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The Shame of Ireland

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'Shocking and indefensible': 1 in 14 priests in Australia accused of child abuse

The St John of God Brothers had 40% of its members accused of abuse.


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Human Rights expert leads first-ever study on children deprived of liberty

UN independent expert Manfred Nowak. UN Photo/Ryan Brown…


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Spending on abuse survivors falls

The Government said it had sought a contribution from the Catholic religious congregations of approximately €725m The Government said it had sought a contribution from the Catholic religious congregations of approximately €725m

Survivors of institutional child abuse in industrial schools received…


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Copy of email sent to caranua appeals

February 2, 2017, 4:55 PM

How do you sleep at…

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Clarissa's Imagination with the Help of Angels...

This piece was first published in News Beacon Ireland...I think News Beacon Ireland has closed it's publications now and this piece has been removed...I copy it here as a Blog Post.

CLARISSA’S IMAGINATION - First Published 2014


Clarissa sat in the doctor’s surgery – she said “all I want is safe healthcare”  she knew he was not…


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What The Survivor Word Really Means

Yesterday After Being Told By My Caranua Advisor (3rd Call Ever With Them) That Caranua Has Refused My Request For Assistance With Essential Repairs To My House In Ireland Because I Reside In England Having Fled To Here After 18 Years Of Suffering The Effects Of Abduction, Imprisonment, Sex Abuse, Assaults, Denied Adoption (Not Even A Foster Home), Torture And Being Drugged By A Scientist Etc. I Was Browsing Online Reviewing The History Of The State Child Abuse Inquiry, So…


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Pension Advice Needed

This turned up via Personal Message for the Shame Of Ireland Twitter Account from an Industrial School Survivor

Can anyone tell me if I'm entitled to an Irish pension? I was born in 1945 in lreland and I left an industrial school and went to work for a tailor for five years I got cash…


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Enough is enough, 3 years waiting on caranua, preparing for hunger strike.

I have tought long and hard about this, it came down to a toss up between this and a walking protest i have decided on this as i can keep my privacy intact, it will begin at this time one week from now as i will need a week to prepare my body for it, i am not doing this lightly and am preparing for a long stint. I will be posting regular updates here along with a daily pic of my feet on a digital scales once i begin. It has been 3 years of torture dealing with caranua and this is what is has…


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Wishing Everybody A Good Christmas!

Wishing Everybody A Good Christmas!

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Advocate for Suvivors Mark Vincent Healy on Pope Francis Planned Visit to Ireland 2018

comments made by Mark Vincent Healy on survivors after an announced visit of the Pope to Ireland, I have added the full report on rte news this evening.

Meanwhile, Mark Vincent Healy, an advocate for survivors of child sexual abuse by clergy who has met Pope Francis in the Vatican criticised the manner of the Taoiseach's announcement today.

He dismissed Mr Kenny's claim that the Church under Pope Francis has significantly improved its response worldwide to survivors and…


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Should You Record your Conversations with Caranua?

I was away from my keyboard earlier this evening and missed this chat with a Member

just got an email from caranua, they are refusing to listen to any recorded conversation, curiouser and curiouser.…


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Blog Updated..13th November 2016

I read earlier today that Sindy Theresa Murphy is leaving Facebook.  I wish her well.  I thank Sindy for being so brave in speaking out on child abuse and the coverup that is ongoing in Ireland Today.

I also updated my reading on Sindy's Blog "Noleen Betrayed 43 years" is heartbreaking to read Sindy speaking from her heart which she always has done.  Her post on Alan Hawe and the murder of his wife, Clodage and children speak volumes of how such murders by so called "good…


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Not So Clever NOW!

First I Decided to Lay Some Laminate Flooring…


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Cathy Fox blog Introduction

hi. I have only just joined this website, thanks to the invite from Rob,and am feeling my way with this post.

Only a few of my posts are specifically about Ireland.

As child abuse knows no boundaries, there may be a useful crossover of information. Please contact me with any information that you thinnk is relevant no matter how small.

One way I  could maybe help with Irish Information, is I have some access, through contacts, to…


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"The patient examines the doctor!"



For a young girl raised in the charismatic north-side of Cork city in the late 70-80’s I can say, with great truth, that I had a fairy tale childhood within a very large, close and loving family.  I had parents that did everything they could to see us well fed and dressed – a fierce task in hard times with nine children.  Being the third youngest of nine, I know that I hadn’t a care in the world then, as it was my mother…


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The Docherty Files

The Docherty Family originally from Aberdeen

have been Persecuted by 3 Police Forces  in 2 Countries!…


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