The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

To start Tweeting you need a Twitter Account you can create a Twitter Account by Clicking <Here>


You can Tweet without addressing it at anyone.

This means only people who Follow you will see it!


In order to Tweet at someone you need to Start the Tweet with their Account Name followed by a Space.

ALL account names start with @!

Tweets can only be 140 Characters long (this is includes Letters Symbols and Spaces).


You can Find Twitter account by Searching for people on Twitter or from posting on this site.

<Here> and <Here>


You will see the number of Characters left underneath the box you type in.

If the Number starts with a minus (eg. -1) you have to shorten the message by 1.

-50 means it is 50 Characters to long!


To post links you can use a Link Shortener.

I use Because I can monitor the Success of clicks to the Internet sites I am pointing people at.


You can use "Copy" and "Paste" to add content to your Tweets


Hope you find this useful Happy Tweeting!


Bellow are some Screen Captures of Twitter I hope you find them useful?


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thanks Rob! your how to guides are very helpfull. i very appreciate them.  i opened up a Twitter account today. i am following TheShamefIreland on Twitter!. as a new member i find this site a god send!  Rob deserves praise and recognition for his service to all of us whether we contribute actively or not! just being on this site has helped me in so many ways and it really is true that what you give you get! what you put into it you get out of it!

Thanks for the Kind words.

But I'm hear for the long haul.

Thanks for getting involved with the Twitter Campaign!!

Nice to have some feedback on the Guide Too!

Any other Guides needed let me Know?


welcome. thankyou.

embarrassing question Rob!  if i delete my older tweets do they disappear from the Twitter system itself or just from my list?

is above link dead?

Try this

Must get around to buying the Domain Name Shame of Ireland back



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