The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

2016-Taoiseach - WomenSayNoMoreTortureBy HSE/Novartis/AmgenGardai -Women's Rising 2016

 I am glad to note that there is now A Pat Finucane Centre and that Justice is being sought by Irish Government - for the hooded men so tortured - Indeed it is of concern to me to note that whilst the Irish Government including Sinn Féin and all parties are in collusion with Novartis and Doctors who cause torture to women and raped and medically raped it is somewhat hypocrital of Sinn Féin's involvement on the following investigations/human Rights Ventures - but I do have hope - I hope that in 30 to 40 years some people will come along whereever they hail from will not matter but the truth will be outed on the torture going on to women in the Republic by Gerry Adams, Enda Kenny and all in Leinster House - Silence is not an option - it is complicity.  It is worrying however to note that Jeane McConville's case has closed on the abduction and torture/murder to her by many who are frequenting Leinster House over these times - and many who may indeed even be part of the "collusion" today in the Pat Finucane Centre. 
I speak from my own personal experience, intimidation and bullying, psychological warfare by Solicitor Michael Finucane at his Dublin Office.  And of the intimidation by Eoin O'Broin, Joanna Tuffy, Patrick Nulty and Michelle Mulherrin of Leinster House. Michelle Mulherrin's attempts at trying to lure me to her home are indeed questionable, I had never even heard of her. As are a Fiona who contacted me through a friend - stating she wanted to meet me to talk about garda torture to her and she knew I was suffering such torture too.  
Fiona also tried to lure me to her home many times - Some months later I noted that "that friend" who told me that she did not know Fiona - but she was happy to put us in touch with each other as my story was very like Fiona's - "Oh what a web we weave when first we start to deceive" were actually working on "human rights issues" together yet were complicit in cover up of Novartis/Medical/Cartel crime - can anyone in Leinster House or involved in cover up of Pharma crimes in Ireland tell the truth.  Fiona was also linked and working with FLAC - does it get any worse....Yes so much worse.. - collusion with Garda Commissioner/Justice Minister/MedicalCouncil - The IRA/Sinn Féin proclaimed they did everything for freedom for all of Ireland - What will they say today in the cover up/partaking in crime to women to protect Novartis crimes and Profit Margins against women - Pharma Owned Leinster House are at criminal levels as are Garda Commissioner and Her Agency of Crime against Women on behalf of Novartis/Amgen/Pharma Crime. - The facts speak for themselves - Novartis fined 3 Billion Dollars in 2015 on cover up of Aliskiren and Valsartan - same drugs I suffered Adverse Reactions to - 27 States in US have criminal charges on them on cover up of the data and hiding the evidence - I did not realise that covering up of the data was actually theft of organs damaged by Aliskiren - cutting away parts of my body, glands under guise of foot operation - such monsters!
Also with reference to the following torture I fail to understand how all in Leinster House and specifically Taoiseach Kenny are silent on the involvement of 3 Garda Paedophiles who raped and pimped out 8 year old Sindy Murphy for years - one of whom helped to clean up the blood of her murdered baby - born and murdered on the same day - stabbed to death with a knitting needle in front of her then 11 year old mother - Sindy Murphy - Now the word collusion is indeed used in the cover up of Novartis crimes as you are all guilty - My passport stolen from my home in cover up of Doctors who are Novartis criminals for Pharma Profits - Where once Sinn Féin were known as gun runners together with the Government now all are complicit in selling women's bodies for Novartis crimes under anaesthetic and are involved in organ running and medically torturing women to cover up Novartis/Amgen crimes in hospitals.  Again here we have Garda abusers covering up the Doctors/Hospitals Crimes against women just as Gardai still cover up the Garda Paedophiles who raped littled children and pimped them out - I doubt if Pat Finucane woud want to be involved or in conclusion with any of the above, certainly not in his memory. 
To the 14 hooded men who were tortured - I send my condolences to those still alive and to the families of you all - such torture - I pray your Human Rights Solicitor will now give some justice even after death - but nothing changes the fact that a Government could take it upon themselves to do such torture whilst an Irish Government turned away - as it did in Gerry Conlon's case as reminded to us all by Paul Hill when Gerry died.  The Irish Government needs to be accountable for such silence - just as they continue to be silent on the abduction and murder of Jean McConville - there is a pattern here - of the Irish Government silent on torture to The Guildford 4 - to Jean McConville.  
