The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Dear Mr Trevor O'Callaghan, I note Miss Anne Casey is in charge of looking into wrongdoing by Doctors in Tullamore & Portlaoise Hospitals.  I have given time to her request for information on Private…

Dear Mr Trevor O'Callaghan,

I note Miss Anne Casey is in charge of looking into wrongdoing by Doctors in Tullamore & Portlaoise Hospitals.  I have given time to her request for information on Private Consultation results I am having done at time.  I question her request,for such reports as the HSE are still withholding a lot of my medical file from my FOI request and I note Miss Casey is NOT a Medical Doctor.  I note she is still looking for Consultation reports yet by her own admission she does not deal with Clinical Notes.
You will note that Tony O'Brien was also not a Medical Doctor but harmed me in a lot of ways - Dr Susan Reilly had my Statement to Gardai edited via Mr James Conway of your Midlands Office.
The HSE refused several times my access to my use Private Insurance now HSE are asking for reports from Private Reports - Payments funded by me.  I have detailed to you earlier the results from Monaco Hospital and the Xrays of which were seen by my GP in July 2018.
I ask you to send to me by return all remaining parts of My Medical File which your Midlands office withheld from my statement to the DPP, The details from Monaco hospital proves that doctors in Tullamore & Portlaoise Hospitals have lied & have endangered my life with their experiments & assaults on my person.
With the new Medical Evidence I foolishly thought the Midlands CEO for the HSE would be quick to help me in the injuries caused to me by Tullamore & Portlaoise Hospitals & slandering me - labelling me as Paranoid when the evidence from Monaco show the damage to my crippling spine that needs urgent medical attention.  You also continue to cover up the Fact that Dr Eoin Sheehan alleged to gardai that I had accused him of Sexual Assault which is NOT true yet Dr Jim Daly of Portlaoise Hospital encouraged me to go back to Sheehan.  How many elective surgeries were cancelled that day b Sheehan & Hehir so they could use my body in such assaults that HSE & Minister for Health as is CMO Tony Holohan well aware of.  
For the moment HSE of cover up have no right to request any private medical reports from me - when you cannot even respect the Hospital report from Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco.
Foolishly again I gave you HSE CEOs the truth of my findings & you stall now since July & continue to cover up the obvious crimes of Sheehan & his team.
Eoin Sheehan whilst denying me an option of local or general anaesthetic & a right to my Private Health care sent in a bill for himself of €740 of 1 foot operation yet he tried to convince me there the marks cuts to my abdomen, curvature of my spine, thyroid bone gone from my throat, cuts to my bowel were Paranoia. Eoin Sheehan whilst working under HSE salary is also claiming from patient's private Health Insurance & keeping that money for himself....The HSE is still being run by those who are very economic with the truth.  Tullamore Hospital has the highest number of deaths in the country.  Many women have died and are dying because of the HSE Cervical Scandal all over the country.
HSE are still using Morcellators in their Hospitals yet I alerted you to the dangers of women getting Stage 4 cancer because of their use & the story of Dr Amy Reed in the Cancer letter who brought the dangers of Essure & Morcellators to congress - the FDA have done warnings on Morcellators & J & J Ethicon did a WORLDWIDE Recall on same.  Dr Amy Reed & her Husband Dr Hooman Noorchasm who is a Cardiologist stated that if they as doctors were not told that a Morcellator was being used on his wife & that they had never heard of Morcellators he stated what chance has any woman.  That started their crusade to save women's Lives.  I note at that time in 2014 that a Consultant in Letterkenny resigned from his hospital because of vested interests and he had several meetings with HSE who would not accept his concerns.  We now know that Tony O'Brien was even on the Board of a Pharma company whilst still drawing full salary from the HSE.  As is Dr Philip Crowley who who was Patient Safety Officer for decades on a full HSE Salary whilst still running a Private GP Practice or was he also looking after Medical Card Patients thereby receiving more money from HSE - How many more double jobbers are working in the HSE?  What part of worldwide Recall does the HSE not understand.  In 2014 I rang the HPRA on this & they told me that J & J stated the Irish Morcellators are safe....why then are they not being used throughout the world...
Without any doubt I know now that the HSE Hospitals are corrupt with vested interests & using women in the Medical Device Industry that is the shame of many High Profile Universities today.
Dr Amy Reed mother of 6 children diedat 44 years only.  She believed she was having a hysterectomy in the normal way but a Morcellator was used without her her consent or knwledge and morcellation spread unspotted cancer cells throughout her abdomen.  She was honoured by Congress for her crusade for safety for women.  Her husband was threatened by the Medical Company, he was escorted off their own Hospital Premises by Security and yet it did not deter him or his dying wife, Amy.  Dr Hooman Noorchasm is on Faceboo & Twitter & has written many papers of his struggle on safety for women worldwide.  It was Dr Amy Reed's story that inspired the Netflix documentary that came out on Netflix in July 2018...please watch it.
I know without any doubt that Tullamore & Portlaoise Hospitals are being used for bioEngineering experiments and that women are being trafficked there as Human Subjects -This is ongoing torture to women which the Taoiseach & Minister for Health are well aware of - Not only are women being stripped of their Human Rights they are stripped of their glands and cartilage bones and I know very well how the HSE torture such women in attempts to silence them.
Shame on all of you in HSE & Government who are involved in such torture.
This is an open letter and I ask anyone who can highlight this please do so.

