The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

As you can see below they are starting to debate issues Close to Our heart!
The link below is form this week in the Dail.

If you live in the Republic then you should write, email, Telephone or Meet You "Elected Representative"?

Below is an email sent to Kathleen Lynch; she was speaking up for the Magdalene's!!


From: Robert Northall []
Sent: 18 October 2010 18:09
To: ''
Subject: Your Support?


Dear Kathleen,


I have today read your contribution to the Dáil debate; Thursday, 7 October 2010 via
I can only commend you for your support of the “Maggies”! They have a worthy and just cause!


The Consultation Mary Coughlan Refers to is with Government Paid Representatives of Survivors Right of Place "Et All" I understand that Noel Barry is no longer in residence however the Per Capita Funding that they Use as their mandate is still in Place?


This I believe is part of the Moral Bankruptcy of the Government; I hope that you don’t think that I am making Light but the Magdalene’s are in quite a strong position The R.IR.B. Act took advantage of the situation at the time and paid lip service to Compensation, Michael Woods assured his place in Heaven by protecting the Catholic Churches Breach of Contact over the care of Children! (Had the Irish Government sued on this alone and had ALL the Monies Refunded
there might have been a better Deal for Survivors of the Industrial School System?).


It is a matter of time before they will have to admit culpability!


The depravation of the Human Rights of the Maggies in the European Court of Human Rights would be an excellent Publicity Vehicle? And may bring additional pressure to bear?


The only reason that they started investigating the Industrial Schools is because they wanted to join Europe! Other than this
who knows; the institutions may still be running??



The Survivors of the Industrial Schools have 2 problems



  1. They have been dealt with! And signed an agreement to that end!!!
  2. They have been Represented by Right Of Place “ET ALL” So their voice was ignored for years!

These People hold lists that I cannot access; we are under 50 in membership at the moment but growing slowly?

All the Support organisations are “Jealously Guarding” their Government Cash, WE are divided by what unites US! The Government have used their funding Wisely!!


God Bless the Struggle of the Maggies!


I hope that will not make the same mistakes that have befallen the Survivors of the Industrial Schools?


It leaves such a bitter taste!


The Shame of Ireland is currently under development; we are testing “Live Voting” The first “Live Vote” is


I Agree with Adding the Survivors of the Magdalene Laundries to the Shame Of Ireland Objectives?


When I first started on YahooGroups they were not included, when I moved to Facebook I added them; now we have our own site I need the Members to vote to accept the change and to ”VOTE”  adopt the Aims and Objective I have foisted uponthem!


Democracy is hard work, But we will get there!


I gave Fergus O’Dowd the opportunity to embarrass Brian Cowen and Mary Coughlan over unanswered correspondence from Survivors; As far as I am aware he has not taken this opportunity?


If you feel that you would like to step where “Angels Fear to Tread” I can forward you Correspondence that will show them for what they are; it also shows so called “Survivors Groups” in their true light!


If you would like to know anymore about the “Shame of Ireland” or embarrass Brian Cowen (not that he needs any help)?


Please let me know?


Yours Sincerely


Rob Northall

Founder of the “Shame of Ireland”

I do not represent anyone as we can not vote on “Spokes people” until we have a core membership worthy of not (i.e. 100).


When we do we will have what no other group can deliver “Representation Without Leadership”!

I appologise for the abreviation of the Magdalenes as I now understand it is Offensive? but felt that to edit something that had already been sent would lack "Transparency"!

Kathleen Lynch is the Labour TD for Cork, if you are a constituent of hers feel free to contact her in regards to this email (she has sent a read reciept with regard to this).

If you Do write feel free to sign as a Member of the Shame of Ireland, but as I did please state that you do not Represent any one!

In future I will be signing Corespondence in this manner (but will drop the "Founder" Part; it sounds a bit to Egotistical for my liking!

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Replies to This Discussion

If you Click on this Link you can send your thoughts to the Minister for Education & Skills


If you decide to email him please post your comments here to encourage and motivate others to do the same?

Hi Jimmy.

Well said.

The Government were very much to blame for allowing the Religious to run the Industrial Schools.  It granted the Licence to do so and paid them half a mans wage per child per week to do so. 

"There are none so blind as those who will not see."

Kathleen O'Malley.  "Childhood Interruptedf".

Today, it is no different. Look how much fostering agencies are charging to "look after children" in the "care" of the state. How come it costs 4 times more for a foster carer to look after an Irish child compared to its natural parents?


Children are big business.£££££££££££ That is why.


A steady flow of children is required to keep the business going- just like in the days of old.


A few years ago the UK slipped in the back door with their fostering business.


Next we will have forced adoptions- make half million on each case. Yes, the Judges, lawyers, etc all feed from the money trough, just like they did during the industrial schools era- but in truth nothing has changed- fostering is simply packaged to look good and people buy it, believing the state care about children. No they do not. A child is 7 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO BE ABUSED IN CARE IN 2011 THAN IF IT WERE AT HOME.!!!


The HSE know the trauma experienced by children removed from loving families causes disassociation and most become the prisoners of the future - that is how the business people look at children. Fostering and Prison make huge profits.


