The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

18th November 2014 Garda Inspectorate 87 St Stephen’s Green Dublin 2 Mental Health Commission/Inspectorate St Martin’s House Waterloo Road Dublin 4 Dear Sirs, I write the following from records …

18th November 2014

Garda Inspectorate
87 St Stephen’s Green
Dublin 2

Mental Health Commission/Inspectorate
St Martin’s House
Waterloo Road
Dublin 4

Dear Sirs,

I write the following from records already in the Garda Siochana and
The HSE, the Department of Health and the Department of Justice.

I write to ask why is the Mental Health Act in Ireland being abused.

From the following information you will see coercion into Psychiatry.

Since I first suffered adverse reactions of a blood pressure drug
Aliskiren I have had non stop wrongs done to me by doctors in
Hospitals – when did I become a product of the HSE?.  Could you
confirm to me please if the HSE have rights over public patients in
hospitals – whereby an Indemnity Form that has been set up by the
State Claims Agency states that the “Authority” is named as the
Hospital, the Sponsor the Pharmaceutical Company and it goes on to
state that the Patients of the Authority – does this mean that the HSE
can pick public patients without their knowledge, consent for clinical
trials in their hospitals?  Please note I went into Tullamore Hospital
as a Private Patient –

The following is a letter I sent to Mr Mulligan of the Department of
Health which I trust you will find to be self-explanatory.  The letter
to Mr Mulligan was earlier this year.

"Dear Mr Mulligan,

I understand that you are part of the "Expert Group" who are to sit
tomorrow re the Mental Health Act.

My purpose for writing directly to you today is to highlight the abuse
of the Mental Health Act.  When a patient suffers adverse reactions of
prescription drugs that patient is called paranoid and asked by
hospital doctors to "see someone" - That is Mr Mulligan when a patient
suffers a reaction to any drugs that should not have been given, the
drug is protected and the patient is prescribed psychotropic drugs to
cover up the adverse reactions of general medicine drugs.

I will give you another example here of the abuse of the Mental Health Act.

Last September I attended by ambulance Tullamore Hospital. I was told
that I needed to have a foot operation and was kept in overnight.
Before the operation I was asked to sign two forms by a very bemused
and giggling doctor - he said in case they had to operate on both
feet. I asked could I have another xray of my feet - the doctor stated
No that they would do this in the theater where they have a scan
machine.  No such scan was done. I would mention that I had a broken
right foot which the ambulance crew protected in a padded wrap.

I was told by doctors that both feet were broken - I could not
understand this as I had fallen on my right foot which was swollen
bruised and bleeding - there was no mark, bruise, swelling or pain to
my left foot.  Yet that is the foot that was operated on and a plate
and screw put into it.  Following the operation also I was told to
keep the LEFT foot off the ground and to hop on the right foot to
move.  I am sure the walls of Tullamore Hospital still have the echoes
of my cries and screams when I was forced by staff to HOP on my broken

Two days after been discharged an ambulance had to take me back again
to the hospital where a cast was then put on to my right foot/leg - A
week later my right cast had to be changed because the doctor who had
put it on had left it too loose.

Following the operation I had internal injuries and a lot of bruising
to the pelvic area of my body - For several weeks I wrote letters to
Tullamore Hospital and was in weekly contact with the Management Team
- Seven weeks after the operation the casts were taken off my legs
despite my right foot still not fully healed and it is left completely
disfigured.  At my appointment with the Consultant I asked him could I
have another doctor examine me as I had a lot of pain and I had seen
cuts in my lower body.

