of luck with that,  if you cannot find her address leave a message on here and I will pass it on to you.    Happy Easter to you and your boy. 

Hi Elizabeth, I do know Mary Lou McDonald, she is a TD for Dublin Central, Sinn Féin Deputy Leader and the party’s Spokesperson on Public Expenditure & Reform. I have had the pleasure of meeting her on a few occasions she is a lovely lady!! I have also spoken to some  other Sinn Féin TD's in Dáil Éireann on another matter. However, I did bring up Caranua and the way we have been treated by Caranua they did explain to me that many of the Survivors are and have been treated in the same way! Its shocking to think after all we have been through and are still going through, that a body such as Caranua that was set up to take care of survivors, can be allowed to get away with treating survivors like we do not matter.

Hi Barbara,

That sounds positive. Is she taking it on board and fighting our corner?

You sound like you're doing a terrific job, If I was over there I would help you. 

Thank you x

I Am Reminded That Sometimes Somebody Does Not Respond To A Letter Or Email But We Receive An  Answer Anyway! An Answer Our Breakthrough Comes Unexpectedly! 

There has been some positive voices in Dáil Éireann from TD's such as Clare Daly who have asked Parliamentary Questions to the Minister with responsibilities for Caranua. I  do know other TD's  like Mary Lou McDonald have also asked question about the Caranua fund. We have an election for a new government in Ireland coming next year. And we need to be asking anyone running for government to put Survivors and a fairer system for redress than the Caranua fund on the top of their agendas for government.

Hi All, I will be up in Dublin tomorrow on another matter and meeting a minister and I will ask this person if given a chance about the Caranua Fund. I do know that the previous minister was to review it this year 2015 and I haven't head anything from  Minister Jan O’Sullivan about reviewing the fund in 2015. I can see the fund drying up and no one will get any benefit from it only the staff getting a salary. Its shameful!

A Much Talked About Fund But Has Any Survivor Benefited From It?  

PHEW now we are getting there Survivors asking the very same questions we asked for years well done Barbara well done yes we need answers and so many questions need answering too.

Only half of the 110 million gathered if that

then inevested where we do not have a clue but the interest rate is being added for sure to make up the sum ((( CLAIMED ))) by the same office as they claim now 80 million gathered.

((( this is totally a massive fraud a LIE  where did this late 15 million come from? when the papers said that the religious sold a property worth 3 million was handed over to the state? they PRINTED that story but NO PRINTED story where these figures are coming from such as the last 15 million added to the Caranua fund (( someone is telling porkies))  this fund was far less than 45 million claimed to now 80 million claimed where are these figures coming from??????????? we MUST DEMAND THE TRUTH or we are being RIPPED OFF BLIND. they will be claiming soon it is running out and there is nothing left and the form dates have run out and its too late to claim. You all know the usual shite.

Is the massive pay structure coming form our fund???? do we know the truth on this????? as the CEO refuses to answer any questions or even talk to us silly survivors as we are far below her Mary Higgins that is so you all know.

Well folks good luck ye all. Because they will love spending our money in areas they know best their own bank payment



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