The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Hi all,

I was only recently made aware of the 'Unacceptable Behaviour' policy (via SoI on Twitter).

I had secured funding for college from Caranua but I deferred for a year and changed course.

I emailed Caranua and told them this.

It was obvious to me that Caranua didn't read my email telling them this.

Three more emails later (from Stephanie) and I finally asked her was she actually reading my emails because what I was telling them was simple to understand yet it seemed obvious that my emails weren't being read.

When I put it to Stephanie that she was deliberately not reading my emails and asked her was she doing it in an attempt to deny me funding she threatened me with the 'Unacceptable Behaviour' policy saying I was being rude.

I've replied and told her I was entitled to ask if she was actually reading my emails and that I deserved an apology for being threatened by her.

Not to blow my own trumpet but I'm fairly well educated and have fought quite a few battles in life (I represented myself at the RIRB) but I'm finding my interactions with Caranua stressful beyond belief and dread contacting them for any reason.

It seems to me that they are changing the rules (moving the goalposts) whenever they want for whatever reason that suits them on the day.

This 'Unacceptable Behaviour' policy seems to be getting used to effectively ban people from contacting them. They are using it to slap down any form of dissent - this is known as fascism in any other context.


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Wow.  Great Post.

Thanks Jack. I have friends to help me and stand by me, I can only imagine what it's like for others who are on their own dealing with Caranua. My mother actually threw the application form in the bin she became so exasperated with them. I stayed in Right Of Place in Cork for a few months and I know from what I saw of some of the people I met there that they would literally die waiting for Caranua to help them.

Endless Waiting Seems To Be The Happening Thing!

posted on twitter.

Have to agree with you Noel, their treatment of abuse victims is degrading and shocking,  they are only concerned with themselves and how much wages they can suck out of the fund, it is quite easy to help someone if there is a genuine desire to do it, there is no such desire in caranua, they have created a system which degrades, intimidates and flat out insults us, all of which we are paying for from our own fund. Mary higgins is on close to 100k a year, that will be close to half a million of abuse victims money in her back pocket by the time she is done, add the rest of the staffs wages, expenses and costs and you can see just how much is being sucked out of the fund, i myself applied for dental help 2 and a half years ago it is only in appeal now. Michael

I've contacted several journalists Michael and no one seems interested. Clare Daly seems to be one of the only TDs who are willing to ask questions. Jan O'Sullivan was less than useless. I agree that Caranua is degrading, intimidating and insulting to survivors.

Have myself all we can do is keep at it Noel, it will take caranua to make a major mistake in fund management which becomes public knowledge before the papers will get too involved, i have requested all caranua costings todate under the freedom of information act to this end. 

That should be fun ;-)

I see from Roberts site Claire Daly has called for a review that will be held in July yesterday I see Caranua is meeting in the Ashling centre on Friday The Minster of Education in the Dail stated he was going to contact the group's many of them are friends of his. So I guess Caranua are on the hunt for support. This is what survivors is up against

How right you are Noel.

Thanks everyone for your replies/support.

I got an email from Stephanie today where she de-escalated the situation by saying she wasn't threatening to defund me and just wanted to clarify that my fees were covered.

I won't bother pasting the emails here but needless to say she never actually asked that question. She asked for all kinds of documentation that were both irrelevant and impossible to provide (like a certificate to say I had completed the first year of college - after I already told her that I had deferred).

In my opinion this was done to try to confuse and frighten me but I was having none of it and because I stood up to her she tried to put her jackboot on my neck.

The sooner this quango is brought to heel the better.

Quango just about somes it up Noel, they are way more concerned with staffs hurt feelings than the suffering of abuse victims. They cannot handle us actually standing up for ourselves.



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