The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland


As Minister Jan O’Sullivan is new to her job, would it be at all possible that we could band together and ask the Minister to meet with a group of survivors so that we can voice our ISSUES with the Caranua program. As Caranua was developed for the survivors and because most if not all are already entitled to these services offered either by age, medical card or through social circumstance the Caranua program IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. Minister Quinn, did say he would review the program in 2015, the new Minister needs to review it with URGENCY NOW! We need to have an account from the Minister as to what is happening to our SURVIVORS MONEY AND BECASUE ITS OUR MONEY WE NEED TO BE KEPT INFORMAED OF SPENDING. We would like to know from Minister Jan O’Sullivan about the interest on the 110 Million and where it is being banked, also where the rental income from properties given to survivors by the religious is being banked on our behalf , and what is happening to the original 110 Million.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

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I will contact Ms. Mary Lou McDonald's office on Monday and try and arrange a meeting with her - I will keep you posted! Barbara

Sounds like a plan, just a though, having been in more meetings that you could shake a stick at. Bring someone with you, otherwise you may find your self in the land of, I said, you said, or I did not say that, important also to know before you go in, assuming the meeting goes ahead, who does the talking. Just a though, enjoy the weekend.

I will bring someone with me - I will await her response to my request on Monday. barbara

That is very true, they are capable of twisting facts and the followed by denial......they are corrupt and I really hope Ms Mary Lou McDonald isn't but I wouldn't hold my breath for this.....Good Luck to anybody meeting with her if she invites you to see her. x x

Thank you Barbara x

I too have been and still am in a committee. We run a charity here in UK for people affected by mental health. If they need things like cookers, fridges, beds carpets etc, we hold a committee meeting and vote as to weather they are entitled to the item. If they are, we do the same as caranua....we buy the item and have it fitted for that person. This is personal to their needs and helps with their mental health. It's not often we refuse and this year so far, we have assisted 155 people. We rely on funding from various places.......and guess what?? We are volunteers.......we don't get paid thousands to rip off the needy.....we help them in the way we say we will......

Caranua........Corrupt, And Rejecting, Always Neglecting, Useless Abusers!!!! 

The first letter of each word spells Caranua......that's what it stands for x x 

"Caranua........Corrupt, And Rejecting, Always Neglecting, Useless Abusers!!!!"

A Cracker Elizabeth! 

Hi Barbara , Apologies for not Chipping in Sooner.

The Indemnity Deal Needs to repealed, and we need to start from Scratch!

The Main Points are!

The Deal was conducted in Secret without the relevant Government Representation.

It was pushed through in the dying days of a Government ; it  was NEVER Debated in The Dail.

As Far as I am Aware it was so Secret that it's Existence was not know for around 6 Months.

I and many believe it is Unconstitutional as it "Endows" the Religious Orders both Financially and against Prosecution.

It's Unconstitutional Nature has never been Debated or Tested in a Court of Law!

will post more on this tomorrow!

Bertie Ahern Explains The Illegality of the Indeminty Deal in a Series of Comic Strips at the Link Bellow

Barbara thank you xx

Robert I totally agree with you the problem with the Redress board was it was set up with the crimenaly of the Irish government in mind to protect the state at the expense of the victims.This is where the group's came into play they were used to sell the redress a compensation fully controlled by the Irish government The victims were conned from the very beginning as the government had being informed that most of the victims had some form of mental illness.For that reason the Ryan report was delayed until nearly all the victims had being before the redress board and the implications of the indemnity deal.The FF government closed down RTE reporting of the Ryan report but one man Michael Obrian managed to get on the late late show and let them know what an industrial school was and the horror of incarnation in same.
Here's where The strategy trust fund came from the government called on there good friends The Groups for there input they were representing the vast majority of survivors when in fact they were representing themselves the survivors that were representing victims were ignored. Later this fund was transformed into Caranua I don't have to say anything on that con everyone is well aware that is a con with benefits being swallowed up by the board you may wonder why I have not mentioned the Catholic Church well they are not worth a mention just to say they have no morals they have hid behind the indemnity deal know full well it is illegal.
After reading this you may feel you have being abused again the truth is you have being abused all your life and you have being betrayed by the groups that have done very well by the government and the Catholic Church

William Your Message Reminds Me We Are In The Upside Down (Back To Front) World! 



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