The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

From the day I left Artane in October 1947 I've been running from my past. As I was known as Charlie from the being of my 'stay' in State custody from the age of two, it helped to learn on my release…

From the day I left Artane in October 1947 I've been running from my past. As I was known as Charlie from the being of my 'stay' in State custody from the age of two, it helped to learn on my release that my first name was in fact Patrick. It was therefore easy to forget about Charlie and leave him locked behind.

My race began in earnest when I fell in love with an eighteen year old clothing factory girl They started work at fourteen in those days. I had joined the RAF at the age of seventeen; just scraped in as a messing orderly, as I could just about read and write. With no home to go to on weekends off and leave periods I travelled the length and breath of the UK and stayed in bed and breakfast places, plus the YMCA. In those days there were signs a plenty of "No dogs or Irish allowed".

It was on one of those leave trips that I landed up in a small coal mining town in Co. Durham where I met the girl who became my wife. She came from a very materially poor family home of a two up two down terrace house. She had two brothers and two sisters. Her home contained a rich loving environment that no money could buy.

At first, she refused my proposal of marriage as she was too young, but then accepted me when she turned twenty. All I had to offer was a dream and with her love and inspiration I achieved what many would consider an impossible dream. There are so many things I've accomplished I now find it hard to believe I was capable of.

As if my earlier life had not been challenging enough, I was presented with much heartache to overcome along the way. Now that it's all over and I'm all alone, death can't come soon enough. Sorry I'll have to break off here as the pain has gotten too much. 

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Comment by jack colleton on April 27, 2014 at 10:38
Comment by Catherine Roberts on April 27, 2014 at 13:13

Hi Patrick what a sad story you are such a brave man letting us share how difficult your life has been.

Many of us can relate to episode in you story my brother was in Artane in the late fifties I can not bear

thinking about his life this why I find you an extraordinary person to be able to write about your life.

Take care Catherine.

Comment by james moy on April 27, 2014 at 16:05

Well Jack, I guess that is why they did not send me there, but there was Artane, and , other institutions far nearer to Dublin, like Wicklow, Kilkenny, and Limerick. But I only done 2 years there, at 14 I was allowed home for a month in the Summer, ( any lad that had a home and parents were allowed this, ) but on arriving home, I was subjected to a terrible trashing from my Dad, because I had complained about the Religious, and their treatment of us, (did not mention the dirty grubby bits) but I legged it away from home, jumped on the cattle boat at the north wall and got to Liverpool, where after a week , I was reunited with my older step brother, who lived in Buckinghamshire, and I stayed with him  and his Tipperary Wife, till I was 16, then returned home to Dublin, and only to see my Mother, I told my Dad to think twice before ever landing another punch on me, as I was in a mental state by then and could have joyfully killed him.! He indeed had a lot to answer for, and it took him another 10 years , when on his death bed, being nursed by my Wife and I , that he apologised to me, he had caused my Mother, Sister and her Chap to leave home, and migrate to the UK. They returned home for his last couple of days, and settled back home with my Mum.

Jack ,indeed I agree , those lads did have long walks, and I remember the Birds nest also. in York Road. Horrible frightening places.

keep strong


Comment by jack colleton on April 27, 2014 at 16:21

yes there were nearer places Jimmy.  marched up and back down the pier. also the other pier too! (east and west). stood out for all to see. the uniform a dead giveway. a lot of abuse went on in the Bird's nest. mental. emotional. physical (beatings and sex). children more known by their number. the beatings were a regular thing and if you were not being beaten you were witnessing other children being beaten. if you ran away (and some did) you would be brought back by the gaurds and beaten. children disappeared over night. there one day but gone the next. very few ever "adopted". it was a racket. a scam. the irish tax payer paying for the criminal abuse. visits from people from the "north". unionist ties.

Comment by james moy on April 27, 2014 at 17:29

Same rackets going on these days, and being committed by senior Ministers and TDs, How many Survivors have we lost over the last 6 years, that's the time it took Quinn and his Cronies to commandeer the money that the Religious contributed to us, and the fact that he used his Ministerial Power to effect this.,  putting it into his latest Scam, the so called Caranua Project, Something that will not benefit the very folk it was intended for. And specially the Spouses and Families of those that are now gone from us !

I am at a loss to understand why the media are not exposing this , and why the Religious are themselves silent on the subject ?

Holy effin Ireland, Jack, still has lots to answer for, Rackets, Scams, Corruption, is very much in evidence, and is right at the heart of the micky mouse government that Ireland now boasts !

Comment by Patrick Rice on April 28, 2014 at 15:09

Hi Jack, With reference to the Children's Fold, I have in front of me a document with that title. It was/is a Protestant organisation. It reads: Child's name in full; Noel Denis Rice.

Parent's name in full and address: Ellen Rice (nee Doyle) 82 Prussin ? Street Dublin.

Parent's Religion: Roman Catholic.

Date of birth of child: 15th July 1935

Place of birth: St. Patrick's Home, Palletston.

What amount can be contributed towards maintenance? 10/= per month

Is the child sound in mind, eyes and limbs, and free from infectious disease? (Doctor's Certificate necessary) Yes. Certificate attached.

I, Ellen Rice mother and lawful guardian of the child Noel Denis Rice request the Children's fold to undertake the care and maintenance of my child, and I consent to his being brought up in the principles of the Church of Ireland. The document is signer and witnessed on the 25th October 1938.

Records reveal the same child's birth and baptismal certificate was registered and baptised on the 18 July 1935 at St Brigids Catholic Church, Navan Road, Dublin 15.

The Children's Fold later had Him adopted by a Mr and Mrs Hughes. He adopted the name Hughes. Noel went on to marry and I understand he had a daughter. I know nothing more about him or any family he may have had. In all my birth mother had six children by my father, and my father had a further five children by another woman.

It's one amazing crazy story, but then Ireland was one crazy place to live then. Will add more tomorrow. Take care. 

Comment by jack colleton on April 28, 2014 at 22:36

yes indeed Jimmy. media and press owned.  religious did the deed and the whole thing satanic in nature. political parties funded by the religious?

Comment by jack colleton on April 28, 2014 at 22:49

yes Boley was indeed a protestant children's 'home'.  I believe owned by the ICM  (Irish Church Missions). a unionist organization with tentacles in the republic. ICM  was very keen to covert roman catholic children into protestants. they took advantage of familys in crisis (distress). people like them caused unmarried mothers to be stigmatized. they wanted to lay their hands on other people's children.  Boley was situated in Monkstown Farm. not far from Dunlaoire. the matron there in the 60's was a Ms Sylvia Brown.  at about the age of 3 years old the children would be transferred to another 'home' for example the Cottage 'Home'  in Dunlaoire or The Bird's Nest on York Road in Dunlaoire run by Smyly Homes. the ICM /  Smyly Homes did not encourage adoption!  very few children if any were adopted. money was to be made by keeping children in 'care'. the tax payer paid for each child in 'care. I was in Boley. I was in the Bird's Nest. I came from a roman catholic family! I never was adopted with a new life in "America" !  so much deception and deceit. all the main political parties guilty as charged. my father was a Doyle!  thanks Patrick!  much appreciated!   Jack

Comment by jack colleton on April 28, 2014 at 22:52
Comment by jack colleton on April 28, 2014 at 22:59

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