The doctor snapped at me and asked if I was accusing him and his team
of sexually assaulting me - I said, of course not but asked why do I
have cuts and bruising and internal injuries following a foot
operation - I had other x-rays taken that day and was given the disc -
I attach hereto a copy of an x-ray of my pelvic area - Why was an
x-ray even done of my pelvic area but when you look  at it, it
confirms that there has been "tampering" and some procedure done to
me.  I also had several keyhole surgery marks on my abdomen and on my

I only saw the x-ray the day after the appointment with the
consultant.  I sent a copy of it to the hospital and asked what had
the doctors done to my insides and for someone to explain the x-ray to
me.  The x-ray is the evidence of what I had been stating for several
weeks.  Yes, I was upset, very upset to know that doctors had been at
my private part of my body without my knowledge or consent. But being
upset because doctors had caused me a lot of internal injuries and
pain during a foot operation  IS NOT A MENTAL ILLNESS.

Before the operation a Nurse asked me if I had removed my lower
garment and I said No as I am only having a foot operation - she told
me to remove them.

At a follow up appointment another member of staff in that hospital
said to me that she could clearly see that I had two casts on my legs
(I was in a wheelchair for several weeks) but that my medical records
stated that I had only one broken foot.  I questioned this with the
Management Team later and they did not reply to me.

A few days later I dealt with the matter in a positive way.  I wrote a
letter to the Irish Medical Council and based on the Criminal Act of
2012 whereby if any woman is touched or any violation in the Female
Parts without her knowledge or consent by Medical Staff - this is a
criminal offence.  I also sent both these agencies copies of the
x-ray.  When Tullamore Hospital was alerted they organised for me to
be dragged from this home - I was still in the wheelchair, forcibly
held down by three nurses and injected with psychotropic drugs and
held for five weeks and every day forced to take psychotropic drugs.
I was told on more than one occasion that if I did not take the drugs
I would be forced again.  That is the reality of abuse of the Mental
Health Act.

We have read of many stories of abuses including that symphysiotomies
were clinical trials sponsored by a Pharmaceutical company and were
well known by Government Departments.  There are many clinical trials
going on at present in Tullamore Hospital which are sponsored by Big
Pharma.  Ethic Committees and the IMB all state that clinical trials
are only done with patient's consent.  Whilst the giggling doctor got
A CLINICAL TRIAL.  Everything is perfect in theory but in reality
there are many many breaches of trust and violation.

The foregoing and the symphysiotomies are all in breach of
the Nuremberg Code - why is the Health Department silent on this?  Are
women merely HUMAN SUBJECTS for Pharma - Who will stop this violation
and medical torture to Irish women?

I have asked what is the white substance on the x-ray that is stuck
into my bones and what substance when injected into bones will turn
the bone area yellow?

Dr Philip Crowley of Patient Safety has all of this information since
November 2013 and his office confirmed to me, in writing, that he has
passed it on to HSE Advocacy for investigation.  I have heard nothing

Instead of Truth Trust and Consent I got deceit, distrust and
coercion.  I ask that you raise questions as to the misuse of the
Mental Health Act.  In January this year I asked the consultant again
to explain the  x-ray of my pelvic area to me.  He would not answer
me.  I have since raised the concerns with the Area Manager of the
Midlands Region who states that he is investigating the matter but the
weeks and months go on with no answers.”

I have now received some of my records from Tullamore and Portlaoise Hospital
Some information on the Portlaoise files are tippexed out – with parts
of paragraphs blanked.

I was told I only had foot operation in Tullamore – yet the file
clearly shows notes of Larynsgotomy
- note I had mentioned also and asked why had I got surgery marks and
scars to my neck.

Portlaoise hospitals saw this Xray – and also had other xrays done –
the file clearly
Shows a Thoracic xray states Aortic unfolded – Hospitals in Dublin had
showing unfolding
Of the Aortic following symptoms I suffered during breakdown of my
immune system
After Aliskiren side effects.

The frightening thing to note is that even with the xray of my pelvic
area that Gardai and Irish
Psychiatry forced me into psychiatry.  Psychiatrists are also doctors
and they knew well
What the scars on my neck, stomach and they had the evidence also when
they did their own
Xrays in Portlaoise Hospital – they, the doctors in Portlaoise and the
Psychiatrists knew that
Everything I said was the truth…

Even with the evidence they, the Psychiatrists, insisted that I stay
on Psychotropic medications –
Even with the evidence before them of violation to my body, i.e.
medical violation, they continued
To label me as paranoid and delusional.  How low can Irish Healthcare
continue to
Violate a patient’s human rights, dignity and rights to freedom and safety.