Marion Rooney was 59 years old when she was asked to go into Portlaoise Hospital for a rest.  She was drugged, ECT'd to dementia state over several weeks - She was then put under anaesthetic where here female organs were taken from her body and she was used in bio-engineering trials without Consent or Knowledge - she was in agony but Irish Psychiatry kept forcing her brain down - Marion Rooney and many other women are traffiked to Pharmaceutical trials of Nazism - Ireland 2013 - ongoing....Catholic Church/Irish State torture to women ongoing....Taoiseach Kenny deciding who lives and dies in Ireland as he sells women as Human Subjects for Rape & Novartis Medical Crimes...this is ongoing 2016

This is Ireland 2018 in torture to women.

Dear Marion,

I wonder how you are and where you are. I would like to think that you
are back at home, enjoying your lovely garden that you spoke to me
I write here Marion about the abduction of our lives...On this page I
mostly write what has happened to me as Pharma's mafia continue to
torture my body - in their attempts to force me back to Lab 101 for
Novartis monitoring of their barbaric trials which they sponsor in
Tullamore Hospital and that hospital we were both enslaved in.

I may come across as a bit of a rebel but what can I do other than speak out as long as I can against such medical and community torture sanctioned by a corrupt Government deptartment which is sponsored and run by
Novartis and their sponsored keyhole vilians.
Either way we are both abducted women in Ireland
as the world is silent on what are pharma and medical torture in
Ireland 2015. When I met you Marion in that hospital I did not tell
you that I had been dragged out of my home for asking that doctor in
Tullamore Hospital why did I have pelvic bruising and cuts to my
pelvic area - but that does not matter now. We met in that hospital
and there amongst other women we settled into compliance and
acceptance that we must have done something wrong. After all Marion we
were enslaved in a prison that has no rights. We were locked in and we
ate when we were told and queued in line to take our several times a
day drugs of silence and control.

We had no choices in our older years Marion - all our rights taken
from us - I could have gone along with the corruption that is Mental
Health - I could have taken their drugs where they confirmed to me can
cause Parkinsons Disease - they tried to convince me because I knew
what the surgeon in Tullamore Hospital had done to me that I had a
chemical imbalance - you would laugh really today Marion if you knew
that on Fair City a mother actor is telling her son actor that he has
to see a psychiatrist because he has a chemical imbalance...yes Marion
Fair City is pharmatised. You in your far away eyes and myself we know
that there is no such thing as the chemical imbalance. Marion you and
I did no wrong - our crime was to trust doctors in our own country and
they have lied to us and betrayed our lives and our bodies. You
admired my red Rosary Beads - you probably still have them around your
fingers - I pray with all my heart that you are safe but knowing what
I know now about the medical and pharma cartel of corruption and
torture to human life I write this letter to you and for you.

You were there just a few weeks before me. You told me that you drove
yourself there and hoped to get home soon. Both our birthdays had just
come and gone...We were the same age and the same month. I think now
that the list for abductions must go by our dates of birth yet we both
lived in opposite ends of the country. Imagine that Marion - we were
getting on with our post-menopausal lives and believed ourselves to be
free and blessed in life. Little did we know that we were products of
human life and sold into medical torture by Church and State...Yes
Marion we are the new Magdalenes, the new symphysiotomy women the new
female slaves of Church and State.

I have no doubt Marion that in someway you were coerced into
psychiatry - did the medical mafia ask you to "go in for a rest". You
and I did not speak about that in that place. You spoke about your
lovely husband - how he died - some years later Marion you met another
man who sadly got cancer and also spoke that you were a
lucky woman to have met two wonderful men who had loved you and
treated you so well. You told me how your husband died in the UK in
the 1980's, how he was knocked down and died. You told me about how he
had said to you, if anything were to happen to him do not leave him in
the UK but to bring him home to Ireland for burial. You kept his
wishes did all of that and moved back too so that you
could visit his grave. If only your dear husband could see what
Ireland has done to his lovely wife. You told me that you both had had
a lovely life in the UK and were very happy there. We both said almost
every day that we just want to go home.

Marion, I saw them take you down two or three times a week for ECT
that they gave you - you never questioned anything - you went along
with what they did...I wonder did the doctor ever sit down and explain
everything to you. You were such a nice gentle soul. When the nurses
called you again for the timed drugs - sometimes you told them that
you had already been down to the nurses station and had been given
that timed drug...but they would give it to you anyway and God love
you - you took that drug too. After several weeks of several ECTs you
were becoming confused...another lovely woman there would look out for
you and the three of us were friends for that time.