Children in care are still being sold for sex as we know- well we could no more if it were not for the star chamber family courts- controlled by the church.


There are still too many secrets which the tax payer has a right to know about.

yes! agreed!  very well expressed!  state (church) child 'care' is big business.  no wonder so few of us were adopted!  yes prison is just more 'care'! many of the child abuse victims were predicted to end up in prison and indeed groomed for exactly that!  another chance to put down and silence.
Well now there is Mr walsh being funded as he says in his comments he cares for the ones who did not get redress because thay did not go to the redress board.that seems to mean that now he will have to change his lists as the forgotten survivers are not included on the lists of people who are supposed to get help from the staturary fund. This has gone on for years . without any control at all .What difference will this make as to how these groups run things.thay are dogooders who dont give a damn what we have to say about the funding.he thinks hes right and thats all that matters to him.
Well i agree totally with this letter . as many others i am totally out of the framework of these groups. Also I think that we deserve the right to our own liberty. by tying us to these groups we are being stopped from going forward. we can not keep in touch with them because apparently there is no answering service and so no information So we read in the newspapers what this or that person is giving all thier time to survivers. but its rumeurs thats all it is. When we left Ireland it was because there was no place for us as we were unprepaired for society.The fact that we left means we are cut off . it would be better for everyone if we were allowed to get on with our lives in peace. And this fund has allready caused bad feelings.I was in an institution in the 50ths. what use do you think it can be to me just as an example..As you can see i have learned to read and i can take care of myself.I am over 65 . its insulting to be offered schooling now at this stage of my life.

The Following Email has been sent to ALL Senators and Members of the Dail


Subject Please Can you Raise these Questions?


Why have Midland Survivors Services (Coventry UK) State it Clearly in their April 2011 New letter that they have applied for funding for their Organisation from the Statutory Trust Fund; when this Bill has yet to be passed?


Why has RauiriQuinnTD dismissed 713 Signatures against the Statutory Trust Fund When the responses to the Consultation process are fewer?


Responses Received to Public Consultation


2.1    The public consultation process elicited 258 individual responses[1], received as follows:


  • Telephone Responses:                                             135[2]
  • Written/e-mail submissions from individuals:      103
  • Written/e-mail submissions from organisations:    20[3]


Source -



Why has Mr Paddy Doyle not received any replies to his Correspondence on his Petition on the Statutory Trust fund when he has emailed all the Members of the Dáil Éireann?


Is what Rauiri Quinn said @ regarding the H.S.E.  TRUE?


I hope that at least one of you will have the Decency to ask these Questions?


Yours Sincerely


Rob Northall

Member of the “Shame of Ireland”


[1] The above figures exclude duplicate written responses and responses not considered to be directly relevant to the process. A number of callers to the Freefone service also submitted written comments.

[2] These comprise 131 calls to the Freefone Service and 4 calls to the Department.

[3] Includes some submissions from survivor groups.

From: Rob. Northall []
Sent: 11 July 2011 10:19
To: 'ONeill, Anne ( RIRU Athlone)'
Subject: RE: Press Release from Minister for Education & Skills - 5th July 2011
Sensitivity: Confidential


Dear Anne,

I have tried the link bellow and cannot find the Documents there??


I have read the Summary of Main Provisions of the Statutory Fund - July 2011.doc; it appears to only benefit Service Providers


Can you tell me who other than Midland Survivors Services (Coventry UK) have applied for Funding prior to the Bill being Read?


Your Sincerely


Rob Northall

From: ONeill, Anne ( RIRU Athlone) []
Sent: 07 July 2011 15:00
Subject: FW: Press Release from Minister for Education & Skills - 5th July 2011
Sensitivity: Confidential



To Whom it May Concern

The purpose of this communication is to thank you for contributing to the Consultative Process in relation to the Statutory Fund  and to advise you that the Minister for Education & Skills, Mr Ruairí Quinn, TD, has issued a Press Release in this regard on 5th July 2011, a copy of which is attached below. 

Copies of the following documents are also attached for your information:

    • Consultation Process Report
    • Summary of the Main Provision of the Statutory Fund
    • General Scheme of Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Bill


The Press Release, together with links to the above documents, is also available on the Department’s website


Yours sincerely


Melanie Hudson
Residential Institutions Redress Unit
Department of Education & Skills

Consultation Process Report.doc>> General Scheme of Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Bill.doc>> Summary of Main Provisions of the Statutory Fund - July 2011.doc>> Press release of 5th July.doc>>


The contents and any attachment of this e-mail are private and confidential.

They are intended only for the use of the intended addressee.If you are not 

the intended addressee, or the person responsible for delivering it to the intended addressee,

you are notified that any copying, forwarding, publication, review or delivery of this e-mail

or any attachments to anyone else or any other use of its contents is strictly prohibited.You are

prohibited from reading any part of this e-mail or any attachments.  If you have received this e-mail

in error, please notify the system manager.  Unauthorised disclosure or communication or other use of

the contents of this e-mail or any part thereof may be prohibited by law and may constitute a criminal

offence. Internet e-mails are not necessarily secure.The Minister for Education and Skills does not 

accept responsibility for changes made to this message after it was sent.  Unless stated to the contrary,

any opinions expressed in this message are personal to the author and may not be attributed to the Minister

for Education and Skills.

