The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

It would appear that Paddy Doyle has removed his well respected an well loved website "The God Squad"

This is the Link to the God Squad

I hope this is a temporary hitch? as there is so much there that means so much to many Survivors!

Either way I wish him well in his future endeavours.

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Comment by pauline jackson on October 26, 2013 at 16:27

These people are adults.Having extra marital affairs happens. I dont understand why warning other women on this site is justified.I dont want to be used in any way. When others gang up i always try and think things out for myself. A person in hospital isint ready to defend themselves. And stoning isint for me. Believing one thing or another without both points of view is not right. Why a public apolegy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Rob Northall on October 27, 2013 at 14:27

I for one think that any further discussion here of Paddy’s Personal behaviour is of no use to Members.


I also feel that it is interfering with what the primary goal of the site is i.e. “Informing and Supporting Survivors of the Industrial Schools”.


Was it necessary? I believe; Yes.


Why? Because the behaviour stems from contact about his book, his website and his twitter account (which he has since closed).


I have expressed privately to Members that I believe that the correct place for this is the vile Red Tops, i.e. Gutter Newspapers;


The reasons that I have let it go on so long on the Website?


  1. I will not tell Survivors what to think say or do; and refuse to Gag anyone.
  2. I felt that letting it out here would be a better than the Red Tops, as this is private and only members can see past the first page of the Website; and by venting some expression here would stop it from ending up in the Red Tops.


What Happens if the Gutter Press publish this?

All involved in this will be pursued by the Press;

Paddy, Paddy’s wife, his sons will all be exposed to the glare of the media.

The women, their Husbands (if they are married and their Children if they have any) will also come under the microscope of the Media.


That I feel is a LOSE!/LOSE! Situation.


This started on Twitter and there are 5 or 6 women that I know of that are supporting each other and discussing this.


There is also a blog which is associated with this, which I will not post here; as it is uncomfortable reading and make personal revelations (even though the names have been changed).


Should you wish to read it you can send me a message and I will send you a link to it.


Although I would strongly recommend against reading it, it contains information that I didn’t need to know and don’t feel any better by reading it!


The only niggling thing for me is that I believe that Paddy entered the site as Margaret White, without telling me! I think that is rude and underhand; I thought over the years he would have a clearer picture of me and would have felt that his could have entered with my permission.


To explain why I feel that Paddy and Margaret are one and the same person any more than to say that they used the same Computer in the Same Home, would breach a Confidence that I have extended to Paddy.


I for one would like to draw a line under this? I hope you feel you can too?







Comment by Gaye Dalton on October 27, 2013 at 15:20

I appreciate you position you know I tend to be slightly less politically naïve than Charles J Haughey, and Paddy has been quite an embarrassment to the issues I am involved in can't just let him prey on people, but you can't let him overwhelm the issues either...

Funny, before I saw this post I was just saying to someone I have a freak opportunity to drop a similar-but-different bounder to the Red Tops today...if it weren't for my Red Tops... (have we been doing the flatworm/borg thing?).

The trouble with too much publicity for this nonsense is that too many innocent people get hurt...I can't handle that on my hands.


Personally I feel Paddy's behaviour has called his overall credibility into doubt and it might be best for "Shame of Ireland" to cut all links. God know there are enough witnesses to the hell that went on...I remember someone, might even have been you Rob, meeting me years ago on the North Quays and telling me that every meeting of the survivors of institutional abuse began with a memorial for everyone who committed suicide since the last meeting...not said dramatically, more as though it were a group for cancer sufferers where a few such death were part, parcel and inevitable.

Those silent witrnesses, who ended their lives of quiet desperation are far more eloquent to me than anything Paddy "I am an online sex God" Doyle has ever had to say. They touched me and I never forgot them since...

I don't really belong here, the institutional abuse I suffered was in the UK and has more twists and turns that a labyrinth...the only thing that has not flooded the British Press in recent years is the truth...

Thus my opinion should not hold much weight...but I do not think Doyle belongs here either...


Comment by pauline jackson on October 27, 2013 at 15:28

. Hello all well since i have been far away for so long i dont know what red tops are. But i do agree that all this is better dealt with other than on here. I have commented on many things on here but this is out of my scope. I enjoy the contact and seeing how other are doing. Sheanie and others bring me a feeling of being part of things instead of a newspaper article now and again.I hope we can go back to that.

