The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

6, June, 2017 we will be outside the Dàil, myself and mum will be protesting for a full truth commission at 12pm!

We want the criminals prosecuted and truth and justice to be given for all those in abusive institutions that and a full investigation into all mass graves !

Those who lied during the Ryan report to those who even had it on their records to cover up for the government and cover up others suffering from the magdalene laundry and mother and baby homes!

They knew they was connected and purposely went out to hide and even deny this information, so people didn't get full justice or any justice at all!

They all deserve criminal investigation and action taken on them! Abusers of children are allowed t...o be among your children, in their hospitals, schools, churches because the government are allowing them to.

It not just about past events, it's about shaping a new future for Ireland! These people whom are in charge of Ireland and lie regarding survivors suffering for their own benefit. They can just as easily do the same to you when something effects your life or family!

If you care about the future of Ireland for your children, for your parents, grandparents. Then stand with us on the 6th, take a stroll down during your lunch break and show the government ireland WANTS and DESERVE better! To do that we need to acknowledge the past, to change the future!!

When the Ryan report set up for survivors they denied any state relation to the magdalene laundries and county homes, this was in fact a lie, which survivors already knew from the prove in there files so it was not addressed.

In 2013 Edna issued a state apology to the women. So they lied regarding no state involvement but it got worse. They actually included the tuam burials within the mcayleese report, they also mentioned the children who was brought up to the laundries but it wasn't addressed.

So after they got the knowledge on tuam in the mcayleese report did they then go on to investigate regarding tuam? Or the mother and baby homes. No! They left survivors fight further and then in 2015 put a commission in place for the mother and baby homes.

Tuam was later such a big so called shock to some. But it wasn't to the government or survivors who knew it was mentioned in the mcayleese report, it later had to be outed properly by Catherine.

They do not want a full investigation into all mass grave sites - although it's been proven the burials of these women and children have not been done correctly.

They have made it very clear that they don't want the truth to come out and they certainly don't want to give those justice who deserves it, they are protecting those who have communities failings on all levels.


* A FULL investigation into all care homes and mass graves under the religious orders whom are accused of abuse is demanded! The religious orders need to hand over their properties, care homes, mass grave sites to the state for investigation and to settle their debt if they are not willing to pay it.

* Prosecutions for the criminals and those who have purposely prevented the course of justice - any in positions of trust their titles revoked!

* The Ryan report and mcayleese reports needs to be held accountable for having all the reports stating state relation to the magdalene laundry and county homes and ignoring this fact to cover up for the government and also mentioning tuam burials in the mcayleese report and the children entering the laundries to visit their mothers!

* A full apology to the whole survivor community and relatives is needed followed by redress for their suffering!

6th June 2017
Leinster House, Kildare St, Dublin 2, Ireland

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