The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

December 2014 Blog Posts (11)

Taoiseach Enda Kenny covers up Novartis clinical trials and Patient Harm - Ireland 2014

How can Tullamore Hospital function as a general hospital for elective surgeries and for patients when it has so many clinical trials listed as ongoing - Acid exactly do the medical staff do their acid clinical trials - I recall one nurse injecting some burning acid into my bones and the bone area turned yellow - what diseases have they now placed inside of me - Novartis Ireland and Novartis Switzerland truly believe that they "own" my body to examine exactly how much breakdown…


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Enda Kenny's cover up on Medical Torture

Enda's daily fleet of jets spreading poison on their daily mission over Tullamore...started before 6.00 a.m. this morning....whilst sheep were sleeping...

Take care any woman going for minor operations in Tullamore Hospital...keyhole criminals removing women's organs and mutilating them for Pharma funds....Enda's sanctioned medical torture...doctors who a pharma sponsored Ireland...take care everyone...even with the evidence of violation of female…


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Fine Gael and Labour Betrayal of the People for profit and gain...Corruption at the start..

Fine Gael and Labour....a collusion of sorts...for corruption illusion, collusion and crime against the very citizens they stated to protect...Lies, Lies and more Lies...and so much heartbreak to citizens of an Ireland that was.....

At Leinster House they met...they thought they were just two...

but dangling on the railings was the Pharma army of pursuit...

they dangled cash the elected collusion never saw before...

they dangled dollars, they dangled euro...and…


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Novartis Ireland - protected by Government, Gardai - whilst Doctors harm patients for Pharma profit

I have spoken today to my Medical Insurance - they have detailed to me what was written on the Invoice claim form from Dr Eoin Sheehan of Tullamore Hospital - they have told me that the hospital states that I had injuries to both feet - that there was a fracture to one foot whilst the other had only tissue injury - the hospital does not specify which foot had the specified injuries - but as the right foot was clearly and is documented in the medical file as the foot with the fracture and…


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Fragmented Families...My Thoughts on Mine... 1966

Reflections of my Brother on his last Christmas - 1966


My sister was crying in the school yard.  “Why is your sister crying”? a fellow pupil asked.  “Our brother is in the Congo”.  “Oh” the pupil replied and walked away.  To mention the Congo was enough.  This was Francis’s second time out there.  Arriving home from school I would see my mother standing near the radio listening to the news.  Several Irish soldiers had already been killed.  Mam waited every morning for the…


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Leo Varadark Minister for Health Lays Claim to Industrial Schools Survivors Money

I have Reproduced an Article from th published November 13th 2014 it was brought to my attention and that of Others from Barbara K's Discussion Which I can Recommend Reading!

BUT first Read on and Digest…


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Happy Christmas to all survivors 

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Christmas Thoughts and Words to Tullamore Hospital

Doctor Sheehan - Tullamore Hospital -

Remember me, the patient, who you and your team, Dr Peter Coffey, Dr Ali, Dr Dermot - operated on under the guise of a foot operation - You stated that you did not operate on the right foot which was in fact the broken foot - you made the broken foot worse - You lie when you stated to me that you did not touch my right foot - there is a clear surgical scar at back of where my heel was - there are also clear surgical marks at my throat..and under…


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 16th November 2014 - Sunday Reflections - I listened a little to Marian Finnucane on Radio One -  this morning - Senator Zappone talking about the horrible siege of Tanaiste Joan Burton's car - Seem…

 16th November 2014 - Sunday Reflections - I listened a little to Marian Finnucane on Radio One -  this morning - Senator Zappone talking about the horrible siege of Tanaiste Joan Burton's car - Seemingly Senator Zappone and her partner started up - An Cosán - I note it is funded by The Ireland Fund - As I listened on about how awful it must have been for Joan Burton...I thought how far does hypocrisy start and finish in Ireland -

Senator Zappone has listened to the hysteria and…


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A Lady Distressed - Tearing up her Medical File - Why?

Monday – 15th December 2014 - Joe Duffy – Liveline Radio show today –

A man rang in today to say that he saw a woman sitting on a the wall of a bridge in Dublin City – overlooking the River Liffey…He stated that she looked distressed and was tearing up paper and throwing it into the Liffey – he pulled in his car and rang gardai – his point of making the call to Joe was that when the gardai arrived – 3 female gardai – he said he observed how they were so kind, patient and…


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Justice Minister's Letter...Ref.4/500/1/148

I received a letter from Justice Minister, Ms Frances Fitzgerald today...Ref. 4/500/1/148 stating that my case against the Gardai and others has been put before the Panel of Barristers for review.  it states that there will be no hearings, oral evidence or any other form of investigation.  The Minister for Justice fails to confirm that whilst this review is going on that many victims are still suffering stalking, torturing and medical abuse which the Minister is fully aware of.  That is to…


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