The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

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Interesting fact on survivors being shafted by last goverment

Caranua asked the last governement to be allowed to claim the tax back on payments made from the fund in order to return it to the fund, they were told no. to tax survivours shame on you enda kenny, shame on you jan o sulivan. 

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Now is the time to be contacting your local politicians

While there hashing out there agenda, make sure your voice is heard, as caranua is under the control of the dept of education this is the route to have our kids included in the fund, i have talked to people in caranua who would like to see this happen, so start sending emails, making phone calls we wont get a better time to be heard.

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A peom which i sent to caranua to place on their website

There we were 1st day,

Nervous, excited tears aplenty,

Innocent and oblivous,

As to what lay ahead,

Not for long though,

Suddenly friendlyness took on a darker shape,

At first surely just a bad dream,

But then innocense departs,

Welcome to a new place,

Lies behind friendly faces,

Strange wants and desires,

Where the bad gunky flows aplenty behind the masks,

So now a new person emerges,

Thinking, reading the ground and the plays like a…


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