Sir Nigel Rodley of the International Criminal Courts in July 2015 raised questions on torture in the Republic of Ireland to women and children.  The case was presented on the Symphysiotomy Women - who had been brutalised/tortured/medically violated - in my own opinion and experience of The MarionWomen I know it to be medical Rape and let me remind all Rape is still Rape when done without Consent, or Agreement - SF are in collusion with traffiking of women to Pharma trials - Novartis torture is evident of human life since Auschwitz - and Iris Government and all parties are complicit in torture to women today - theft of their organs and Garda Electromagnetic Torture - Shame on all involved - you will be outed.  The following link is written by aPsychiatrist who describes what is happening to patients so abducted for Pharma crimes of torture.  It has to be noted that I as a victim of Government torture//Garda brutality - abducted from my life for medical torture and violation/rape of my body - my medical notes state that I also had a larynogtomy in Tullamore Hospital by Dr Eoin Sheehan - that is a removal of a cartilage bone from my body under anaesthetic - When are people who put themselves on high platforms of human rights (I do not mean this to any of the above Pat Finucane Centres ) start to tell the truth and just like Justice needs to be seen to be done so does Human Rights - Women in the South are not safe and we appeal to anyone who can give us support to do so - we are blacklisted and shame on the women in Leinster House who are there as Pharma silenced traitors of Human Rights and Freedom for all in our Country. I copy below some informaton that will give you insight into my story/suffering/abduction and torture with every code of the Nuremburg Codes of Ethics trampled into the ground.  Is this what Taoiseach Kenny and Gerry Adams call Freedom? Human Rights? I mention to you again that Novartis are on Criminal Charges in 27 States in US, China and Japan.  I confirm also to you all that Taoiseach Kenny is covering up Paedophile Rings in Ireland - in collusion with Pharma and Garda Commissioner - In the last week I have been told of another suffering at the hands of an Taoiseach because of another Paedophile ring - it is on Yutube under Enda Kennys is frightening how our Government and all Parties in Leinster House and Archbishop Martin are involved in all of this cover up of Novartis criminals/Garda Torture/Medical Torture and Paedophilia....What a Legacy to Ireland 2016 by all in Leinster House. I am denied access to a Solicitor/SafeMedicalCare and Freedom to go where I please or need to go safely and justice of any kind.  I trust the Pat Finucane Centres will understand my reasons for contacting them.
Dear Administration Manager Portlaoise Hospital
I note that you are the Manager for Complaints/Records in Portlaoise Hospital.  I copy here below a letter to Mr Conway - Regional Area Manager who confirmed to me that he did an investigation on Tullamore Hospital but as far as I am aware nothing was investigated on Portlaoise Hospital  - I copy the below letter to you to give you some insight as to what happened to me - It is clear to me now that I have been used as a Human Subject by the HSE on behalf of Novartis - Note Novartis are fined in the last months - November 2015 $3 billion in bribery corruption to over 200 hospitals, doctors and cover up of their trials/drugs in 27 States in US, China and Japan - yet HSE CEO states that he is not concerned with what Novartis does in other countries - It is clear, therefore, that the HSE all hospitals/doctors/management are in bribery corruption with Novartis against Patients - What a nightmare/suffering/for women being used and silence is complicit.
I put it to Portlaoise Hospital that you have also violated my life and my body - Why were Blood Pressure doctors in your hospital prescribing blood pressure drugs to me without consultation - I was told by a psychiatrist in St Fintans that your doctors had recommended one BP drug that raced my heart and another that slowed down my heart and I was taking those drugs together with Psychotropic drugs- Note I was repeatedly threatened that if I did not take the Psychotropic drugs - I would again be forced down on to a bed, held down whilst they were injected into me - all to cover up the medical crimes of Dr Eoin Sheehan - your hospital have the evidence of bioactive glass trials on my body - your hospital took xrays of my neck why? Your hospital wrote abour the AorticArch unfolded - Why - At all times during xrays of my body in your hospital I was told first by the psychiatrists in St Fintans - then by the Radiographer in your hospitals that only foot xrays were being done - how then why would a doctor write up about the aortic arch unfolded from an xray that was done in your hospital - Your hospital has violated my body, lied to me and once results known of my aortic arch did nothing to give me medical help - for that what I know now to be a serious condition.  