Comment by Gaye Dalton on October 27, 2013 at 15:55

I think the term "Red tops" is another good thing gone wrong...based on the UK Daily Mirror being the first truly left wing newspaper, they had a vivid red top (for socialism) (I remember my Grandma showing me the first edition she had kept...BIG Union family) they were also the first national paper in smaller tabloid form. As other papers followed suite they also adopted the red top too...until, in recent years it lost it's original meaning entirely and just became the designation for tabloid newspapers.

Thank you for your welcome Rob...I certainly know a lot about how the Irish system has worked since the 80s, as well as the location pf a lot of skeletons in cupboards.


Comment by Rob Northall on October 27, 2013 at 15:55

OOPS Inadvertently Deleted my comment so here we go again! LOL!

Gaye Sadly we have never met, I am a Welshman living in Wales Married to a Survivors of the Industrial Schools. There is a Blog <Here> that explains the Origins of the Website, which maybe of interest?

You are welcome to stay as long as you want I find your point of view interesting, and hope others too.

The main thing is this is like a family, and we should all get along; which we seem to be doing?

Comment by Rob Northall on October 27, 2013 at 15:59

Pauline, the Red Tops are Newspapers like the Sun Daily Mirror etc whose banner is in Red.

They Thrive on Publishing Gossip and invading the Privacy of ordinary people to spread Flith and Salacious Stories; Encouraging Stereotypes, promoting Racial Hatred and the like!

I too want to get back to a website where we as a "family" can Support, Encourage, Inform and Comfort each other.

Comment by Claire Rose on October 27, 2013 at 17:29

Rob, first, let me say you do an admirable job allowing voices to be heard and standing up for your beliefs.

I can assure you that it's the heartfelt desire of a group of woman, myself included, to put a punctuation mark on this unfortunate episode. Certainly, we've been enlightened and will move forward with hard-earned lessons. However, we also hold little doubt that we weren't the first and won't be the last. We share a common concern difficult, in good conscience, to ignore: future unsuspecting prey. There is potential for great harm whenever "villains" assume the role of victim and keep their intentions well hidden.

With his behavior, Paddy is disrespecting his various causes and those he is supposed to champion. I say this with great sadness. Can we simply push this under the what cost? As for protecting his family, doesn't this serve to protect Paddy and disregard women ignorant of his tactics who hold him in great esteem and give him their trust.

Paddy is of course free to explain himself but we've heard nothing directly from HIM here and he seems to be hiding behind an assumed name, a woman's name no less. He owes an apology to many including his own family - perhaps on this forum - but is he man enough to do it? Does he even care? It's a sorry day when campaigners fail to practice the accountability they preach.

Yours sincerely

Comment by Gaye Dalton on October 27, 2013 at 23:28

Rob, I sincerely hope you are married to a "survivor" in the singular, otherwise I would have to wonder of Paddy were victim of some kind of contagion.

I cannot FOR THE LIFE of me remember the name of the person I met with in 2001 from the Survivor orgs...I am TERRIBLE...but a lot of things stuck with me from that conversation.


So anyway Claire, what do you realistically think we *can* do about Paddy? We cannot, in all conscience, leave him out there to trawl for new victims without trying to do something, but, on the other hand, isn't he just going to go underground now anyway?

No need to make your own mistake, learn from mine, I spent YEARS trying to expose Sam Vaknin for the vicious, sadistic (but mercifully asexual) fraud he was...and all I achieved was to get myself heavily stalked and my name dragged through the mud.

It gets you nowhere...I learned that the hardest way...please believe the Geni *IS* out of the bottle the sooner you get every trace of the b*st*rd out of your head and replaced by healthy things the better for you.

(And yes, I wanted to scream at people who said similar things to me I know...) 

As far as I can see Paddy has destroyed his own credibility completely. I scanned through "The God Squad" today...and much of it is totally inconsistent with things he says in the documentary "Flesh and Blood", as if he can only remember the bones of his own life story but not keep track of the embellishments.

Claiming his book has, in and of itself "helped people" in some quasi miraculous way is preposterous. It is not that kind of book. It just tells the story of one boy in extraordinary circumstances. How on earth does that offer any miraculous kind of help?

Why have people been buying into this tin pot idol all along? Every one of you has more insight, awareness and real help to offer others than Paddy ever had, even before his ongoing emotional abuse of women came to light. 

You really need to evict him from living rent free in your heads now. For your own sakes.

Comment by Gaye Dalton on October 31, 2013 at 1:04

I have just heard from Paddy and he seems anxious to find a way to own his inappropriate behaviour and make amends without hurting any more innocent parties, nor indeed the overall cause of survivors of institutional abuse.

I have every confidence that he will find a way to do this shortly.

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