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The Shame of Ireland

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Update on Teri 2022

I have to appear High Court Dublin where Novartis HSE & Chief Solicitor have a Motion against me to try to get my case against all three of them Dismissed and thrown out without MY Case Being Heard.  I feel that is perverting the Course to Justice.  But as Dr David Healy writes in his blog 'Sense about Science - Follow the Patient' to Death…

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South Dublin Co Co persecution of OAP ignored by Minister for Housing The Breaking down of OAP

Dear Management at South Dublin County Council,

I believe Mr Colm Ward is doing an investigation on the way I have been treated/mistreated by Fiona Campbell of your Homeless Housing Dept and indeed by Neil Hanly.  I was told that it would take 15 days but to date I have heard nothing.
I am sure Rachel Fleming has reported my ongoing hurts following a meeting with your Social Worker Caitriona McKeown and your Site Manager Olga at the property which I have…

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A Letter of Dispair to Housing Ministers September 2021

Dear Minister Darragh O'Brien,
& Minister Peter Burke,
I write to you both today having heard 'your news' on the…

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Marion Rooney was 59 years old.....Ireland 2013

Marion Rooney was 59 years old when she was asked to go into Portlaoise Hospital for a rest.  She was drugged, ECT'd to dementia state over several weeks - She was then put under anaesthetic where her female organs were taken from her body and she was used in bio-engineering trials without Consent or Knowledge - she was in agony but Irish Psychiatry kept forcing her brain down - Marion Rooney and many other women are traffiked to Pharmaceutical trials of Nazism - Ireland 2013 -…


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Dublin City Council 'stole' our first home - 1984

Dear Twitter friends Perps & Trolls...

I have put some tweets over last few days on Dublin City Council as to 'lost homes'.

I realise now that this not fair to Dublin City Council so as their Housing person Deirdre said to me yesterday 'she is not sure what to say' I will take the…


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Brendan Reddy Manager Tullamore Hospital Recent Letter

Dear Mr Reddy, - Mr Brendan Reddy - Manager - Tullamore Hospital
I refer to the information I gave you on my spinal injuries recently mostly July 2019.  I have asked you many times to check with Dr Eoin Sheehan if it is safe for me  to have an MRI.
6 Months ago you told me that Dr Sheehan would not give you any answers for me.  August/September 2018 the MRI staff from Clane…

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Gardai Protect a Garda Informer Rapist/Drug Mule/Paedophile recruited by The Dept of Justice Ireland from a Spanish Prison-2000

Too Soft

Driving away from my Meeting with two consultants
The words "Too Soft" Echo in my head

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Internal Affairs - Commissioner Harris pull the other leg...Liars in motion


Dear Commissioners,
Your internal affairs department seem to be somewhat of a…

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Dear Mr Trevor O'Callaghan, I note Miss Anne Casey is in charge of looking into wrongdoing by Doctors in Tullamore & Portlaoise Hospitals.  I have given time to her request for information on Private…

Dear Mr Trevor O'Callaghan,

I note Miss Anne Casey is in charge of looking into wrongdoing by Doctors in Tullamore & Portlaoise Hospitals.  I have given time to her request for information on Private Consultation results I am having done at time.  I question her request,for such reports as the HSE are still withholding a lot of my medical file from my FOI request and I note Miss Casey is NOT a Medical Doctor.  I note she is still looking for Consultation reports yet…

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Watch out for Human Rights Lawyers - Entrapment & gathering of Evidence for Novartis cartel??

Dear Mr Winters,
I attended your office last Monday 23rd July 2018.  I was told two weeks previous that I would  be meeting with you.  Gavin Booth had confirmed that to me by phone.
The meeting…

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Open Letter to Minister for Health Simon Harris on corruption in HSE & Dept of Health July 2018

Dear Minister Harris,

I believe you have not received my emails. Taoiseach Varadkar did acknowledge to me several times that as my letters to him related to Health his office had passed them to you. Yet I never heard anything back from you.

I therefore send you this now and I ask you please to look into issues.

Despite DPP advising me to continue writing to Medical Council. It is noted now that Medical Council & DOH are covering up crimes of doctors in Tullamore…


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My Letter to Ms Brenda Power Barrister today So let us be clear when many say "They did not Know" Remember "They" Did & They are SILENT

  • Dear Brenda Power Lawyer /barrister,    
    Thank you for your time today on the phone.  Sincere apologies for the intrusion but I am sure you will understand desperate times take desperate measures in The Famine of Life.
    Please do not use that "you sound upset" phrase that is well criminalised in the Medical corruption of control and silence.  When should emotion & tears be a problem for the listener - it is a release of reality and a subtle description of…

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After 2 months a reply from Minister Paul Kehoe & my reply to him on Novartis corruption

12:50 PM (2 hours ago)

to me

Dear Ms. Byrne,


The Minister with Responsibility for Defence, Mr. Paul Kehoe, T.D., has asked me to reply to your email of 24th April 2018.


Firstly, let me express my…


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Letter for Help for SAFETY to Prime Minister Tsipras of Greece

Dear Prime Minister Tsipras,
This has also be sent direct by Email
I write to you direct to request that you expose the crimes of Novartis torture to women.
In Ireland the CEO of Irish Healthcare CEO has been forced to step down because of cover up of wrong diagnosis to women - resulting in 17 so far dead, some more racing against time with chemotherapy and up to 200 still waiting to hear their correct…

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An Open Letter to Standards in Public Office -

  • Dear Standards in Public Office,
  • I write  to you to inform your office of the very questionable involvement of Minister for Health, Mr Simon Harris in the cover up of Novartis criminal activity in the HSE.  Mr Tony O'Brien CEO of the HSE is also enabling this criminality to continue.  Dr Tony Holohan the Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Health is covering up the side effects of Novartis drug…

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Professor Michael Barry prescribes PAIN INDUCING DRUGS whilst Withdrawing VERSATIS PATCHES - Letter to Med.Council & MH Commission

  • Letter to Medical Council on Professor Michael Barry 16th February 2018
  • Dear Medical Council,
    In 2011, Following advice from the then Irish Medicines Board in 2011, known now as HPRA I submitted a complaint to your offices on Professor Michael Barry of St James's Hospital.
    Could you please advise me if you can re-instate that complaint or I can put in the new details.
    The reason why I submit this complaint to you again is that I have had…

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Senator Frances Black on her Bill - My Response 1st February 2018

My Personal Opinion from Ireland's Hypocrisy & Violation of Human Life

Dear Senator Frances Black,

I feel compelled to write to you on your proposed Bill on Territories.
I know of you as a singer - much loved and appreciated throughout Ireland and your personal/publicised battle with alcoholism which you managed to break free of - which is a wonderful achievement as many do not.
It is as a Senator that I address you today on your…

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I sought Refuge in my Homeland

I sought refuge in my homeland… I got betrayal

I sought safety in my homeland…. I got bruised

I sought peace in my homeland…. I got ridicule

I sought freedom in my homeland…I was chained

I sought pardon for no crime… I got persecution


…But my life is my life whether snatched and torn from me


Whether persecuted,

Whether chained,

Whether ridiculed

Whether bruised

I am still free because…



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My Letters to the Medical Council on Medical Torture in Portlaoise & Tullamore Hospitals

Medical Council Ireland are continuing to cover up Medical & Novartis crimes in Ireland

I have pleaded for safety in Healthcare but with the Biomedical & BioEthics of UCD, TCD & RCSI - I have learnt there are no ethics - these mad men of Medicine & Science are doing covert biongineering trials on women.  Minister Simon Harris should hang his head low, very low at his involvement in trafficking women…


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