Therefore there is no doubt in my mind that doctors in Portlaoise Hospital are working/sponsored by Novartis in Novartis No Consent Trials on me - they are doing trials on post menopausal women and your doctors/hospital are involved in the cover up and medical violation/medical torture to my body.  Unfolding of the Aortic Arch is one of the adverse Reactions of Rasilez Aliskiren prescribed to be in 2011 by Dr Michael Barry.
Your xrays would also clearly show the damage done to my spine/pelvic area - Novartis shows no mercy - they are only interested in their profit margins and shame on all in Portlaoise Hospital who are taking the Judas purse of betrayal against human life. Your Hospital would also have noted computer tips placed in my body by Dr Peter Coffey - team member of the four criminal doctors who medically tortured/medically raped every part of my body under anaesthetic - Peter Coffey has been awarded for his computer tips experiments in women - What Nazis! What another Medical Legacy of torture against women - by HSE and Irish Doctors - how can anyone call this a Christian country - yes a Catholic country - the Catholic Church - Pharma's biggest customers - What about the code of Healthcare/Medical Staff - #FirstDoNoHarm and yet many of you do - all are complicit in one way or another against human life where doctors and Novartis/Amgen decides who lives and who dies - 
I ask for your explanations - you note also that my feet/legs were damaged and my pelvic area cut into with many glands including lymph nobes removed from my body - also my pituary gland - In all honesty this is nothing short of Nazism and beyond such torture - Why is not one person in your hospital able to stand up and say Stop - remember what you all have taken part in is for Novartis/Amgen Profit Margins whilst women are being tortured to death - such suffering I cannot put into words - I put you all before God and the Higher Courts of Justice will prevail - Novartis controls Ireland and everyone of you because you allow such evil to be.
I copy here below what I know that you are all involved in - abductions of human life for torture - Your hospital also took xrays of my pelvic area - therefore, your hospital were aware in 2013 that my spine was being forcibly twisted and turning in Dr Eoin Sheehan's barbaric trials - he is one of four centres in the world doing such bioactive trials - but sheehan goes that bit further and experiments on twisting pelvic bones and healthy spines not seen since Auschwitz and when I knew what he was done he told Gardai that he was worried about his reputation and that I had accused him of sexual assault - I never did - I simply asked him why did I have cuts/bruising to my pelvic area following a foot operation - Your doctors know - you are all complicit in this - it is a genocide of women for Novartis criminals for profit margins.  I remind all of you who Novartis are - They came from Nazi controlled concentration camps - where they paid millions to Hitler to experiment on the captured human life - known then as Ciba-Geigy they came to Ireland in 1947 - changed their Name to Novartis - when one looks at what the Irish Catholic Church/HSE and Medical Schools have done to women and children over the lat 60 years we know now of the cowards war against human life for Pharma profits...It is eviden that Novartis are paying HSE Hospitals doctors and Irish Government millions to have women traffiked them for their evil satanic trials of Nazism...and what a country who does that - time and time again - Traitors of your own citizens...Shame on the lot of you...As the HSE/Novartis's Taoiseach's Medical Cartel's Policy is covering up the evidence, I trust you will note that I will share this publicly.
No doubt your hospital will be in touch to explain the above in the interest of transprency and patient safety...that is safety for patients - not cover ups of doctors and Novartis crimes, 
Dear Marion,
I wonder how you are and where you are. I would like to think that you
are back at home, enjoying your lovely garden that you spoke to me
I write here Marion about the abduction of our lives...On this page I
mostly write what has happened to me as Pharma's mafia continue to
torture my body - in their attempts to force me back to Lab 101 for
Novartis monitoring of their barbaric trials which they sponsor in
Tullamore Hospital and that hospital we were both enslaved in.

