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Interesting fact on survivors being shafted by last goverment

Caranua asked the last governement to be allowed to claim the tax back on payments made from the fund in order to return it to the fund, they were told no. to tax survivours shame on you enda kenny, shame on you jan o sulivan. 

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Now is the time to be contacting your local politicians

While there hashing out there agenda, make sure your voice is heard, as caranua is under the control of the dept of education this is the route to have our kids included in the fund, i have talked to people in caranua who would like to see this happen, so start sending emails, making phone calls we wont get a better time to be heard.

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A peom which i sent to caranua to place on their website

There we were 1st day,

Nervous, excited tears aplenty,

Innocent and oblivous,

As to what lay ahead,

Not for long though,

Suddenly friendlyness took on a darker shape,

At first surely just a bad dream,

But then innocense departs,

Welcome to a new place,

Lies behind friendly faces,

Strange wants and desires,

Where the bad gunky flows aplenty behind the masks,

So now a new person emerges,

Thinking, reading the ground and the plays like a…


Added by micheal on April 25, 2016 at 12:20 — 19 Comments

A Phone call - Novartis CEO - On The Spot...April 2016

Earlier this week - Wednesday morning - 20th April 2016 - I picked up my phone and I rang Novartis Dublin number - I asked to speak to CEO - I was asked which one and do I have a name - I stated Loretta Callaghan - the phone rang - a voice answered - thinking I had got through to Secretary I asked what is your name - she answered who are you looking for - I answered the CEO - she answered which one? I stated Loretta Callaghan - and lo and behold there she was the voice - the person who has…


Added by Teri on April 23, 2016 at 0:00 — 5 Comments

Abuse survivors attack Commission into Child abuse as a 'whitewash'

Victims accuse Irish government of obstruction as its inquiry into brutality against children in industrial schools bogs down…

Added by Rob Northall on March 28, 2016 at 16:11 — 2 Comments

Irish Child Abuse: the Particular Sufferings of the Disabled

The Times (United Kingdom)

June 12, 2009

Earlier this week, as David Sharrock reports, thousands marched through Dublin in…


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event held at the Gresham Hotel in Dublin

Hello all,   did anyone get to the event that was held in Dublin a couple of weeks ago with caranua. 

Added by Elizabeth Nicholas on March 23, 2016 at 20:43 — 6 Comments

St Patrick Our Beloved Irish Saint....

St Patrick, our beloved Irish Saint...

Oh St Patrick, would you come and take me for a dance,

Let us both do a Jig of Love, Hope and Freedom

Across the Counties…


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A Nation's Shame...

A Nation’s Shame

In the silence of the morning

I take…

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Mum "destroyed" by decade-long battle for 'truth' from HSE about baby's care

  • 08:00, 1 Nov 2015 
  • Updated 11:49, 4 Nov 2015 
  • By James Ward 

Eleanor Leahy believes there were a series of failures after her son Nathan's birth and that the organisation is covering it up


Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision 

Eleanor Leahy with her son Nathan …


Added by Rob Northall on February 29, 2016 at 11:36 — 3 Comments

Survivors outraged at plan to seal abuse reports for 75 years

To my mind this Raises the Question …


Added by Rob Northall on February 21, 2016 at 17:37 — 1 Comment

My Story

Sorry I've not been on here for some considerable time. I'm still fighting the results of stomach cancer. It's a whole new lifestyle living with out a stomach: completely removed due to cancer. As if life was not challenging enough I've now got double vision! I've had two falls over the Christmas and New Year once when out on my morning run and just when I recovered I fell over on to the edge of a table and injured my arm and below my rib cage  when putting on my tracksuit…


Added by Patrick Rice on February 8, 2016 at 10:59 — 27 Comments

Letterfrack survivors

Hi I am trying to contact any survivors of St Joseph's Industrial School Letterfrack.
If you where there from 1964 to close in 1974 could you contact me in confidence as I am writing my second book of my time there and am open to other survivors thoughts of this hell hole.
Mickey Finn

Added by Mickey Finn on February 1, 2016 at 14:43 — 2 Comments

The mysterious disappearance of 6-year-old Mary Boyle

Mary disappeared in 1977 without a trace

The mysterious disappearance of 6-year-old Mary Boyle

An undated photo of Mary Boyle | Image: An Garda Síochana…


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What is #Not1Vote #NotOnePreference About?

With another Election on the Cards; there's a lot of talk on twitter about who to vote for!

This should be Taught Properly in every Irish School!…


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Letter to Mary Higgins

To Mary Higgins

Just because I got redress on behalf of my mother, I've been refused Caranua.....Why?????
I have just left hospital after yet another suicide attempt. I need my top teeth replacing at the cost of £16,000 approx. Let's face it,
1.  It is illegal for you to with hold the money from us
2.  If the Church/State hadn't abused my mum in the way they did, I wouldn't have led my life the way it is.
3.  You feel a huge sense of…

Added by Elizabeth Dormer on January 22, 2016 at 16:30 — 21 Comments

2016-Taoiseach - WomenSayNoMoreTortureBy HSE/Novartis/AmgenGardai -Women's Rising 2016

 I am glad to note that there is now A Pat Finucane Centre and that Justice is being sought by Irish Government - for the hooded men so tortured - Indeed it is of concern to me to note that whilst the Irish Government including Sinn Féin and all parties are in collusion with Novartis and Doctors who cause torture to women and raped and medically raped it is somewhat hypocrital of Sinn Féin's involvement on the following investigations/human Rights Ventures - but I do have hope - I hope…

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Dear PA to CEO - Hazel,

I refer to our conversation this week. I am shocked but not surprised to hear that you have been told that I got talking to a nurse on a ward - that is not true - I asked for Dr Michael Barry's nurse who does his appointments.

I did speak to someone briefly and she asked for my phone number and I gave it to her - the next day I missed two calls from my phone - each rang for just a few rings and then stopped - that was around 10.00 am and 12.00 midday -…


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The Reality of Ireland's Cry for Hope, Freedom & Justice - 2016

7th January 2016 - The rain falling down - I am packing to go again but where do I go - the Irish Refugee on the Road again - where do I find safety, Asylum from Novartis Nazi control of Patients/Women in Ireland - They have plundered my organs/my glands/my cartilage bones and whilst US hold them as criminals Ireland treats them like Lords of Human Life - ready to torture -

2016 - 100 years since many died for Ireland's Freedom - We retained 26 counties and Human Life in Ireland was… Continue

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30th December 2015 - A Personal Tribute to A Childhood Friend...Tullamore, Co Offaly

I would like to post here the untimely death of a dear Offaly man - who may not be known to many or any of you - but he was known to me - and I pay Tribute to him and his lovely family of 5 children whom he and his wife raised - Dermot Cusack - his sister, my brother Martin and I grew up together in Crinkle Birr Co Offaly -

Whilst we all moved on with our lives - Martin and Dermot remained solid friends throughout the years…


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