The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

interesting to read 2010 posts in 2012! some very really good points raised! infighting within groups is very common and usually organized (setup). what is it with the education thing? how many victims of state and church abuse want to return to school? it was bad enough first time around! as for counselling there may well be some state and church child abuse victims who found the counselling notat all very helpfull. return fares not covered why?. still expected to see cousellors out of funds? trust is a major issue for most if not everybody victimized by the state and the church. trust has to be earned not dictated. records “missing”. why? because evidence of child abuse? information that if came to light might change a claim? claimants (Redress Board) might well feel injustice has been done if information comes to light after they accept an offer of compensation. some counsellors would not have been accepted by the government why? the media and the press seems to be strangely silent and not behind the victims of state and church abuse. paid survivors running groups is a non starter. divide and rule. them and us. set up. people lets not forget that Irish political parties are to blame. they were involved in this holocaust. they are still involved in this holocaust. they are involved in the coverup of child abuse crimes. it has been going on for many decades and the guilty party still get voted in power! consider a timeline. which political party was in power at the time you were abused? which political party was in opposition at the time you were abused? same media as today? same press as today? when will society wake up to it’s head in the sand as to the child abuse going on? the rejection was suffered long past sentence (prison). why should victims of state and church child abuse be forced to fight for justice and fair awards (compensation)? people get far more money for hurt feelings in the work place or because they think they were overlooked for promotion on account their looks! society owes us big time. government (political) party of the day (in office) has a duty to bring these crimes into the light and see to it justice is absolute and no victim further victimized. the department of education is has no business dictating to it’s victims now. nor has the department of health either. records destroyed deliberately. evidence of systematic child abuse.

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if not same politicians same political partys same media same press



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