I may come across as a bit of a rebel but what can I do other than speak out as long as I can against such medical and community torture sanctioned by a corrupt Government deptartment which is sponsored and run by
Novartis and their sponsored keyhole vilians.
Either way we are both abducted women in Ireland
as the world is silent on what are pharma and medical torture in
Ireland 2015. When I met you Marion in that hospital I did not tell
you that I had been dragged out of my home for asking that doctor in
Tullamore Hospital why did I have pelvic bruising and cuts to my
pelvic area - but that does not matter now. We met in that hospital
and there amongsDear Marion,
t other women we settled into compliance and
acceptance that we must have done something wrong. After all Marion we
were enslaved in a prison that has no rights. We were locked in and we
ate when we were told and queued in line to take our several times a
day drugs of silence and control.

We had no choices in our older years Marion - all our rights taken
from us - I could have gone along with the corruption that is Mental
Health - I could have taken their drugs where they confirmed to me can
cause Parkinsons Disease - they tried to convince me because I knew
what the surgeon in Tullamore Hospital had done to me that I had a
chemical imbalance - you would laugh really today Marion if you knew
that on Fair City a mother actor is telling her son actor that he has
to see a psychiatrist because he has a chemical imbalance...yes Marion
Fair City is pharmatised. You in your far away eyes and myself we know
that there is no such thing as the chemical imbalance. Marion you and
I did no wrong - our crime was to trust doctors in our own country and
they have lied to us and betrayed our lives and our bodies. You
admired my red Rosary Beads - you probably still have them around your
fingers - I pray with all my heart that you are safe but knowing what
I know now about the medical and pharma cartel of corruption and
torture to human life I write this letter to you and for you.

You were there just a few weeks before me. You told me that you drove
yourself there and hoped to get home soon. Both our birthdays had just
come and gone...We were the same age and the same month. I think now
that the list for abductions must go by our dates of birth yet we both
lived in opposite ends of the country. Imagine that Marion - we were
getting on with our post-menopausal lives and believed ourselves to be
free and blessed in life. Little did we know that we were products of
human life and sold into medical torture by Church and State...Yes
Marion we are the new Magdalenes, the new symphysiotomy women the new
female slaves of Church and State.

I have no doubt Marion that in someway you were coerced into
psychiatry - did the medical mafia ask you to "go in for a rest". You
and I did not speak about that in that place. You spoke about your
lovely husband - how he died - some years later Marion you met another
man who sadly got cancer and also spoke that you were a
lucky woman to have met two wonderful men who had loved you and
treated you so well. You told me how your husband died in the UK in
the 1980's, how he was knocked down and died. You told me about how he
had said to you, if anything were to happen to him do not leave him in
the UK but to bring him home to Ireland for burial. You kept his
wishes did all of that and moved back too so that you
could visit his grave. If only your dear husband could see what
Ireland has done to his lovely wife. You told me that you both had had
a lovely life in the UK and were very happy there. We both said almost
every day that we just want to go home.

Marion, I saw them take you down two or three times a week for ECT
that they gave you - you never questioned anything - you went along
with what they did...I wonder did the doctor ever sit down and explain
everything to you. You were such a nice gentle soul. When the nurses
called you again for the timed drugs - sometimes you told them that
you had already been down to the nurses station and had been given
that timed drug...but they would give it to you anyway and God love
you - you took that drug too. After several weeks of several ECTs you
were becoming confused...another lovely woman there would look out for
you and the three of us were friends for that time.

One night you were told to fast as you were going down early the next
morning. When you came back later that day - you got out of the bed to
go to the bathroom. As you walked past me you said you were in
terrible pain and that the pain was going right up through you. I knew
then Marion what probably happened to you...but what could I say there
were ears everywhere. It was not safe to talk. A while after that you
were even more confused and you would chat away about us all being in
a hotel and that we were your neighbours...Wouldn't it be wonderful
Marion if that was true and that we could all meet up again soon -
this time in a hotel by the sea.

God love you Marion, you became more confused and was unsure which was
your wardrobe...I opened your wardrobe door and showed you all of your
lovely clothes - your birthday presents from September were still
there and you asked me "Are they all mine". I told you yes and I
suggested some change of clothes for you to put on after your shower.
You were so childlike by then but I will never forget your eyes...the
hurt was there and I knew that you knew there was something bad
happening but you did not know how to voice it. Your body too is more
than likely full of keyhole surgery marks. How would you understand
what has happened to you. Have they forced down your brain and your
memories so bad now that they can do what they like to you. Have they
stated to your family that you suffer now from Dementia...Have they
the medical cartel of corruption placed you in a nursing home....Have
they started the process to sell your lovely home you spoke so
lovingly pay for your care. By the tme I was "released" you
had been moved to the 24 hour watch ward - at mealtimes you had almost
stopped eating completely - I could see the weight falling off
you...As I stood at the ward door that last day you turned around your
head in your bed - we waved to each other - Oh God Marion what is this
corrupt Church and State doing to women like us. 2015 Marion and a
whole Irish Society once again silent on the abduction of human life
for Pharma barbaric trials.

