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It is unbelievable the treatment (like many others) that I have had from Caranua.i simply do not take it likely and I am returning the total amount of money I have received in total value to Caranua this week and I have taken to a hunger strike to show how serious I am over the whole disgraceful show of Caranua. I will be informing the various ministers and the Taoiseach within next day or 2 of my actions. William.

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Those Group's who  have Claimed for Funding  in the past  and those who still claim Funding 2017 in survivors names say they have got lists of all the Industrial Schools Well That's not very difficul…

Those Group's who  have Claimed for Funding  in the past  and those who still claim Funding 2017 in survivors names say they have got lists of all the Industrial Schools Well That's not very difficult  and does  not  need Brain power as everyone knows that all they had to do was go to get that information from the Dept Of Education who were responsible for Records they were in partnership with the Roman Catholic Church Running those Child Prisons But none of them could possibly Know every…


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'We wanted to be loved': Institutional abuse survivors take their fight for justice to the UN

A report launched today criticises the State’s treatment of victims, which it says has caused further trauma.


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the Irish Times

Not sure if I am doing this right,  anyway there is interesting in the Irish Times just go to their website and clikck on News

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Gastapo set up Redress Board.

The Secret Redress Board was indeed Run by The  GASTAPO  the purpose was to Scare and Insult the already Traumatised  Victims who managed to survive their Horrific Brutal Childhoods it was a form of punishment to warn them to SHUT UP Go Away and Die somewhere to avoid the Sheer scale of the Abuse  that was inflicted on Irish Children ever coming out into the World wide Media , all those Money grabbing Black Heart'd  people who sat around Judging the survivors at the Redress ?as they threw a…


Added by Geraldine Jackson on July 4, 2017 at 13:10 — 6 Comments

Open Letter to Minister Paul Kehoe Ministry of Defence

Dear Minister Kehoe,
I believe you are setting up an Expert Group to investigate Lariam given to Irish Soldiers
I have come across the following article on Lariam and the fact that a Motion was passed in the Dáil as far back as 2010.…

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Dear Deputy Howlin,

I did write to you before but heard nothing back.
I note that you were the Minister who initiated the start and call for The Morris Tribunal based on an anonymous letter.
I ask you now to highlight the corruption in Gardai and Government on protecting Doctors who do crime in hospital.  How more vulnerable can a woman be but lying on an operating theatre bed under anaesthetic.
Four doctors violated me in Tullamore…

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Open Letter to DPP - Ireland

Dear Director of Public Prosecutions,

I am upset to note that your office have sent out answers to reasons why not to prosecute to a wrong address. The wrong address, I was told was taken off your files over a year ago. I have since had letters in July 2016, April 2017 and 2 May 2017 from your office to my present address.

I was asked to put my address on the form your office sent to me in April 2017 and it is this address in Tullamore. I do not accept your hurried apology…


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Irish Child Slaves

All of the Property Owned  ?in Ireland by the Roman Catholic Church and many Politicians who willingly turned a Blind Eye to the Criminal abuses of Irish Children also to include all Property they have already Sold NEVER belonged to The Roman Catholic Church it was NOT theirs to sell they made a Fortune by using Irish Children as Slave Labour in Industrial Schools which were  Brutal Hard Labour Camps ,The Rathdrum Mansion  with lots of Land in Wicklow  was Bought by the RC Church  they…


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Open Letter to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar 16th June 2017

Dear Taoiseach Varadkar,

"We Were treated like animals

Without Minds or Personality"

Ferrer Brockway on his experience in the trenches of First World War

"We were treaated like animals

Without Minds or Personaity" 

Can also be said of women held on jumped up charges by criminal doctors working on behalf of criminal Pharma in Ireland and UK

"We were treated like animals

Without Minds or…


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Quest for Justice for Survivors from Bethany Homes, Ireland

Some formatting etc may be lost, the original is here

Derek Leinster has done a massive amount to bring attention to the Bethany Homes.

The problem he has had is that Bethany Homes was Protestant mother and baby home in a Catholic Country with a Government and…


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Lads please sign this

st signed the petition, “Before 16 June Comment on Irish recommendations re. Institutionalised Child Abuse.” I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

Here’s the link:…


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Caranua used survivors’ redress funds to pay for offices

Caranua used survivors’ redress funds to pay for offices

Independents4Change TDs ‘inundated’ with complaints about independent State body


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Daingean native, William Gorry, has opened to the Offaly Express up about his horrifying experiences at the Mount Carmel Industrial School in Moate, Co. Westmeath in the 1970s.

The Offaly man now lives in Kilmainham, Dublin, and says, "I owe it to others and the public to admit what went on in Mount Carmel, which left many children like me facing many difficulties in our adult lives."

William was born into a large family in Daingean, Co. Offaly, and had seven brothers and… Continue

Added by William on May 5, 2017 at 22:28 — 10 Comments

New Maternity Hospital

Holles Street board re-endorses deal to move maternity hospital

Meanwhile, Health Minister Simon Harris said the compulsory purchase of the site is ‘not the solution’.


Added by Barbie on April 26, 2017 at 21:00 — 4 Comments

Investigation into Bill Kenneally

The former national basketball coach is serving a 14-year sentence for abusing teenage boys in Waterford in the 1980s.


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A Cautionary Tale Of Over-thinking!

There‘s a Very famous Joke/ Tale about over-thinking and it goes Something like this:


Bill and Peter have been friends for over 20 years;…


Added by Rob Northall on April 25, 2017 at 11:00 — 4 Comments

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