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pauline jackson commented on Ken Doyle's blog post Pensions for survivors
"Hello Margaret. Dont worry you will soon get the hang of it. Most of us are beginners."
Nov 12
pauline jackson replied to jack colleton's discussion Thriving Instead Of Just Surviving
"Of course. A lifetime of surviving because of the lack of education .getting a job without any knowledge of life outside the walls of the institutions. Many of us are intelligent people but only able to get manual jobs. this has wasted any…"
Nov 6
pauline jackson commented on Ken Doyle's blog post Pensions for survivors
"I have a very small pension of 300euros because i have worked without papers. I live abroad and have stayed hidden most of my life as i obsconded from goldenbridge.Getting by is differcult."
Nov 5
pauline jackson commented on Christopher Neary's photo


"Where is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!."
Nov 5
pauline jackson replied to Rob Northall's discussion Hunger strike outside the Dáil
"There has to be another way to get attention. Harming themselves is Dangerous. None of the services for survivers were anything more than clubs for those closest to the group leaders who got everthing for themselves.Bullys pretending to represent us…"
Nov 5
pauline jackson commented on Barbie's blog post Religious Orders Wealth Submission
"the religous have shown such indifference towards those whos lives have been ruined that thier efforts to compensate seem miserly.The government dont seem able to make them pay up."
Nov 4
pauline jackson commented on jack colleton's photo


"It is awfull that the ones whose files were treated first recieved so much more than others.  one recieved over a hundred and ten thousand other fifty thousands and then for others its fifteen thousands. thay say it was because of thier…"
Aug 13
pauline jackson commented on Barbie's blog post UN committee on torture criticise Ireland's treatment of Magdalene workhouse victims
"We were also abused by so called support groups. Most of us were  ignored once we had given our names and addresses. Survivers outside Ireland or the uk recieved no medical help cards or transport cards. We were left out . going to the doctors…"
Aug 13
pauline jackson commented on Rob Northall's blog post Website Hosting Fees 2017-18
"Hello Rob. i sent my share through the bank . it should be on the account by now.Rob thank you sincerly for all you do to keep this site open. Its a great help to me and i think many others."
Aug 11
pauline jackson replied to jack colleton's discussion Industrial School Survivor goes on Hunger Strike because 'The State doesn't care'
".Please dont starve yourself for these people.Thay dont and wont care. You will hurt yourself. We need each other to stick together. Otherwise thay will win and we will grow older and die. "
Aug 4
pauline jackson commented on Rob Northall's blog post Website Hosting Fees 2017-18
"Ok rob it should arrive in a few days."
Aug 2
pauline jackson commented on Rob Northall's blog post Website Hosting Fees 2017-18
"Hello Rob. well i will transfere my share to you but let me know in what name is the account in yours or the shame of irelands. its a bit complicated from here . but no problem."
Aug 2
pauline jackson commented on Ken Doyle's blog post Pensions for survivors
"We worked in these instutions. Thay dident pay staff for the upkeep of the instutions or for making rosary beads and all the rest . We worked without pay many hours per day. Many did this work for years. So yes we do deserve a pension. Had we been…"
Jul 28
pauline jackson commented on Rob Northall's blog post 'We wanted to be loved': Institutional abuse survivors take their fight for justice to the UN
"for those who live outside Ireland and england there are no medical cards. we have to pay ourselves. no help for transport either.And most of the groups ignored our existance once thay had our addresses so no information either from them."
Jul 6
pauline jackson commented on Rob Northall's blog post 'We wanted to be loved': Institutional abuse survivors take their fight for justice to the UN
"Before i went to the redress board i was told to compile a medical file This meant going to different doctors and telling them my personal story It was embarassing as thay clearly doubted me One doctor told me I dont do anything for Nothing and she…"
Jul 5
pauline jackson commented on Geraldine Jackson's blog post Irish Child Slaves
"And we left without an education . No one outside could give us a job making rosary beads or knitting socks. there was so much to learn about life and we knew Nothing usefull at all. i was told again and again that i was wierd."
Jun 29

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Comment Wall (28 comments)

At 13:14 on September 23, 2010, Rob Northall said…
The is a New Action Group on Finding Relatives of Survivors. Would you be interested in helping? If so Join the Group?
At 15:58 on September 25, 2010, Christy J Walters said…
Hi Pauline .. So your in Tipp too .. Now there's bragging rights now that Liam McCarthy is home !!
I am pretty new to all this Blogging stuff , I am a more of a hands on sort of person , I leave all the technical stuff to everybody else.
I have a Facebook account, If you would like to know what I'm getting up name is Christy J Walters ! I would be delighted to send you afriend request .
At 18:51 on September 29, 2010, dorris lloyd said…
hi Pauline yes they didnt care where they hit you the nuns were very fond of pinching us under the arm where no one could see it...take care dorris
At 16:16 on October 5, 2010, pauline jackson said…
but i have always wondered where thay trained these nuns and priests. and was it a method. because we all have the same kind of memories. it cant be an accident that the crazy ones stayed in ireland. and others were fit to be sent to Africa.
At 17:19 on October 9, 2010, John J Hogan said…
Pauline good to hear from you .Not quite sure how this work's I just arrived on this sight J.H.
At 11:27 on August 13, 2011, jack colleton said…
hello from Jack Colleton Survivor
At 17:29 on May 25, 2012, Geraldine Jackson said…

Pauline even though you were only 4 years old and savagely battered and tortured by the Nuns you still had more Intelligence and Humanity in your little finger that the whole Catholic World. I was forced to watch them Torture you after they ripped your cloths off I saw the TWO EVIL SADISTIC NUNS BOTH ATTACK YOU WITH FROTH COMING OUT OF THEIR MOUTH'S BOTH LASHING YOU with sticks All because I told the Doctor in Harcourt St Clinic what they were doing to us ,they took it out on you, I will never forget that awful day  they the Nun's picked me up from Harcourt St back to Goldenbridge the Nun turned to me and said marching me to the Rec she said THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT they dragged  you  into the middle of the rec by the ear shouting and screaming and beating you  both Nuns using large Sticks on your little skinny body there was nothing I could do about it if I cried and they saw me They would have killed you (and me)so I knew I musen't cry.  they Damaged your ears to such an extent you have no ballance and keep falling down apart from all the scars you have not only on your body but in your mind. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU how you survived is a miracle . and they did not manage as much as they tried to give you brain damage . my heart hurts I see imiges like photos what they used to do to you. YOU ARE WONDERFUL AND  VERY SPECIAL .

At 17:31 on May 25, 2012, Geraldine Jackson said…

And might I add well Loved.

At 12:26 on June 18, 2012, jack colleton said…

Happy Birthday Pauline!

At 22:05 on June 19, 2012, Catherine Roberts said…

Many happy returns Pauline.

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