The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

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Marion Rooney was 59 years old.....Ireland 2013

Marion Rooney was 59 years old when she was asked to go into Portlaoise Hospital for a rest.  She was drugged, ECT'd to dementia state over several weeks - She was then put under anaesthetic where here female organs were taken from her body and she was used in bio-engineering trials without Consent or Knowledge - she was in agony but Irish Psychiatry kept forcing her brain down - Marion Rooney and many other women are traffiked to Pharmaceutical trials of Nazism - Ireland 2013 -…


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"Commit Suicide, or I kill you Myself, we are all involved, we all want you Dead" 19th October 2015

ChurchState together with Medical/Novartis/Amgen cartel's perp has promised death - suicide or murder was the order - God Bless you all in Dublin/Tullamore - Blueball area - as you bless yourselves going past the UnHoly Churches across our lands - God Bless each and everyone who has done bad deeds on human life - When the Murdering hand strikes - is a matter of time - My heart is full of Love and all that is Good in our Universe of Hope -

Erskine Childers faced the gunmen with the…


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Joanna TuffyTD involved in traffiking of her own people for Pharma Trials of Torture

Joanna TuffyLabour TD - states her inspiration was James Connolly.

Joanna how you have betrayed every word/deed and action of James Connolly - you are involved in bribery and corruption with Novartis/Amgen - selling women to torture and death - their female organs stolen from their bodies under anaesthetic and then God Love them they are told "they are paranoid" dragged from their homes and further tortured - Shame on you Joanna Tuffy just like the rest in Leinster …


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The Traveller Community in Mourning 10th October 2015 - Beyond Boundaries we will meet again...

A Tribute/Reflection for those who 

Perished in Carrickmines...10th October 2015

They came to fix the kettle and the pan

To sharpen the blades of shears and knives

They sung their tunes in rythm right

And worked into the night

I gave some shillings just a few here and there

They delighted with any payment -

A little perhaps to buy bread and beer

I was at peace in their honesty, their sweat 

and their humour…


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Novartis/Amgen/Govt.Med.cartel Targeting of Patient

Taizered repeatedly - ever since I questioned adverse reactions to Novartis drugs RasilezAliskiren - NHS/HSE doctors/hospitals go to criminal lengths to cover up for Novartis - Novartis have made millions on Rasilez Aliskiren - known in US as Tekturna- They have been charged in 27 States in the US, in China and in Japan on…


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EU/UN - Irish Coverup of Patient Harm - Ireland 2015

It is indeed impossible to understand how the EU and the UN are involved in the cover up of the following - especially after World Leaders/UN talks in the last week - The abductions/silencing of human life for bio-engineering madness is a genocide that needs to be addressed and stopped immediately...

The following comment I am posting here as a post - it is in response to an Awaken Ireland post which states that Taoiseach Kenny is calling for all disability citizens to be put out to…


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ChurchState - torture to women 2015

The Irish Church/State are still complicit in selling citizens mostly women to Pharma trials of abuse and torture - over 100 years of murders that should be taken on by International Investigators - yet the Pharma Industry gets away with the torture that doctors on their behalf have done to women and children.

Dr Noel Browne in his autobiography "Against the Tide" wrote about many women fleeing Ireland during McQuaid's reign - I can confirm that in 2015 ongoing Archbishop Martin is…


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