The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Victims Of Pedophile Priests Are “Pitiful Malcontents” Says Catholic League

by David Badash on January 9, 2012

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Editor’s note: See update below.

The rape victims of the Catholic Church’s pedophile priests are “professional victims,” and ”a pitiful bunch of malcontents” unable to move on, according to Bill Donohue, the head of the Catholic League.

Today, in response to this weekend’s “10th Anniversary Celebration & Conference: Confronting the Crim...,” the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue stated,

A whopping 75 people turned out for the conference, 25 of whom were the speakers. How embarrassing. It’s clear that the professional victims’ lobby is spent. Everyone else has moved on, but those who have an ideological, emotional or financial interest in continuing this saga cannot let go. What a pitiful bunch of malcontents.

This a good sign. Catholics are talking about the announcement that Archbishop Timothy Dolan and Archbishop Edwin O’Brien will become Cardinal Dolan and Cardinal O’Brien next month—they’re not interested in wallowing in negativity.

The above image accompanied Donohue’s statement on the Catholic League’s website.

There are untold numbers of victims of Church rape, but at least 11,000 in the United States alone, according to a report sponsored by the Church itself, not to mention victims in many other countries around the world. Donohue, who annually publishes an ad in support of pedophile priests in The New York Times, regularly lambasts the victims of the Catholic Church’s pedophile priests, has called one victims’ group, SNAP, a “phony victims’ group.”

In the past, Donohue has said, falsely, that priests who rape young boys aren’t pedophiles, rather, they are gay, claimed that Lady Gaga wants to get rapedblamed The Gays for the Vatican’s priest pedophilia problem, called AIDS a “self-inflicted wound.”

Does anyone truly believe that this man actually represents Catholics in America?



Soon-to-be Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

As New Civil Rights Movement writer Scott Rose posted earlier today, in, “Archbishop Dolan Bashes Church Rape Victims,” Dolan last year republished a press release, titled, “ARCHBISHOP DOLAN LIBELED BY SNAP,” written by Donohue in support of the Archbishop, and attacking a victim of priest rape.


Hat tip: Joe.My.God.

Editor’s note: For some unknown reason, possibly a copyright violation, the Catholic League has removed the original image in their post and substituted it for one that may or may not be copyright protected as well. As we believe the image in the manner in which we used it falls within “fair use” guidelines, we published it. If the owner wishes us to remove it, we will.

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This is the Image used in the Article

Its a bit like he was standing over someone who had been shot. getting a bandage wont heal the wound. When the abuser stands up and gets dressed in order to go to the confessional the victim has become someone else. the Pain will last a lifetime. Che person who was before is now dead. A stolen body to live in. thats not easy to assume. Then without any support life continues. the injured soul suffers too. This man is just morally blind. he doesnt think clearly. or else he is saying that all the doctors are wrong. What makes him an expert!!!!.



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