The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

This notice was put up on the (Right of place) Website, about 2 weeks ago. Yet they are talking about opening another office in Dublin? How Weird is that?




Today was the last day that the Limerick office was operational due to financial problems with funding.

We are currently in the process of sending begging letters to various organisations looking for help.


If you know of anyone with a bit of spare cash I would like to hear from you.



Martin Woodland, Limerick.





Has anybody noticed also, they have NO notice on their Website regarding the AGM they are holding in Waterford tomorrow evening?


They say they are keeping members updated through their Website, how can Survivors know about this important AGM meeting, when they don’t inform members that there is an AGM being held?


Would it be possible that Mr Treanor, and Mr Walsh do NOT want Survivors to know about this meeting tomorrow evening, in case they might have an angry crowd there that would be asking awkward questions? (Questions) which they have always refused to answer.


Does the HSE know that the group they are funding with Taxpayers money, have NOT informed the Survivors of the AGM, but yet CLAIM they are speaking on behalf of Survivors.


Or maybe it is that the HSE do NOT care. Because this group (Right of Place Second Chance) seem to do what they like, with the blessing of the HSE.


Could I ask Mr Mc Allister from the HSE to please check with the Survivors, and ask them IF they are being properly represented, and informed of these meetings by this group. I’m quite certain, his eyes will be opened.


If any So Called member of this group is travelling to Waterford tomorrow evening to this meeting, take the opportunity to call a vote of (NO CONFIDENCE) in this Mob of Gangsters, and once and for all be Rid of the lot of them. Overthrow the LOT, and close them down, for Gods sake.

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well maurice how did the meeing in waterford go did ye suceed in the vote of no confidence hopefully so ,did ye get good support with the buses,will them abusers in ROP be finally shown for what they really are [leeches]

Hi Gina, as you can see from the response below, I am not in a position to comment on it as yet, till i get all the facts what the outcome of the meeting was. I was Not at the meeting, as i am not a member, mind you having said that, i don't think Anyone is a member, as this is a New Company that was formed, and as far as i know NO one signed up to the New Company, hence the members they claim to have is yet again ILLEGAL.

I will be commenting on that meeting when i have gathered what actually happened at it. Hope you had a nice Christmas. Mossie.

Well The Silence Is deafening,With So Much Activity Going On With Meetings These Past Few Week's

In Cork And Waterford,No Body,Not even You Mr Heaphy,Have gone very Quiet,Not A Murmur out Of You,

Especially As You Had so much Advice And Guff About What Survivors And Members,And Former Members

Of Right Of Place Should Do,But It Seems You Too Have Been Silenced,Or Your Cronies Have Copped On To

Your On Going Negative, Sarcastic,And Ignorant Observations,As We All Know,You Are Only Capable Of.

Come On Be A Man,And Speak Up,And Comment On Meetings Recently Had,They Mustn't Have Gone Your Way.

In case this Idiot has not been keeping a close eye on these sites recently, i would ask him to open his eyes.

First may i say, this is the first time i have seen you on ANY site. Secondly in case you have not noticed it is Christmas, and even I am entitled to have a day off from all this stuff.

What you have written here is a load of B******T, as any logical person can see. Where did You come from. By the looks of it, i would say you are one of these YES men from the Waterford branch of (Right of Place) who attended this meeting in Waterford, but had NOT got the guts to air your opinion to these Parasites you say represent you.

You don't seem to be very bright whoever you are. Look at your second statement, you make yourself look like a Fool. Which seems Appropriate.

I gave good advice to Survivors who were asked to that meeting in Waterford. But as usual, NO one listened. 

Can i ask you, whoever you are, Were you at this meeting? Probably not, i would say you would be an Armchair supporter, and shout from the back.

And also for your Information, i have NOT been, or Will be silenced by anyone. I Will always have my say, no matter what happens. So i would advise you, instead of complaining to me, get off your backside and hassle the group (Right of Place) and any other group for that matter, if you are NOT happy with the situation.

By your Ignorant comments, i would safely say you are a (Right of Place) person. 

If anyone should speak up, its you. like i said, we have never heard of you before. I would also like to inform you, i am not in a position to, as you say, Speak Up and comment about the meetings recently held. For your Info, i am NOT a member of that lot (ROP), so i would strongly recommend that before you put your BIG mouth into action in the future, get your Facts right.

well said Mossie  what a W!!!!!R they will probley give that idiot a job (mabey he can

collect the new monies R.O.P.are looking from MEMBERS, (where is all the 3.6 MILLIONTHEY GONE GONE ON WALSHE AND TRAENORS WAGES AND EXPENSES)


keep up the good work mossie only for you we would know nothing'









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