WARNING: Computer viruses can be transmitted via email. While this e-mail has been swept for the presence of

computer viruses, you are requested to carry out your own virus check before opening any attachment. 

The Minister for Education and Skills accepts no liability for any loss or damage which may be caused by

software viruses transmitted by this e-mail.

I have just been Reading the Residential Institutions Redress (Amendment) Bill 2011

You can read it at the following links

Residential Institutions Redress (Amendment) Bill 2011: Order for S...

Residential Institutions Redress (Amendment) Bill, 2011: Second Stage

From reading this it would appear that the Following are sympathetic to our Cause?

Name of T.D.

Email Address

Twitter Account




Maureen O'Sullivan





Mary Lou McDonald





Clare Daly





Seán Kenny





Thomas Pringle





Joan Collins





Richard Boyd Barrett





Seán Crowe





Gerry Adams





Stephen Donnelly





Martin Ferris





Tom Fleming





Joe Higgins





Pádraig MacLochlainn





Finian McGrath





Sandra McLellan





Catherine Murphy





Aengus Ó Snodaigh





Jonathan O'Brien





Shane Ross





Brian Stanley





Peadar Tóibín





Mick Wallace




If you want to help you can Contact these to explain our frustrations?


We Need to add Maureen O'Sullivan to this list! Will Append it soon


Source -


Stupid me she is at the top of the list, will remove duplicate entry! LMAO!! @ Me!!!

Email sent today to ALL TD's


Correspondence to TD’s Gets Ignored and the Statutory Trust Fund is set to go ahead even thought there is no direct benefit to Survivors!

If you read “Summary of Main Provisions of the Statutory Fund” from the “Press Release from Minister for Education & Skills – 5th July 2011″

You will find what it pays out for as stated bellow

Functions/Provisions of the Statutory Fund

The principal function of the Statutory Fund will be to make arrangements for the provision of approved services to support the needs of former residents and to pay grants to former residents to assist them to avail of approved services.

Approved services will include such counselling services, psychological support services and mental health services, and such health and personal social services, educational services and housing services as the Fund may determine.

The Fund will also promote understanding of the effects of abuse on former residents among service providers and will evaluate the effectiveness of the approved services in meeting the needs of former residents.

The Fund can consult with former residents as it considers appropriate.

Education Finance Board

The Education Finance Board will be dissolved and its functions transferred to the Fund.

The Education Fund currently take 6 month or More to pay out! Survivors in Crisis could not be helped anyway!!

No Money from the Fund will go to Survivors!

Counselling Services (already funded by the H.S.E.) YES

Education YES

Housing Associations YES

Survivors Groups YES


The Education Fund Currently Pays the “Service Provider” not the Survivor!

This is a ZERO more forward for the Benefit of Survivors directly and will only benefit those who provide Services for Survivors!

Yet most Survivors Groups are against the Statutory Fund?? or so they say????

If you require proof of this please contact me?

Midland Survivors Services (Coventry UK) State it Clearly in their April 2011 News letter that they are awaiting for the Second half of this year Funding from the Statutory Trust Fund!

Was this the reason they took part in the “Consultation Process” and refused to pass objections from Survivors to the Idea of the Statutory Fund?


They are applying to a Fund that does not Exist!!

The Bill has not been read yet and is not Law!

There was a “Secret Meeting” on the 22nd July 2011 with Rauiri Quinn and  those who claim to Represent Survivors; Why are Group Leaders so Happy? What Secret Deal now? The only Report of this Meeting can be Read by Clicking this Link


These Groups should be asked for a verified list of their Membership?


Members appear on these lists even if they have died and still receive Newsletters


Members also appear on these lists even though they have asked to be removed


Your Assistance in Stopping this Bill from becoming Law is required so that Survivors can be heard not those who Purport to Represent them!


Yours sincerely


Rob Northall


All Statements’ in this email can be Verified should you require more information Pleas contact me?

Why has RauiriQuinnTD dismissed 713 Signatures against the Statutory Trust Fund When the responses to the Consultation process are fewer?

Responses Received to Public Consultation

2.1 The public consultation process elicited 258 individual responses[1], received as follows:

  • ·Telephone Responses: 135[2]
  • ·Written/e-mail submissions from individuals: 103
  • ·Written/e-mail submissions from organisations: 20[3]

Many of the things Survivor asked for in the Consultation Process have been ignored!

Children and Grand Children of Survivors have been removed from the NEW Fund but where included in the “Education Finance Board”

[1] The above figures exclude duplicate written responses and responses not considered to be directly relevant to the process. A number of callers to the Freefone service also submitted written comments.

[2] These comprise 131 calls to the Freefone Service and 4 calls to the Department.

[3] Includes some submissions from survivor groups.

Robert is a fine poet!



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