The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

April 2015 Blog Posts (13)

A Letter to the President of the Medical Council - Ireland

Dear Dr Woods,

I note that you are President of the Irish Medical Council.  I have also read a previous President's report on the Dr Neary injuries and how Dr Hillery stated that such crimes should never be allowed to happen again.
My Case No.C353/13 - was turned down and in view of the Neary case I am left surprised and sorry that the Medical Council is today covering up such crimes in Hospitals.  
With respect to you - when I submitted my…

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Dear Minister Frances Fitzgerald, I write to you again to inquire re the Panel Review Barristers.  You wrote to me some months ago stating that my case was one of those files selected for review. I…

Dear Minister Frances Fitzgerald,

I write to you again to inquire re the Panel Review Barristers.  You wrote to me some months ago stating that my case was one of those files selected for review.

I am also waiting some months for your confirmation that the Gardai and the Department of Justice are investigating Dr Eoin Sheehan under the Criminal Bill Act 2012.  You have the detailed evidence of procedures done to me under anaesthetic other…


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Pharmageddon in Ireland - Bribery and Corruption by Governement

In February 2013 Marie Fleming took a High Court action to allow her to end her life - as she was in the very painful stages of MS - she was refused - Marie has died since - May she Rest in Peace -

From July 2011 I have pleaded with the HSE and the Government for safety in healthcare - ever since I suffered adverse reactions to Aliskiren a Novartis drug for blood pressure - Dr Michael Barry prescribed that drug and gave me no medical care for the suffering from that drug of poison.…


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Warning from Facebook...3

A Warning from FaceBook - where is the coverup?


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The Irish White Collared Criminal Cartel....

IW involved in Corporate Crime - we all know that - but also involved in Pharma crime - as pharma mafia pursue the evidence, to conceal the data - and as many of my FB friends know the evidence of Pharma crime and dangerous drugs is my body - they all take part in the torture to one woman - what cowards they are - White van up behind house from before 8.00 am today- near Water House but parked outside - why? plenty of space to park inside the gates...but the cowards try to conceal their van…


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Some of the Missing Women in Ireland

Thank you to the Glasgow Police for stepping up such an intensive search to find Rachel Buckley - A tragic discovery - her family will have her home and be able to lay her to rest back in the community she loved. In Ireland there are far too many missing young women - without a trace - Why in such a small country does no one know - why can the Irish Gardai not find even a trace of any of them - Our Justice Minister and Garda Commissioner, both women, need to start answering some…


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letter i wrote to minister jan o sullivan last week

Dear minister,

my name is Michael i am a  survivor of institutional abuse and received an award from the redress board. 
In jan 2014 i applied to caranua, to date i have received no help what so ever other than the offer of a gym membership, i have told caranua that i have no way of getting to the gym so the membership is useless to me.
All i asked caranua for was a bicycle, some furniture and help with the house and a cookery course,…

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head to the caranua website to complain and leave bad feedback

Hi all caranuas revolting customer charter is onsite, they will now try an sanction you for varying offences such as asking for something more thanonce, shocking, use the compliant forms and feedback forms on the caranua website to bombard them, as these will play a part infuture reviews of caranua. we need to keep pushing every way we can, michael

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Tullamore Co Offaly - the abuse, stalking by Pharma sponsored mafia continues....

Another week of torture on behalf of Novartis Ireland - how corrupt is our country Ireland - we hear the Taoiseach refer to an unsolved murder this week in the Dáil - stating that Fr Niall Molloy is dead and nothing can change that - but what about who killed him - no justice for an innocent priest who it is alleged made a terrible mistake by involving himself with the wrong "friends". Some nice news and how I wish it was all good here in Tullamore, Co Offaly - where there are massive…


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Mental Health Nurse suspended - following raising concerns for patients in Ireland - HSE cover up of HSE bullying and patient harm

A nurse motivated by his desire for patient safety has been placed off duty, writes Catherine Shanahan

IN THE carefully controlled media environment of the HSE, it’s rare for an…


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Pharma and Irish Church and State controls the FB pages of women who have been injured, assaulted by Doctors to cover up Amgen and Novartis clinical trials in Ireland

I am locked out of my FB Page today - I cannot see notifications or post the following which I have tried several times...If the following is posted on this page please share - I have posted it on the web page and shared to FB - Pharma - Church - State abuse and control of Ireland and it's citizens is ongoing today - that is the sadness of it all...Sadly Irish Society is involved in the violation and abuse to women today - just like in the past - this is April 2015 and the Church and State…


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Novartis Criminality in Ireland with STATE and CHURCH Collusion

NOTE : the above article exposing Novartis control over athletes in the luring of doctors to boost Novartis sales in 2010 keeps going off my page - and disappears at times on the internet - whilst I note that Novartis are worth over 44 billion is criminal that…


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Easter Blessings pharmatised under Irish Church and the suffering continues...

Novartis, Amgen, Lundbeck, GSK, so many more - have patients trafficked by the Chief Medical Officer to Pharma for barbaric clinical trials - Ethics there are no medical or pharma Ethics in Ireland despite what the theory pages state - This is terrorism against patients - This is bribery and corruption and I wonder what all of those people, citizens also of Ireland will do when they are asked "Do they reject satan? and do they reject evil?

I wonder Archbishop Martin what will you and…


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