The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Hi all,

I was only recently made aware of the 'Unacceptable Behaviour' policy (via SoI on Twitter).

I had secured funding for college from Caranua but I deferred for a year and changed course.

I emailed Caranua and told them this.

It was obvious to me that Caranua didn't read my email telling them this.

Three more emails later (from Stephanie) and I finally asked her was she actually reading my emails because what I was telling them was simple to understand yet it seemed obvious that my emails weren't being read.

When I put it to Stephanie that she was deliberately not reading my emails and asked her was she doing it in an attempt to deny me funding she threatened me with the 'Unacceptable Behaviour' policy saying I was being rude.

I've replied and told her I was entitled to ask if she was actually reading my emails and that I deserved an apology for being threatened by her.

Not to blow my own trumpet but I'm fairly well educated and have fought quite a few battles in life (I represented myself at the RIRB) but I'm finding my interactions with Caranua stressful beyond belief and dread contacting them for any reason.

It seems to me that they are changing the rules (moving the goalposts) whenever they want for whatever reason that suits them on the day.

This 'Unacceptable Behaviour' policy seems to be getting used to effectively ban people from contacting them. They are using it to slap down any form of dissent - this is known as fascism in any other context.


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Intimidated Into Not Applying To Having Needs Met Is Bullying For Sure. Vulnerable People Should Not Be Treated That Way.

The head people at Caranua are trying to justify all the money they have spent and not on us the Survivors and the people the fund belongs too! 

The prison of the mind shapes our lives, the disgusting embarrassing filthy stain on our souls locks the door firmly shut, here in the blackness we live.

Wow im depressed just reading that :-) time to delete ffs im better than this haha

Awesome Poem Michael.

Cheers Jack just in a black mood today.

I Hope Today Is Brighter!

It sure is mate thanks.

I can empathise with that.

Important to know that sometimes we're the prison guard as well as the prisoner.


Now that is a 100% fact

Noel I Am Sure Michael Can Relate To That.

Certainly I Was Conscious Throughout My Detention That I Was A Prisoner.  



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