The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland


As Minister Jan O’Sullivan is new to her job, would it be at all possible that we could band together and ask the Minister to meet with a group of survivors so that we can voice our ISSUES with the Caranua program. As Caranua was developed for the survivors and because most if not all are already entitled to these services offered either by age, medical card or through social circumstance the Caranua program IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. Minister Quinn, did say he would review the program in 2015, the new Minister needs to review it with URGENCY NOW! We need to have an account from the Minister as to what is happening to our SURVIVORS MONEY AND BECASUE ITS OUR MONEY WE NEED TO BE KEPT INFORMAED OF SPENDING. We would like to know from Minister Jan O’Sullivan about the interest on the 110 Million and where it is being banked, also where the rental income from properties given to survivors by the religious is being banked on our behalf , and what is happening to the original 110 Million.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

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 Heard this on the grapevine today - Caranua have been called in by the Education committee to answer questions, No date has been set yet for this meeting!!

Hi Barbie, I have heard through my Solicitor that Caranua will be called before the Education Board at the end of June 2017 before the Dail summer break, unless something else happens in the mean time.

Hi Martin, I have heard the same also, however the dept were brought up in front of PAC and they looked ad dumb as the crowd from Caranua.

to date i have recived 2 fat letters asking me to sign up to the new rules were our funds will be capped at 15000euro . i 

am wondering will this afect the 6000euro i got over 2 years to fix a council flat that i can't buy i had to get a new shower 

new doors and a new floor because i could not get the council to carry out repairs . money that i should got for myself is

gone to the council so at the end of the day i recived nothing for oll my suffering caranua is giving our money to there

croneys with church and government connections this is were our money is being wasted . the well is nearley emty of cash

down the road there is going to be a lot of thirsty survivors ..james fox.

Hi James, Be careful of singing the new guidelines as this is a legal document even though it just looks like a letter. by singing it you maybe singing your rights to any further funds. If you don't sign it you are keeping your rights to the older guidelines according to Caranua. You would need to contact them in writing and ask via email or letter about the funds already used as under the old guidelines there was no limit on the amount of applications to the fund. Also, ask for it all in writing only. I will be sending in my application by Monday next and we'll see what happens, I am not signing any form.

Hi guys, I am in Canada and requested to have my teeth cleaned and was told I had reached my limit , I have not received any letter to sign as of now, and that is good advise from Barbie. 

Hi Barbie did they accept the application without the signature?.

Hi Michael, I didn't fill out any form I wrote my application in a word document scanned in my invoices and wrote an email. I told the advisor I  would only accept correspondence in writing either via email or by post, I would not take any phone calls from Caranua. I told them I would not be signing the new guidelines without consulting a solicitor as I felt I could be signing my rights away and they said that was my prerogative, but I could only apply under the older guidelines. Which means I can only get things that were available under the original guideline they sent out when they set Caranua up.  Under the new guidelines you can get the white goods, and some other things plus funeral expenses but you are limited to €15,000 this is what Caranua decided to do when they got advice about distribution of the funds, this is very unfair and discriminatory towards the rest of us since they gave out payments in the beginning between €50,000 to €100,000 to other applicants. If they plan on finishing up the fund and any money left over and they decide to share it out anyone who signed the €15,000 and received that amount may not be entitled to any further monies from the fund. Now I am not saying you should not sign the new guidelines that's up to each survivor but get advice from someone before signing.

Thanks for that Barbie

your welcome!

Excellent Advice Barbie.

Disgusted by the ongoing fobbing off by Caranua. I would love to attend a meeting but most seem to take place in Dublin. I'm from cork with no means of transport. The fund is €110,000,000 and 15,000 survivors. Why then are they trying to cap it at €15,000 per survivor. I may not be a genius but even I can see that this doesn't add up regardless of admin costs etc and not including bank interest on the fund



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