The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

30th December 2015 - A Personal Tribute to A Childhood Friend...Tullamore, Co Offaly

I would like to post here the untimely death of a dear Offaly man - who may not be known to many or any of you - but he was known to me - and I pay Tribute to him and his lovely family of 5 children whom he and his wife raised - Dermot Cusack - his sister, my brother Martin and I grew up together in Crinkle Birr Co Offaly -

Whilst we all moved on with our lives - Martin and Dermot remained solid friends throughout the years of ups and downs - Dermot in the last years was in great form - he sang his heart out at many family functions - his most known song was China Doll - he also played the spoons like no other - Dermot suffered cancer some years back and was recovering in 2008 when his beloved healthy wife was diagnosed with cancer - six months later Gerardine died - and Dermot and family were devastated - they lost their rock...Dermot thankfully recovered from cancer and was in great form recently and was looking forward to a Wedding he was invited to yesterday - the 2nd January 2016 - but he took ill on the 30th December was brought to Tullamore Hospital where later that day he died - seemingly Sepsis-Poisoning of the blood was mentioned - Dermot suffered so much on his last day on this earth - which was evident when I saw him laid out in his family home -

Tonight I pay tribute to a beautiful Soul who touched many and just as he was starting to feel happy in his own life and be that wonderful singing voice to many along his path - Life was snatched away from him - Dermot has now joined his beloved wife Gerardine, Mother Maura and his Father in that Great Garden in Heaven where no more pain can ever touch his loving heart or Gentle Soul - May you Rest in Peace, my dear Childhood Friend...I dedicate this short poem I wrote earlier this year to Dermot and his family will forever be in my heart....Dermot was only 62 years old...

A Sunday Morning Reflection/Prayer - Childhood Days

In Grove Street I did play in sunny childhood days
Through fields we ran and played
And took rest under the shade of branches of green
Those were my childhood days

We sat and made daisy chains
We tested the yellow of the buttercup
Under our chins to check if we liked butter or not
In glorious childhood days

We ran through overgrown abandoned land and through ditches
We skinned our bare arms and legs on the blackberry
bush thorns, An abandoned lid from a paint tin was our frisby
As we played in my childhood days

Through the bars in the old barracks we skinny lot
Were able to get past the "No Entry" signs
We played in the bombed out buildings without a thought of danger
In my free childhood days

The river at the end of the farmer's field was our seaside
On the riverbed of stones we sat as the flowing water rippled
over our legs, Catching pinkeens was our fishing of the day
In my Blessed childhood days

Off to Mass we went, some walking, some in the Pony and Trap
With truppence for the entry fee we knelt and prayed
We were dressed in our Sunday best and men tipped their hats to all
Such respectful and free childhood days

As we played in the yard Brownie would bark and drop his stone
We would throw it and there he would be time after time, tongue
out panting, for it to be thrown again, "Mammy, look at Brownie" and he
would plod away and leave us alone for a while to play
What blissful childhood days...

T A Keane May 2015

Dermot Cusack our dearest friend you will always live in our hearts - you, Dermot and my Brother Martin always called each other Star...Now the Brightest Star in the sky is named Dermot...Thank you for you...

Brian Coll - China Doll For more info visit

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