The pain going up through you Marion my dear enslaved friend - Have
they, the medical mafia, mutilated you too and taken your female
organs as they have done to me. Sure what can we say Marion - even now
with evidence of other procedures done to me other than that foot
operation family and friends do not understand as they believe in the
"good" doctor but just like the Magdalene women and the Symphysiotomy
women Marion we know what the medical cartel of criminals are capable
of...even with the evidence no Patient Group, no Department of Health,
no solicitor...we have been abducted from our lives Marion by the same
Church and State that grabbed women and children from their homes and
from the streets.

Reading back through this Marion I pray with all my heart that you are
sitting in your lovely home in front of a warm fire. If I had gone
along with the medical mafia Marion I could be probably be there with
you in that facility of cover up that I fear you are in. I am still
here outside but not free. Imagine Marion the Irish Army and Gardai
fire some weapons at me that bring up round circled bruising on my
body - I must be Ireland's most wanted - I am certainly Novartis's
most hunted - The sadness of it all Marion.

I know Marion that up to June 2013 you have placed a memorial in the papers for your husband -
I could not find one for 2014 - and yet I found many up to
2013...within two months of that you were enslaved in that place.

Marion in memory of you where ever you are I now call us abducted
women for pharma mafia and Church and State abuse and torture "The
Marion Women" and in some future day, future time we will be
vindicated but my dear friend so many of us will have suffered torture
and death by then. God Bless you and we will walk through moonbeams in
time with Angels of Love and care all around us.

Your enslaved pal,

Teri - written on behalf of
"The Marion Women" who have been abducted and enslaved in Ireland for
Pharma abuse and torture in clinical trials by Irish Church and State
2013 -
Dear Mr Conway,

I write to you again in your capacity as Area Director of the Midlands Hospitals.

I am still waiting for you to look into my treatment in Tullamore Hospital - Could you please give me the contact number/email/address for the Ethics Committee.  I have been advised to contact them by the IMB.  However, it is not easy to get a number for them or if they even exist.

I have been advised that every Hospital has an Ethics committee.

It is clear from many sites that Tullamore Hospital are doing clinical trials on injecting various acids into bones as well as using biomedical glass in bones - you will note that I have mentioned this in detail to you before.  

From the attached xray which has already been sent to you confirms my complaining of pain, trauma, bruising and cuts to the pelvic area of my body,before I was given the xray.

Symphysiotomies were also done in that hospitals.  I ask that you ensure I receive transparency and explanations without further delay.  

I have other xrays that are also questionable.  This is medical torture Mr Conway and I ask you please to look into it.

I trust you will understand me forwarding a copy of this email to The Taoiseach and others.

I copy below a letter I sent to Mr Luke Mulligan of the Department of Health on the 9th June - no reply.  No reply from you - it would seem that many are involved in covering up human life in barbaric clinical trials, i.e. using citizens of this country in abducting them from their lives for clinical trials - What kind of a Department of Health or Hospital can do this today?  What kind of doctor is allowed to get away with this?  What kind of a Health Board can cover up such torture?  

Dear Mr Mulligan, (sent June )

I understand that you are part of the "Expert Group" who are to sit
tomorrow re the Mental Health Act.

My purpose for writing directly to you today is to highlight the abuse
of the Mental Health Act.  When a patient suffers adverse reactions of
prescription drugs that patient is called paranoid and asked by
hospital doctors to "see someone" - That is Mr Mulligan when a patient
suffers a reaction to any drugs that should not have been given, the
drug is protected and the patient is prescribed psychotropic drugs to
cover up the adverse reactions of general medicine drugs.

I will give you another example here of the abuse of the Mental Health Act.

Last September I attended by ambulance Tullamore Hospital. I was told
that I needed to have a foot operation and was kept in overnight.
Before the operation I was asked to sign two forms by a very bemused
and giggling doctor - he said in case they had to operate on both
feet. I asked could I have another xray of my feet - the doctor stated
No that they would do this in the theater where they have a scan
machine.  No such scan was done. I would mention that I had a broken
right foot which the ambulance crew protected in a padded wrap.

I was told by doctors that both feet were broken - I could not
understand this as I had fallen on my right foot which was swollen
bruised and bleeding - there was no mark, bruise, swelling or pain to
my left foot.  Yet that is the foot that was operated on and a plate
and screw put into it.  Following the operation also I was told to
keep the LEFT foot off the ground and to hop on the right foot to
move.  I am sure the walls of Tullamore Hospital still have the echoes
of my cries and screams when I was forced by staff to HOP on my broken

Two days after been discharged an ambulance had to take me back again
to the hospital where a cast was then put on to my right foot/leg - A
week later my right cast had to be changed because the doctor who had
put it on had left it too loose.

