The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

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Pennys from Heaven Ha Ha

No Doubt certain people who were never in Industrial Schools will be jumping on the Bandwagon again pretending to run services for the survivors > They do NOT and never have.  I could name one who I never trusted and rightly so, 

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Pennys from Heaven Ha Ha

I heard certain people who run services went to the high court and awarded huge amounts , they did not advise the real vulnerable about going to the High Court instead they told survivors to go to certain Solicitors and were told the Lawyers were doing it for free the survivor would not have to pay, That was wicked and a fat Lie they were only looking after themselves , I heard of so many  vulnerable real survivors who had spent their Childhoods locked up in Brutal Dark Sadistic Evil…


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Pennys from Heaven Ha Ha

most survivors who may have gone to the sadistic Corrupt redress Board (Redress my arse) were offered just enough to buy a  a weeks shopping or  loaf of bread,the most was to buy a Car all payements was to keep silent forever and allow the Bent State and Sadistic Nazi Roman Catholic Church to get away with the most Horrific Crimes against Children who were all Slaves forced to work every day some forced to work what was far to heavy work for children causing damage to their Health having…


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