The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Letter to be Ratified by the Members of the Shame of Ireland Calling for an Investigation of the Funding of "Right of Place" and the Aisllin Centre

Draft Letter for your Support see Live Vote

"I would like to Ratify the Letter to the Charities Section,Revenue
Commissioners, with Regard to Right of Place and the Aislin Centre"

Charities Section
Revenue Commissioners,
Government Offices,
Co. Tipperary.

Dear Sir or Madam
We are extremely concerned about the lack of Accountability of Irish
Charities and the Broad Scope of Organisations that can receive
“Charitable Status” and Tax Exemption?

We are especially concerned about 2 Charities that purport to Represent Survivors of the Industrial School System!

They are Namely the “Right of Place Chy No 14581” and the ”Aislinn Centre Chy 13114”
Our concerns are:

The lack of proof supplied to the H.S.E. “Vis a Vis” the “per capital”
Funding that these organisations received without proper verification of
the Membership they were Funded for. After all this is Irish Tax Payers
Money and the HSE has no interest in Accounting for it?

I would like to draw you attention to the following:

“Meanwhile, it has emerged that the HSE has given at least €234,000 in
funding to Right of Place this year, despite saying it would not give
further monies until issues within the organisation had been sorted out.
The Department of Education gave the charity €16,000 this year.
Between 2001 and 2009 four Irish survivor groups received funding from
the department totalling €2.1 million, half of which went to Right of
Source – Irish Examiner Monday, October 11, 2010

Note to the accounts of the AISLINN CENTRE“
What is clear from the accounts is that for two years, and for part of a
third year, money received could only be reported as having being
advanced to directors. It is possible that this money was channeled to
previously existing organizations and used in their work. Otherwise it
is hard to see how the expenditure could have been justified, as the
company had no other staff or premises. Whether a similar situation
existed for the rest of the periods of accounts from 2003 to 2008, it is
not possible to say from the information given in these accounts.”
Nial Mc Gahon, Consultants. A S M HORWATH

What Job Title or Position have Mr. Barry and Christine Buckley held?
What was their employment status?
How could they afford to live?

With regard to this I would like to draw your attention to the Following:

Q. Can a Director/Trustee be paid as director/trustee?
A. In general no payments should be paid to Directors/Trustees other
then out of pocket expenses. Specifically Directors/Trustees are not to
be paid for holding such an office.
source -

We would like you to hold an enquiry into this?

This Letter is Ratified by xxx Members of the “Shame of Ireland”

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Hi Rob great letter hopefully you will receive the information you require as I personally feel it is time all groups were done away with.Thank you for your time and hard work most grateful.Take care and a happy new year to you and yours.Catherine.

Thanks Catherine,

Seasons Greeting to you and yours too!

It is time we got more active, it has been great to see some Members Sharing the Joy of the Season and Supporting each other @ !!

Support is what I wanted to create when I Started the "Idea" of the "Shame of Ireland"

Support in "Activism" too!!

We need to get more Active!


We are the only ones that can create the "Pressure for Change"

If WE ALL Work together and Support Each other WE can move Foreward.


This letter was burried in a Blog and has been since 20th November; WE Need to get more Members Involved.

We Currently have 78 Members and 8 Vote Ratifying the Letter!


Those that are not involved will hold the Cause Back??????





Well done.  For years I and many Survivors have been questioning this situation. Why has the Government continued to dole out money to all Groups and not questioned where the monies went.  The books have never been audited. 

 We ask WHY was it perhaps so that the Groups could do their dirty work for them in deciving their own.    The Investigative Commission, for which I had put my name down for. This  was certainly abandoned as I never had a fair crack at the whip.  The Commission was not conclusive,  then rushing us through the Redress Board.

This whole set up was riddled with corrupption.

We demand a Public Enquirie be persued.

Kathleen O'Malley.  "Childhood Interrupted"


Have you Ratified the letter throught the "LIve Vote"? At the moment it is Ratified by only 9 Members??
Well done Robert, It is about time those groups like the Aislinn ,Right of Place, SOCA UK ,ect were brought to book so to speak and openly show and explain every penny they spent >On What? to whome, Where, When, and How,along with all their files with names of those they say they represent past and present along with all expences files ,how much funding they have recieved over the years down to every penny which must be accounted for ,All the millions they recieved over the years is NOT the Governments Money to give away willy Nilly without the Irish Taxpayer knowing what and where their hard earned money has gone. Or was all this money stolen from the compansation package handed over from the Religious Orders to compensate survivors of brutiality as babies and children this money  should have gone straight to the Vulnerable Survivors of Industrials Schools,which is what it was ment for in the first place.and never should be dirverted away from that important cause ?Vulnerable survivors have been Bullied .Used, and Abused yet again No one in the Irish Government seems to have the Balls to question those so called Groups Its about time they did. Written by Geraldine Brocas-Jellicoe,

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Hope this Helps??


Have you Ratified the letter throught the "LIve Vote"? At the moment it is Ratified by only 9 Members??
yES ROB I LOOK INTO LIVE VOTES OFTEN AND NOW I UNDERSTAND HOW IT WORKS i am grtting my votes done but thanks a lot anyway i am delighted to be able to take part in this . its a big step for me over here
By EMPOWERING INDIVIDUALS, and helping and supporting one another we can do a lot WITHOUT a LEADER or REPRESENTATIVE!

Robert , we all totally agree with you , The Aislinn centre has NOT  had to hold account to anyone about their large funding ,as far as I know ,If they have shown their books we want to know who ,when, where, and to whome, must now show their books as to what every Euro has been spent on since it opened ,< ??? NOW THAT TIME HAS COME. This must include any GIFTS recieved from any source. +  Any Expences claimed for .FLIGHTS< HOTEL's, Stationery  Stamp's, food, drinks ,Any transport used where the cost was put down as  expences claimed  including  for family or friend's , Or used to help Asylum Seekers ??????We all have every right to have this information. If survivors were Poperly compansated in the first place there would not have been any need for those useless groups.but the Cowardly Government and  Religious orders sought to Hide Behind those Groups ,Thus depriving the Victims of any JUSTICE.

Have you Ratified the letter throught the "LIve Vote"? At the moment it is Ratified by only 9 Members??
What with damaged survivers leadind damaged survivers' it could not work from the beginning there is the sheer number of us   how can people without training run all this  its very differcult to understand others we are not mind readers nor are we psys nor are the so called leaders thay have led us all into confusion



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