The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

My sister received a letter from Irish Women Survivors on behalf of the Trustees of Whispering Hope.

Dates of meetings if any one interested 

Bright trip

Annual outing takes place on Tuesday 22nd of September.

Pick up will be at 8am from the London Irish Centre .   Or you can be picked up outside Stockwell Station (by the swan pub) at 8:45am  Men and women survivors are invited to come along.

Please call Whispering Hope Centre on 0207 267 9997 if you have any questions

Women Meeting

Mazenod Community Hall, Quex Road, Kilburn. From 12noon to 3pm on October 10th. The nearest tube station is Kilburn (Jubilee Line).  Please call if you need any further information about meeting (number as above

Whispering Hope will be meeting with the Caranua Board in September and hopefully will have more information at Whispering Hope's meeting October.  

Whispering hope has stated. "It will not be possible to deal with individual esquires at this meeting but if you wish to speak to any staff at Whispering Hope on this matter, we are here to assist you at the office or by phone". " we can also undertake home visits to anyone who is unable to Travel due to mobility or any other disability". 

As Whispering Hope is having a meeting with Caranua. Why have they not asked survivors What sort of questions they could ask Caranua on their behalf?

Such questions could be asked such as why are survivors advisers being changed on a regular basis?

Why can you no longer send in a quote viva email? 

Why is it taking so long for survivors to be appointed advisers, as some are waiting weeks/months

to just send in their applications? 

I am sure there are a lot more questions on that can be asked on their behalf to Caranua.

Just a thought: If survivors are not represented by a survivors groups, Why is it they can not have a meeting with Caranua because Whispering hope only represent people in the London area. I know there are other groups in other major cities but what about survivors in rural areas who do not have the means or transport to get into the major cities. Who represents them?

Another thought if you wanted too. How do you set up an official survivors group?  

Why is there not a change of survivors every year or two on the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Board and Caranua Board.  

 Thank You for Reading!

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"This is Mad Ted" >

I find myself asking the Question where did Phyillis Morgan Sit when she met with the "Caranua" Board

as she is an Employee of "Whispering Hope" and a Member of the Board of "Caranua"!

Source Caranua Board Members

Can Just see here running from one side of the table to the other to Ask and then Answer her own Questions?

Isn't it funny how things seem to surface like this if we sit back for a while.

Lizzie x   I understand whispering Hope is government Granted.

2 nd..   The questions asked above are invasive and impertanant and allegedly illegal.

3rd.     I believe Sally Mulready and Phillis Morgan are Group Leaders and sit on the Caranua Panel.

4th.      Mulready sits on the Council of State, the President  takes advice from this body of people, why

           then  is she involved with this questionare.

 5th.     The Redress Board (Government)  made the stipulation that any Survivor attending would pay a financial 

            Penality or Two Years Imprisonment if they breached this agreement.

6th.       WHY THEN ARE S.M. AND P.M. ASKING FOR THE ABOVE DETAILS TO BE FILLED IN.  WHO'S                  SIDE ARE THEY BATTING ON.?????????? Highly suspicious don't you think

           Many questions require answering.  I doubt the Irish Government are aware of this ,  OR do they  think          we are all locked into the Brain Washing programme they  so cleverly conducted  on us when we we

         were children.????

           Kathleen O'Malley.  "Childhood Interrupted".


Hi Kathleen,

I thought it was said that we are under no circumstances to divulge how much we got and yet PM asked me, she is not on our side x x

 It Appears Some Of Us Were In A Mother & Baby Home Without Ever Realizing It!  I Do Not Recall Any Mothers In The Baby 'Home' I Was In! Still Far As I Know Excluded From The Inquiry  ...  Why?  Because Was Not A Mother & Baby Home?  Just Another Major Deception & Injustice ... 

What Colour are Apples?   Hmmmm  .... Red. Green . Yellow. 

Hi Kathleen,

With regard to prison, I've done some legal homework and they can't touch us if we're in UK. Sadly this is not the case if anybody lives in Ireland.  I've read some of your posts and Idon't know if you'll see mine, but I want to pull together a peaceful protest in London. A legal one that is officially authorised but with the additional invites to media to publicise what is happrning.

Lizzie Dormer x

Kathleen O'Malley. said:

Good Morning.

I received a call, l re the recent letter received by some Survivors (I am not on their list) about the wording. "Compensation" there in.

.Personally I don't care about the  views of the Government or Religious, but I can't recall them ever admitting liability for their satanic behaviour, however the  term "COMPENSATION" WAS USED.


I understand the questionaire asked for details of monies received.! VERY INTERESTING!!!!!

The Redress Board threatened a fine of $20.00  or Two Year Imprisionment. should the recipient disclose details of their Award. Allegedly,  Please correct me if I am wrong.!

Has Power gone to the heads of the authors of this letter.!

I feel there may be people quivering in their boots with this exposure.

Kathleen O'Malley.  "childhood Interrupted"

I got a letter from these too.....I have no faith and very little trust in Whispering Hope. 



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