The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

My spirit is sometimes still walking over this bridge looking for my family.

As a tiny child I myself brothers and sister's two in the pram went over this Bridge on our way to our Grandparents house nearby before it was all stolen from us .We were all stolen seperated from each other into different Industrial Child Prisons.

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Comment by jack colleton on June 17, 2011 at 18:51
that is a crime. which political party was in power at the time?  which political party was in opposition at the time? 
Comment by Rob Northall on June 18, 2011 at 10:56
A Beautiful Scene! Excuse my ignorance where is this?
Comment by Geraldine ,O on June 18, 2011 at 13:20
 Rob it's in Dublin on the Liffy. My Grandparent's used to have a house nearby this Bridge ,We used to have Lot's of cousins all over Dublin , We children never made it back together again , the Abuse was to Great that we each were forced to suffer in different Industrial schools in different parts of Ireland seperated from each other with NO contact allowed with each other again  even members of our family were not allowed to visit us except our Granny she had to have their permission even then , I suppose it was in case they saw the lumps ,black and blue marks and loss of weight , boils, bleeding gum's ,  from the abuse forced on us by the State  and Religious of Ireland ,and as we were detained into different industrial schools our family didn't know where my baby brothers were taken to from the Court (The Four Court's)which is a Criminal Court , It distroyed our emotions and our Lives. I have been back to the Bridge and just Cry ,my childhood was left visions and memories are still there ,My heart is there looking for my little siblings. Yes I am still Broken Hearted .
Comment by Rob Northall on June 18, 2011 at 13:25
Sad that such a beautiful triggers such harsh memories!
Comment by Geraldine ,O on June 18, 2011 at 14:01
Jack, I am sorry but I am not sure whoever was in power distroyed thousands of Irish childrens lives and whole families lives , a lot of young children even Babies had fathers who were Brave Men either away fighting in WW2 in the trenches ,many were Killed and many families were left without fathers to bring home the money to feed the families so many Widowes at that time in Ireland all left pennyless ,The Cruelty Man employed by the State to hunt for children for the Industrial schools  were everywhere ,people were terrified of them , those whose Fathers did return were treated so badly by the Government because they had fought in the british army , But if they didn't their familie's starved as there was no work ,or if there was work the wages was not nearly enough to look after their families so Many Emmigrated to find work ,there were ferrys leaving back and forth all the time from Ireland to liverpool carrying Irish Men in their search for work,or to go home for a visit back to their families carrying goodies and money for their families only to have to soon depart back to work, Those were terrible dark hard times the Government allowed the Church to totally represse the population if you were not seen in church the priest would call at the house to find out Why! they would take it upon themselves to take the children to fill their Industrial Schools , as for me My Father tried to get us home but the State and Church refused his request this was a man who had his own house and huge extended family many of them ran farm's , and small shops so we were NOT destitute , we were STOLEN . Even now we survivors are been abused the so called Redress board was downright cruel and abusive , and now I heard the Dept of Education has been holding SECRET meetings as to what THEY want to use survivors compansation package for they come up with some trumped up idea of a Statuary Trust Fund  that will only benefit the already Corupt Government and those groups ,Survivors will Never benefit from that , Never see any of it , most will be Eaten up by Administration ,secretary wages, Administrators and their secretarys, Rent's on buildings , and God know what else .  It is sickening .and I am Disgusted at the Government  (last government) especially THE DEP'T OF EDUCATION,  and Religious and so called services for survivors ,all of which have only looked after themselves and their Fat Bank Account's.
Comment by jack colleton on June 18, 2011 at 23:00

i took part in the making of a music video on that bridge and had moments still of thinking people walking by have no idea of the survivors in their midst who fight for freedom and justice. mind those people walking by were a cast!




Comment by jack colleton on June 18, 2011 at 23:10

i think it is a good to chart the rise and fall of political partys in power. make them responsible for their actions. confront them with their crimes against the people. my guess is the same 2 political partys were in power most if not all of the time. stolen is right. stolen children. stolen lives. people still take the boat to england. choice?  my experience at the abuse commission was horrific abuse. the interest was sex. anything "physical". as i had said before twice in statements for that bloody government paid lawyer " physical least of the abuse". my stance was the church and the state are guilty of crimes against me. yes indeed the department of education now that says alot!  could have been the department of correction!  i am very wary of people coming out with stuff like that was then it's different now. no it is not. abuse is exactly that abuse regardless the time or place. and there are people here who were used in drug trials?





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