The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

The issue of valid membership has been raised by Members once again; both here; in private email to myself and sadly in the public domain i.e. Face Book.


I don’t mind discussing the website how it is run whether through Private messages or Personal email or here on the Website; but I do feel it is inappropriate to discus it in the Public Domain where those who are not Members can join in the Conversation.


Obviously my preferred method is in this discussion, as Private Messages and Email are time consuming and could be seen as Secretive? but I will not ignore Private Messages on this.




The Shame Of Ireland Stands for Democracy Transparency and Inclusion for ALL!


Without these fundamental principles then we are no better than the Secretive Undemocratic and Exclusive Survivors Groups we all complain about?


With the best will in the world we can never know the “True Identity” of any Member?


The original Defining Aims and Objectives can be Read by <Clicki...

If you have Never Read the then I think it may be a good Idea to do so? As it may help you in deciding who Members Should be?


Items 2 and 3 of this Discussion are reproduced for your convenience Bellow as they Deal with Valid Membership

Item 2
"This Group Membership is mainly drawn on form the Survivors of the Industrial School System, Their Spouse/Partners, Children and Grand Children; Friends are Welcome and so is anyone that agrees with the Aims and Objective of the Shame Of Ireland"

Item 3
Voting rights can be restricted depending on the Nature of the Subject being Voted on as the Main Aim of the Group is to "Represent the Views of the Survivor" This is to be discussed in a separate Topic!


Item 2 is what we are discussing here; it is however interesting to note that;


None of the Aims and Objectives Have Ever been Ratified or Accepted!!


I would like to point out that through Several Discussions over some period of time that this in not a “Group”. It is a Membership!


I am only the Administrator of the Website which I refuse to Moderate. But will in Extreme Circumstances intervene and take action, as fairly as I can?


The Website does not belong to me but to the Membership!


As a “Membership” we are all equal; there is NO Leader; NO Spokesperson and No Hierarchy.


I welcome your input into this discussion of “Valid Membership” and Hope that we can come to a Consensus of who should be Members and what is expected of Members?


Please feel free to comment bellow? Thank you in Advance!


Your Friend




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Personally I dont care if thay spy on us. Why because i have no reason to be afraid of groups as i have never heard of most of them. Perhaps we shouldnt worry about them perhaps thay can enlighten us as to what is being done for us otherwise well we wouldnt know

as a new member here about two years ago i was very conscious that i could be benifitting from other members bad experiences which they shared here. i was very grateful. i had already had bad experience with the laffoy / ryan abuse inquiry so i had no good reason to doubt the accounts. since then i personally can say that i although i have no group experience (not a joiner) in addition to my bad experience with the laffoy / ryan abuse inquiry i have now been also let down by people who were involved with case closure. abandoned by my solicitor apparently because as they claimed i have no evidence for my claims!  1, that is opinion, 2 i was not aware i needed any evidence for my claims!

Thats awfull Jack. You yourself are all the evidence needed. Your word is enough for most of us I am sorry to see that you have been abanded yet again take care Jack .

hello Pauline. yes indeed. i am the evidence. i am thinking maybe i will be better off without a solicitor.

Does this means that your application for Redress has been dismissed?

no. i already had a case number for redress. i shall carry on now regardless. look for the blessing!

I have also for sometime been considering doing a membership audit as I know to my certain knowledge there are 2 members that have changed their email addresses since they joined.

So we should check al email addresses are still Valid

I have also been looking at the Members who have their notifications Turned off either for Message Broadcasts or Other Messages;

Not sure if that constitutes a breach of Membership?

Should Members be expected to receive Site Email Broadcasts at a minimum?

contact is sometimes necessary. 

I am a supporter but understand if the members want to tighten ranks a little after all they discuss emotions and events some of us could never really understand and trust must be a number 1 issue as living without it has such great consequences. I'm happy for either decision, I'll always remain a supporter and a friend Deb James

Being Admin here gives me access to information on date of last visit there are Members who haven't visited the website for over 2 years. I will email them and try to a certain if they still wish to be Members.

If the messages are undelivered then I will delete the membership as the email addresses is now void.

Even though this is not a "Survivors Group" we Should have and accurate Register of our Membership.

Hello. I am the daughter of a late survivor, my mother.  When I joined I appreciated the entry process as necessary, found it to be fair, open and honest. Sometimes we do not wish to share our family secrets online, but I took that risk and have not regretted it. I feel I belong to a membership of sincerity and would not want it to become more exclusive. There will always be spies, nosy parkers and tourists. Let them watch - we have nothing to hide!



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