The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

robert,i find these attacks on oiver burke deeply disturbing,what cloud is maurice heaphy on,does he know the good this man has done for survivors over the years,and continues to do,we in limerick have great respect for him ,he has worked so hard reguardless of his ill health,he has always put the survivor first,it was oliver that recommended this site to us,and we find it very informative,but as a small group here in limerick,we feel maurice heaphy is a very angry sad individual,he seems to be attacking survivors at all times,this must stop now,before this person destroys ur site which we feel would be a shame.

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Thank you for posting , I have been in contact with Maurice Heaphy and he has modified some of his posting as he himself felt that he went too far.

One of the very interesting things that he has highlighted is the disputed ownership over the Right Of Place Data Base; I have nothing but respect for Ollie as I do anyone who is prepared to put their time and effort into highlighting the injustices and continued abuse of Survivors.

I do not agree with some people but I still try and maintain a level of detached professionalism; easy for me as I am NOT a Survivor.

I have noticed that Survivor do get very passionate about issues and have asked recently for moderation.

I believe that the best place to challenge assertions is where they appear and have indicated this to Ollie Burke; he currently seems quite happy with this?

I will as soon as I have time post a guide to editing postings on the site (which I will ask Members to use Sparingly as it will distort the conversation thread).

Current published guides on  how to use the website can be found at the following link hopefully these will enrich your experience of using the site? and be of help??

Ollie also asked me to moderate the site; I feel that Moderation is wrong as this is a Private Site and only Members can view the Content.

Survivors have been told what to do and what to think for far to long?

I would dearly love to get to the bottom of who owns the Data Base at the Right of Place as Group Membership figures of Survivors Groups have been sorely disputed for far to long on this and other sites?

The site is not perfect and neither am I! I am not without my critics?

Together we can make this site a more inclusive place for Survivors and those who Support them, but this will take time?

Hi Robert, I totally agree with you, Moderation IS wrong, and only goes to try and GAG, someone that has something to ask, and that needs to be answered. We have been silenced for far too long now, and about time someone heeded the questions we ALL as survivors, are entitled to ask, and demand answers to, but are NOT getting from these groups.
Having said that, I think the person I am referring to, has a proper nerve to come on to this site, and expecting it's site Administrator to Moderate it's content, especially when this person is NOT even a member of this site.
In regard to anyone getting to the bottom of, and getting Accountability from, any group leader, or whoever, in relation to WHO actually owns this (Controversial Database) that Everyone as far as I am concerned seems to be able to obtain (AT WILL) is concerned, I don't think you will get anyone to own up to this, as they know only too well the trouble they will land themselves in.
A lot of Survivors, including myself, have a very very good idea, WHO put this Database together, and Who also claims to own it. However we will keep that to ourselves for another day, when hopefully ALL will be revealed at the end of the day. I do hope these people will have a very good reason for their actions, as to how they came to have so many Survivors personal details in their possession, without consent from the Survivors themselves.

This person Rob is NOT genuinely trying to help anyone but himself, and has always been that way, and will remain that way. You talk about HIS questions being Ignored?? What about  ALL the valid questions we have been asking him, and all of the other groups who (CLAIM) to represent Survivors Robert, and being Totally Ignored??

You don't know this person Robert, and if you did, i am certain that you would NOT be singing his praises, and that is a FACT.

This person was one of the Top men in Right of Place for over (10) years, now he is looking to start his own group.

As far as the Religious, and the Government are concerned, (RESPECT) does NOT enter their vocabulary. And that is another FACT.

You are right they have no respect for the children who  survived into adulthood  who suffered  the  large scale destruction, ( of Irish children ) It is not in the past ;It is effecting those very children now in  2013  who are still living with the Nightmares and Physical and Mental Damage they were forced to suffer as children ,  those group Leaders (so called  are very scary aggressive people ) LOOK UP THE WORD LEADERS) approved and  chosen by Bertie Ahern and the Religious Orders  (Is that why those people were chosen ) to scare any survivor who wanted THEIR OWN story told . They the so called leaders  are the only ones who have been showered with massive funding and many perks that have been  shove'd in the survivors  faces while the real survivors have been Bullied into silence and scared off ,., I have not been back to Ireland(my own Country) because I am very frightened of those people in case i happen to bump into one of them  the last time I met any of them I was screamed at right in my face by those who never had to leave Ireland I was  called a filthy Protestant how dare I come back bringing down the Catholic Church with my Protestant name and that person bangs on in the media about how bad the Industrial school was, ( for her. )I would normally stood up for myself but I had just two weeks before  I decided to go over to Ireland had just come out of hospital after a serious operation and didn't expect to be treated in such a nasty way , I had already sold my house in the UK and wanted to buy a house back in Ireland I wanted to go home to my own country ,to my Root's, to trace a missing sibling, to catch up with the huge family members back there ,ie Aunt's Uncle's Many Cousins but that was not allowed once I made the huge mistake and made  contact with others who were in the same Industrial school as myself Their  Aggression toward me was frightening even though none of them had any contact with me since I left the Industrial school, yes I remembered them very well and knew who they were , perhaps I knew to much that needed to be kept  quiet ,and they made sure of that ,can't think of any other reason , so those little children who never made it or needed to be found to see how they were as Adults had no chance of their story to be told .   I was chased out of Ireland by Bullies they were as scary as the Nun's who Destroyed my life.  all I can say is The Sadistic Nun's did a good job. 

That last time I was in ireland when screamed at and Bullied called a filthy Protestant how dare I come back to Ireland (my own country) with my Protestant Name bringing down the Catholic Church , That  had happened just TWO WEEKS  after  I had a serious operation for Cancer .the first time  That's how much they care about survivors , I wouldn't call them survivors at all for I have a good memory.



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