The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

January 2015 Blog Posts (14)

Open Letter to Novartis Ireland...

Dr Agron Hasani,
Medical Director
Novartis Ireland.

Dear Dr Hasani,

I have written to you before.  With all that was going on ever since I suffered the breakdown of Aliskiren I at that time never thought for one moment that a Pharmaceutical company would go to such lengths against a patient who suffered side effects of their drugs, a woman and a citizen of Ireland to cover up the dangerous adverse reactions of your drug Rasilez…

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Dear President Higgins,

Dear President Higgins,
President Higgins I remember a time when you spoke out publicly about the abuse of women being forced to England by the fathers of their babies for abortions..I remember a time when you addressed the American Tea Party...I remember a time when a member of the public could phone you and many times you were the one who answered the phone - I remember a time when you stood in solidarity with the people of Ireland - God Bless you and your Family - I recall…

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"The Marion Women" New Abductions of Irish Women by Church & State for Pharma 2015

Dear Marion,

I wonder how you are and where you are. I would like to think that you are back at home, enjoying your lovely garden that you spoke to me about...

I write here Marion about the abduction of our lives...On this page I mostly write what has happened to me as Pharma's mafia continue to torture my body - in their attempts to force me back to Lab 101 for Novartis monitoring of their barbaric trials which they sponsor in Tullamore Hospital and that hospital we were both…


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Healthcare Cover up of Doctors who mutilate - cover up by Director General of Health Mr Tony O'Brien

Nov 2013 my concerns re the mutilation I suffered in Tullamore Hospital under the guise of a foot operation was refused investigation by the Irish Medical Council...for over a year I have asked the Minister of Health and the Taoiseach to please investigate what happened in Tullamore Hospital...Since November 2013 following evidence of violation of my body Dr Philip Crowley replied to me stating that his office had passed all information from me on to the HSE Advocacy to investigate Tullamore…


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Caranua (NOT)

I have today written to Clare daly 

Hi Clare we cannot find any way to get attention of the corruption of Caranua 
they claim to hav spent 7 million but no one seems to know on what as most of the survivors have got very little and I had been waiting now a year only to be told that I…

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Seamus Heaney - Remembered and "Internment" Today in Ireland...

Seamus Heaney -

Rest in Peace...Seamus your words back then..echo today the crimes of Church and State against women...the internment camps are hospitals who torture, medically violation and plundering the innocent bodies of…


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Irish Attorney General covering up Novartis drug side effects and Medical Torture - Ireland 2015

No acknowledgement or reply from letter sent to Ms Whelan, Irish Attorney General...

Ms Whelan, Attorney General -

Please do not ignore this and lay

hostage to Pharma - Stand in solidarity with your Peers in the US,

China and Japan and do what is expected of you - Advise on the proper

route of Justice and save the citizen and the patient, thereby

instructing Government to be…


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Magalene women deserve to be remembered.

The death has occurred of 

Beechlawn House Nursing Home, Gracepark Road, Dublin 9, Dublin

Peacefully. Reposing in Beechlawn House today, Monday, from 4pm. Funeral Mass tomorrow, Tuesday, at 11.45am followed by burial in Glasnevin Cemetery.

Date Published: Monday 25th August 2014 Date of Death: Friday 22nd August 2014

 posted on a public RIP site 

Another white Slave

Being laid to Rest

In a Communal Grave

Of the Sisters of Our

Lady of…


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Women again being traffiked in Ireland for clinical trials by Church & State

Minister Varadkar states staffing is a problem...Minister Varadkar does not state how there are ongoing job adverts for clinical trial nurses especially for Tullamore Hospital - Pharma's Lab 101...Gardai covering up breaches of the Nuremberg Code, Violation of women's bodies and Surgeon accuses patient of accusing him of sexual assault - the usual bullying tactic to silence patient - when medical council received letter of complaint on this surgeon - Tullamore…


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Open Letter to Pope Francis - His Holiness Pope Francis

Dear Pope Francis - His Holiness Pope Francis - 7th January 2015

I publicly call on you to hold Archbishop Martin and the Congress of Bishops in Ireland responsible for covering up and in many cases partaking in the abduction of women for medical torture - some have been literally dragged from their homes, held down on hospital beds and injected with…


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Because I spoke out about Novartis drug Aliskiren breaking down my health - Because I spoke out about doctors who torture to carry out Novartis and Amgen's barbaric clinical trials - I am targeted by…

Because I spoke out about Novartis drug Aliskiren breaking down my health - Because I spoke out about doctors who torture to carry out Novartis and Amgen's barbaric clinical trials - I am targeted by Novartis Mafia who are the Irish Gardai - everytime I go out I am targeted with some shots to my body - Sunday evening I went to shops in Tullamore town - I innocently shopped away but these shopkeepers allow the mafia in to stalk and target innocent patients who dare to question the wrongs of…


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High cost of redress scheme informed ‘minimalist’ offer from the State

The package is a fraction of the maximum award under the redress scheme

Louise O’Keeffe: ‘the worst possible Christmas present’

Joe Humphreys…


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Dear Helen...2015 request...

Dear Helen,

 In your role as a woman's counsellor in a HSE Refuge in Dublin you

offered me a "safe" space to talk through the violations of my life.

I believed you to be genuine - I trusted you - I knew you for ten

years and believed there was a genuine trust and support system in

place but when you rang me in 2010 and invited me out to talk to you I

realised some months later that your Refuge for Women is an entrapment

agency.  An entrapment agency…


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2015 - Happy New Year to the Shame of Ireland Members and Admin...

Happy New Year to all Members of the Shame of Ireland site - to Jack & Rob - Thank you for the Platform of Expression and Hope to all of those who survived Irish abuse - and for giving the "new wounded" a voice - where truth is allowed to be truth...May you all have a New Year filled with truth and hope, Joy and Love...


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