The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Very Important Meeting for ALL Survivors.


A very important meeting for ALL Survivors, has being  arranged, and will be held in ( The Victory Outreach Center) Cork. Beside the Bus Station, and near the Dogs Home, on Saturday 17th, December, starting at 19.00hrs. All are welcome.


It is a very very important meeting, and i would strongly URGE all Survivors to please make a very strong effort to attend. It affects us all in so many ways as Survivors.


The meeting will be Chaired by (Mr Thomas Cronin, and Mr Paul Cronin,) with other guest speakers also in attendance.


It is particularly in the best interests of Survivors from the (Cork and Kerry) branches who at this point in time are (NOT) represented in their areas by any group, to attend this very important meeting, otherwise, Mr Michael Walsh  and his (Board of Directors) will, eventually close down the Cork branch of (Right of Place Second Chance)


Cork is where the organisation (ROP) was (Founded) and (Started) but Mr Michael Walsh has now decided to move their Headquarters from Lower Glanmire Road in Cork, to Waterford, his home town. Waterford is now to be the NEW Headquarters of (ROP)  How very convienent dont you agree?


Very very shortly, there will be only (2) branches of (Right of Place Second Chance) left in the country if  Mr Michael Walsh gets his way. One in (Waterford)  the home of the Chairman (Mr Michael Walsh,) and, the other one in (Galway) the home town of Mr Francis Treanor.


Anyone can see exactly what they are doing.


The only people that will greatly benefit from these moves will be Mr Michael Walsh, (Chairman ROP) and Mr Francis Treanor, (Outreach Co-Ordinator) who will be claiming their travelling expences commuting between these two branches. They will not have to worry about any of us survivors down there in Kerry or Cork. Not that they ever did.


I have been informed by the organisers that a full canteen will be available on the evening with Tea coffee etc. But please no alcohol, as we need this meeting to be proper and dignified for all in attendance.


I have also been informed by Mr Thomas Cronin to point out, if any survivor who is attending the meeting, and needs to ask any questions prior to the meeting on Saturday 17th December, you may do so by Calling Tom on the Mobile No (0879304797) and he will be more than delighted to assist anyone who needs to ask him a question.


For anyone who has Not been informed, the (Limerick) branch office was closed a few days ago. This information was extracted from the Website of (ROP)


Once again i must stress, this is a very very important meeting concerning All Survivors, and i Urge you all to make every effort to attend, and listen to what the speakers have to say.


If you have Any questions on whatever matter, the speakers will be more than happy to facilitate everyone who attend.  The meeting will start at (19.00hrs) there will be a break for refreshments at approx (20.00 has) and the meeting is expected to finish on or about (21.00 hrs) Of course it may run a little longer than expected depending on the questions that will have to be answered.


I must stress that this meeting is (NOT) about starting another group, but relating to the existing ones.


We hope to see a very large attendance at this Crucial meeting on Saturday December 17th.


Thank you all in advance.











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thanks for letting us know about this as otherwise its as usual without us. this seems to be getting bigger and bigger but there are no young survivers of industriels schools. so whos it for . i heard of guitare lessons and fishing trips but it all stays as rumeurs. how come.

hope the meeting goes really well!

Because these things are for the chosen few Pauline. They held (i) fishing trip, and by the looks of it, only for their own pals, there has been Nothing about it since. Dont ever believe Anything that comes out of that place.

to be honest i dont trust thier form of good intentions. The church has got away with all the abuse because of so called good intentions. If we contact a group once in 10 years that puts us on a list for ever. thats not right. And if thay phone on someones behalf. Well thay give the names of thier groups so everyone knows about the fact that we are from the institutions so there is no confidentality possable.Also if michael really wants to help all survivers well thats easy. . he can find another job. there are survivers in need give them your pay cheque. there are loads of ways but signing on to thier group is not the way to a better life. leave our past alone. Its not yours.What we need is independence to make up our own minds. that would help.

You are so right there Pauline. They have No good intentions. The Church, and everyone else has got away because we have allowed them to, with our infighting with each other. This IS their ploy, and we ARE falling for it. This is what they want. As long as we fight with one another, we will NEVER be listened to.

They keep us Divided through our Ignorance of how their system works. They know, only too well that as long as we fight among each other, we will (NEVER EVER) achieve anything. This works only too well in their favour. They will never talk to us while this is going on. Remember, they are Politicians, and know how to Manipulate people. Need you be told? You should be only too aware how they are doing it to us already.

We need to understand and overcome this. This is NOT going to be easy. We are not all educated, thanks to these people that for so long have kept us under their Control, and to this day continue to do so, because as long as we are divided, we can be Manipulated what ever way they deem fit, and guess what it's working.

They keep us ignorant, and fill us full of C**P. This is the way the use to control us, and guess what, it's working. Why? because we know NO different, and whats more, We Couldn't be Bothered. (SIMPLE THINK ABOUT IT.)

When are WE as Survivors going to have the GUMPTION to tell these group leaders, (We HAVE HAD ENOUGH) and we are NOT going to take any more?

The only people that are gaining from (OUR IGNORANCE) are these (SO CALLED) groups who CLAIM to represent us, and as we all are only too aware, they are (NOT)

How much longer are WE going to put up with this BULL.

