The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Teri's Blog – August 2015 Archive (7)

Frances Fitzgerald on Human Rights - July 2014 - Geneva

Human Rights Committee considers report of Ireland

Human Rights Committee 

15 July 2014…


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Facebook Warning....3

A Warning from FaceBook - where is the coverup?


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Poisoning of Land..Patients who question..Birds and Fish - Tullamore Co Offaly

As many of you friends, trolls, stalkers and foe recall I planned to go on holiday - as the perps already know through every social media site I write on and indeed from my computer and phone and local "TextAlert" crew - I posted yesterday about the Nausea, the humming sound (known worldwide as the HAARP programme) and the Nausea and odours coming through the house here - I could hardly walk through the house - let alone get into my car to catch my holiday package…

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Church bribery and corruption with Pharma in Ireland

In Lucan, Tullamore and adjoining villages and towns everywhere -

The congregations shall come together, in "Peace, Love and Faith" they shall recite their Hail Marys, their Our Fathers, they will kneel and pray, many will line up to stretch their hand out or open their mouths wide to receive "the Body of Christ" in the form of Holy Communion, the bell will ring at the required times to bring forth the "gifts" to the Altar, the Priest will speak out to all  and preach…


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Petition to Taoiseach Enda Kenny - Stop Medical/Pharma Violence to Women


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World Wide Web - Wake up and Speak up for the ongoing Holocaust in Ireland today 2015...

The following is a comment I did on St Annes...St Annes is now under investigation for cruelty to vulnerable residents - nothing has changed...

This is in no way a smear on this lovely soul, Philomena Lee, as I sat in Sean Ross Abbey (now known as St Anne's) the evening before the event on that Sunday - I had…


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Irish Church and State still Traffiking Women for Pharma illegal trials..2015

Pharmageddon - the illegal killing of patients - to cover up medical and Pharma harm and adverse reactions -
Novartis drugs/Amgen acids test/BioActive Glass experiments - all done on one patient - twisting and turning bones, removing cartilages and replacing them with industrial patches - a Dr Feargal O'Brien Engineer has been paid one million Euro from the EU to do the…

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