One night you were told to fast as you were going down early the next
morning. When you came back later that day - you got out of the bed to
go to the bathroom. As you walked past me you said you were in
terrible pain and that the pain was going right up through you. I knew
then Marion what probably happened to you...but what could I say there
were ears everywhere. It was not safe to talk. A while after that you
were even more confused and you would chat away about us all being in
a hotel and that we were your neighbours...Wouldn't it be wonderful
Marion if that was true and that we could all meet up again soon -
this time in a hotel by the sea.

God love you Marion, you became more confused and was unsure which was
your wardrobe...I opened your wardrobe door and showed you all of your
lovely clothes - your birthday presents from September were still
there and you asked me "Are they all mine". I told you yes and I
suggested some change of clothes for you to put on after your shower.
You were so childlike by then but I will never forget your eyes...the
hurt was there and I knew that you knew there was something bad
happening but you did not know how to voice it. Your body too is more
than likely full of keyhole surgery marks. How would you understand
what has happened to you. Have they forced down your brain and your
memories so bad now that they can do what they like to you. Have they
stated to your family that you suffer now from Dementia...Have they
the medical cartel of corruption placed you in a nursing home....Have
they started the process to sell your lovely home you spoke so
lovingly pay for your care. By the tme I was "released" you
had been moved to the 24 hour watch ward - at mealtimes you had almost
stopped eating completely - I could see the weight falling off
you...As I stood at the ward door that last day you turned around your
head in your bed - we waved to each other - Oh God Marion what is this
corrupt Church and State doing to women like us. 2015 Marion and a
whole Irish Society once again silent on the abduction of human life
for Pharma barbaric trials.

The pain going up through you Marion my dear enslaved friend - Have
they, the medical mafia, mutilated you too and taken your female
organs as they have done to me. Sure what can we say Marion - even now
with evidence of other procedures done to me other than that foot
operation family and friends do not understand as they believe in the
"good" doctor but just like the Magdalene women and the Symphysiotomy
women Marion we know what the medical cartel of criminals are capable
of...even with the evidence no Patient Group, no Department of Health,
no solicitor...we have been abducted from our lives Marion by the same
Church and State that grabbed women and children from their homes and
from the streets.

Reading back through this Marion I pray with all my heart that you are
sitting in your lovely home in front of a warm fire. If I had gone
along with the medical mafia Marion I could be probably be there with
you in that facility of cover up that I fear you are in. I am still
here outside but not free.I am certainly Novartis's
most hunted - The sadness of it all Marion. I know Marion that up to
June 2013 you have placed a memorial in the papers for your husband -
I could not find one for 2014 - and yet I found many up to
2013...within two months of that you were enslaved in that place.

Marion in memory of you where ever you are I now call us abducted
women for pharma mafia and Church and State abuse and torture "The
Marion Women" and in some future day, future time we will be
vindicated but my dear friend so many of us will have suffered torture
and death by then. God Bless you and we will walk through moonbeams in
time with Angels of Love and care all around us.

Your enslaved pal,

Teri - written on behalf of
"The Marion Women" who have been abducted and enslaved in Ireland for
Pharma abuse and torture in clinical trials by Irish Church and State
2013 -

Whilst I know investigations can take time I would stress to you that I have been suffering the lies abuse & cover up of both Tullamore & Portlaoise Hospitals for five years and since coming back to Ireland my health is deteriorating. I have not scanned the results from Monaco yet to my file but will copy the following to you.  Again I ask you to look into the urgency of all that I sent so far, Please, you know that it is public knowledge that HSE drag cases out even with the evidence to the cost of further trauma & suffering to patients.
Scoliotic infection with right convesity without clear rotation of the vertebral bodies.
Respect of the height and the morphology of the vertebral bodies.
Integrity of the posterior vertebral wall.
Disc Disease L4 - L5 and L5 - S1
Posterior inter-apophyseal arthrosis
Layer of Effusion in the suprapatellar pouch
No traumatic bone lesions
Please note all of the above I am suffering five years covered up by Dr Eoin Sheehan Dr Dermot Hehir Dr Peter Coffey Dr Ali Senior Nurse Mary Jane Burke
all in Tullamore Hospital
Dr Jim Daly & Maureen Gaffney Portlaoise Hospital
Note Dr Sheehan alleged to Gardai that I had accused him of Sexual Assault, I had not.
I was denied Gynae examinations in both Tullamore & Portlaoise Hospital.
Note this is a picture of the way my spine is today and how I have been labelled as Paranoid - Those Hospitals Doctors have lied and have labelled me Paranoid to cover up the truth of the crimes they have done against me, my life and have called all of the above Paranoia.
As my health is deteriorating I ask that you treat this as URGENT.
Please note whilst I used my maiden name initially as Keane in Tullamore Hospital....I soon changed it back to Keane Byrne or at times I just use Teresa Byrne - if you wish to use Keane Byrne that is OK.
I await your reply.
Yours sincerely
Teresa Byrne

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