For GODS SAKE, stand together, and BE HEARD, because if we dont, these group (PARASITES WILL REAP THE BENEFITS) which so far are doing, with the aid of the Government who are only,  too happy to keep us all Divided, after all, it's in their interest.

If (NOT) for yourselves, why not do it for your Children. At the end of the day they need to be shown that, their parents (DID) the right thing by them, to ensure that (HISTORY) does (NOT) repeat itself again.

We need to put the past behind us. 

With these groups, this will (NEVER) be achieved.  Please take notice.

Hello all well mossie i think that the government leaves these groups in place to give the impression that all of us are recieving support. the newspapers play the game as every time something happens we get another interview with the star of goldenbridge. Why dont thay interview paddy or you. after all we at the other end of the scale wouldnt even know who these people are.if these two sites dident existor any other inmate from g b. there were at all times over a hundred of us. i try and say what i think because as a perent i want my daughter to be proud of me. that we dident get educated doesnt help. and of course the ever present fear of anyone with power doesnt help at all but for the children of the future its very important that everyone knows the risks of trusting priests and nuns. had i beaten my child as i was well i would be in prison and rightly so.or had any of us starved our children we would be crilanals. i know that i make mistakes in spelling but its because over here people dont speak much english. so i only use it to write on here. thanks again mossie perhaps next year the papers will hear us .

hello Pauline. as always you speak my truth!  we all have so much in common!  but some of us have had no involvement ith any group and or we have not yet been to the re -dress board! i think we should hear what other members have to day and engage with them!  i want to hear their experiences and prepare for my own with the re -dress board!  no way can i put blinkers on!  and yes if members have children it would be great to shown them stood up to abusers! generations of Irish people are still suffering abroad.

Hello Pauline, you are correct there yet again. This suits the Government down to a tee. This is right up their alley. Divide and conquer, that is their ploy, and to make it worse, one of our own Survivors is doing their dirty work for them.

They will listen to these groups, because they are speaking their language, we as Survivors Do NOT matter, and we never have, or will. It's like being back in the Schools yet again.

They will never interview any of us Pauline, because they know what we would tell them. You may be sure everything we write and say is well scrutinized by government, and they will NOT interview us, because we would differ from their way. Simple.

The star of Goldenbridge talks the same language as government, also (Right of Place) and other organisations who say they speak for Survivors, when they do NOT.

Yes i agree also Pauline that only for Paddy's site, and The Shame of Ireland, No one would have a clue as to whats happening. If you had to rely on the ROP site, im afraid you would never ever get news from them. They are a complete waste of space, and everyone involved in it.

Never ever apologise for spelling mistakes Pauline. You are doing fine, everyone knows that Survivors were NOT educated by our so called elected leaders, they have a lot to answer for.

Time will tell Pauline as to what the final outcome will be. Eventually they will Have to listen to the people that need to be listened to, (The Survivor) who up to now has been thrown to the lion's, and ignored. I wish you well Pauline. Eventually we WILL have our day.

you ring bells Maurice!  can not say i like what i am hearing but it sounds familar!

love the spirit of your message Maurice! 

Maurice i love the spirit of your message! it rings a bell!  it is a classic! it makes sense!  well known enemy tactics! divide and rule!  get them fighting amongst themselves! so true! i have no contact or involvement with any of the groups most of which are based in Ireland? also my case against the state and the church has not yet been settled. that said i nonetheless sense that i and others could give those who went ahead of us the benifit of doubt. or to put it another way .. those of us who are involved in any of the groups or who have not yet settled case could hear what other members have to say about their experience with the groups or the re -dress scheme. it might be to our benifit to listen to their account of what happened to them in their pursuit of justice .. afterall we might yet feel as they do already if we do not hear their stories!


Hi Jack, this unfortunately is the case im afraid. We all fight among ourselves, which gives these Parasites the time to do exactly what they want to do.

Right of Place, have a So Called Barrister who works very closely with this group who do exactly that. The sore thing about this man is, he is also a Survivor, but instead of working for survivors, he works against them for his own greedy reasons. 

He is there to ensure everything will be done to appease the HSE, and the Government, and to always keep Survivors Ignorant, and most of all divided.

Believe me Jack when i say, you are so much better off having Nothing whatsoever to do with Any of these groups, because their intentions are NOT very honorable. Money grabbers, the lot of them. They have NO scruples, any of them, and are there to take as much as they can, from whoever they can and nothing else.

Their ploy NOW is, to get access to this New Fund, and no doubt carry on their greedy business. They could not care less for Survivors, and they NEVER have.

Do Not be fooled by these Parasites when they say all they care about are the poor Survivor, because as long as they are in power, all Survivors Will remain poor.

To get access to Survivors Jack who went through this Redress scheme, i don't know how you will be able to get in touch with any of them, as These groups hold ILLEGAL Databases of these people's names and details, and the chances of getting anything from these groups will be virtually Impossible.

I wish you luck with your case Jack. If it were going through the system for the first time, i think i would approach it in a different manner.

Have NOTHING to do with ANY group Jack. They will NOT work for you, none of them ever have. Be advised, and stay well clear of ALL of them. Good Luck. Mossie.



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