The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland



Added on March 22, 2012

Christine Buckley

Christine Buckley


Where have all the donations to the Aislinn Centre gone?

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This is the one i met at the redress board. i hadent seen her for many years. it was a shock seeing her so full of herself. And goldenbridge is in her opinion is about her only. after all these years going back to Ireland to be treated to chrissie telling the whole place that i was lying about my depart from goldenbridge. i have my records that prove that i had obconded. She  dident like that at all. it was a painfull experence for me as i had been away so long. it must be hard on the women from gb still living in ireland. she influnces all those who go near her

That alliancesurport is the site when my grandaughter typed in my name on google she was doing it for fun up popped my name on that site . Someone had written on it  what I can only term as very Abusive ignorant Stupid bad stuff about me in Goldenbridge which was VERY CRUEL, I can only surmise it was written by a nasty person  WAS NEVER IN GOLDENBRIDGE INDUSTRIAL REFORMATORY SCHOOL If they were they would NEVER have written nasty stuff  like that about another survivor ,  The owner of that site has been asked several times to remove it but so far the request has fallen on deaf ears I don't want my family to see such Rubbish that is very upsetting for them.

gerry no one who knows you and your value as a person is interested in stuff like that its a very dangerous thing to do to a surviver from the 50ths. We all know how words can hurt and the scar runs deep its just someone being nasty and small minded.

What on earth is that all about?   ^^

All i seemed to see and hear is all this infighting  about who gets what, i went to a meeting in manchester two year ago some one came a long way to give information to Abuse victims and others came to  just shout and shout down the specker  the result was that victims did not get the infomation need it to apply for money from the funds at the time. Thats the damage done. And it will happen with the new fund i know we all know a lot did not want it or felt they would benfit from it. But some might want to use it as its going to be there anyway.Its the same old story with all theses groups i want what they have. Some people really need to grow up.

Why won't those groups publish the name of Survivors they say they have on their list for the Funding.they receive .



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