Following the operation I had internal injuries and a lot of bruising
to the pelvic area of my body - For several weeks I wrote letters to
Tullamore Hospital and was in weekly contact with the Management Team
- Seven weeks after the operation the casts were taken off my legs
despite my right foot still not fully healed and it is left completely
disfigured.  At my appointment with the Consultant I asked him could I
have another doctor examine me as I had a lot of pain and I had seen
cuts in my lower body.

The doctor snapped at me and asked if I was accusing him and his team
of sexually assaulting me - I said, of course not but asked why do I
have cuts and bruising and internal injuries following a foot
operation - I had other x-rays taken that day and was given the disc -
I attach hereto a copy of an x-ray of my pelvic area - Why was an
x-ray even done of my pelvic area but when you look  at it, it
confirms that there has been "tampering" and some procedure done to
me.  I also had several keyhole surgery marks on my abdomen and on my

I only saw the x-ray the day after the appointment with the
consultant.  I sent a copy of it to the hospital and asked what had
the doctors done to my insides and for someone to explain the x-ray to
me.  The x-ray is the evidence of what I had been stating for several
weeks.  Yes, I was upset, very upset to know that doctors had been at
my private part of my body without my knowledge or consent. But being
upset because doctors had caused me a lot of internal injuries and
pain during a foot operation  IS NOT A MENTAL ILLNESS.

Before the operation a Nurse asked me if I had removed my lower
garment and I said No as I am only having a foot operation - she told
me to remove them.

At a follow up appointment another member of staff in that hospital
said to me that she could clearly see that I had two casts on my legs
(I was in a wheelchair for several weeks) but that my medical records
stated that I had only one broken foot.  I questioned this with the
Management Team later and they did not reply to me.

A few days later I dealt with the matter in a positive way.  I wrote a
letter to the Irish Medical Council and based on the Criminal Act of
2012 whereby if any woman is touched or any violation in the Female
Parts without her knowledge or consent by Medical Staff - this is a
criminal offence.  I also sent both these agencies copies of the
x-ray.  When Tullamore Hospital was alerted they organised for me to
be dragged from this home - I was still in the wheelchair, forcibly
held down by three nurses and injected with psychotropic drugs and
held for five weeks and every day forced to take psychotropic drugs.
I was told on more than one occasion that if I did not take the drugs
I would be forced again.  That is the reality of abuse of the Mental
Health Act.

We have read of many stories of abuses including that symphysiotomies
were clinical trials sponsored by a Pharmaceutical company and were
well known by Government Departments.  There are many clinical trials
going on at present in Tullamore Hospital which are sponsored by Big
Pharma.  Ethic Committees and the IMB all state that clinical trials
are only done with patient's consent.  Whilst the giggling doctor got
A CLINICAL TRIAL.  Everything is perfect in theory but in reality
there are many many breaches of trust and violation.

Mr Mulligan the foregoing and the symphysiotomies are all in breach of
the Nuremberg Code - why is the Health Department silent on this?  Are
women merely HUMAN SUBJECTS for Pharma - Who will stop this violation
and medical torture to Irish women?

I have asked what is the white substance on the x-ray that is stuck
into my bones and what substance when injected into bones will turn
the bone area yellow?

Dr Philip Crowley of Patient Safety has all of this information since
November 2013 and his office confirmed to me, in writing, that he has
passed it on to HSE Advocacy for investigation.  I have heard nothing

Instead of Truth Trust and Consent I got deceit, distrust and
coercion.  I ask that you raise questions as to the misuse of the
Mental Health Act.  In January this year I asked the consultant again
to explain the  x-ray of my pelvic area to me.  He would not answer
me.  I have since raised the concerns with the Area Manager of the
Midlands Region who states that he is investigating the matter but the
weeks and months go on with no answers.

In the meantime from what ever violation has been done to my insides I
am left to suffer - I might be in physical pain and am sickened at
what is going on in our hospitals - however, in reality the Mental
Health Act is being abused and exploited to silence patients who dare
to question their hospital care!

Mr Mulligan as I read back through this I am at a loss to understand
why the Taoiseach, Justice and Health Ministers are not responding on
this but then again the symphysiotomy women also have been ignored for

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