When I think of the control the HSE can have over a human being in this
Country and to reduce a patient to a pathetic state whilst doctors
continually do what they
Want to her body and make the patient responsiblle can see that the
abduction of women for torture has not changed.

I ask you both to please investigate these matters – has the HSE
sanctioned further abuse and control
Of my body and my life – what is the HSE Indemnity Form for –

All I want is the truth…safety in healthcare and the right to question
what has been done to my body
In HSE hospitals.

Novartis Ireland and Switzerland know well the breakdown of my health
from the drug Aliskiren – they
Did not give me the drug but how has every hospital and most doctors I
have gone to harmed me further
And yet the hospitals were eager for me to go back into A & E – for what.

I know well what both those hospitals have done to me.  They have both
wronged me and harmed
Me – None of us can change that – but I am appealing to you both as
Inspectorates to investigate
And bring about transparency and safety.

Three hospitals in Dublin apologised to me over the Aliskiren adverse
reactions – I went back to them after the apologies which I instantly
accepted only to find them still only interested in how much damage
Aliskiren can do
Instead of giving me safe treatment.  The only honest and logical
reason why the Consultant in St James’s Hospital,
A Pharmacologist and expert on drugs for the Department of Health was
to purposely break down my health.

From my own personal experience with the HSE over the last four years
– it is clearly obvious of their “gaslighting” tactics and the
involvement of Gardai in these methods is questionable.

1.      Gaslighting or gas-lighting is a form of mental abuse in which
false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt
their own memory, perception, and sanity.

Novartis Ireland and Switzerland, and the IMB and Irish Medical
Council are well aware of the adverse reactions I suffered…I wonder
are our hospitals and doctors now so controlled that they resort to
such methods and harm of “The Patient”….The world now knows that
Novartis in over 20 states in the US, in China and in Japan are under
investigation – in one country over 200 hospitals and doctors involved
in kickback payments.

I speak on behalf of all women now in Ireland who are being coerced
into psychiatry and I call for an investigation into Tullamore
Hospital and Portlaoise Hospitals…

To The Garda Inspectorate I would mention that in your office there
are some files from the mid 2000 on information where the Garda
Inspectorate of that time was informed of the cover up of Gardai in
Lucan and in Harcourt Terrace on two assaults on me.  Both which the
Gardai despite them asking me to make a statement so that other women
would be safe from a villain who they, the Gardai stated to me had the
profile of someone who would re- offend.  Is it a coincidence that
both those criminals were already convicted criminals – one a drug
informer and the other a paedophile from South Dublin – whose crime
was also covered up.  I reluctantly did what the gardai asked me to do
– It was only when the Gardai discovered that Dillon was a paid garda
informer that the Kangaroo courts of abuse took place in both stations
– with an Inspector in Harcourt Terrace shouting at me that I was a
liar.  I am no liar – now why on earth is the pattern of abuse there
in the Gardai and the HSE against one woman.

Why is the truth such a problem in the Gardai and the HSE – both
supporting the other in their wrongdoing.

I heard today that the McAleese Report stated there was no abuse in
the Magdalene Laundries…what an insult to those who suffered so much
for no crime, no judge, no jury.

I heard also on Joe Duffy today from a retired garda – who stated that
there are a lot of good gardai but they are being oppressed by senior
members – I agree with him – I have witnessed that myself when some
very good gardai tried to help me.
The same pattern with doctors – they have been prevented from helping
patients who suffer adverse reactions of drugs.

I went into Tullamore Hospital, in trust, believing that it was time
to move on and let go of all that happened in Dublin – my trust again
was abused and destroyed.

Mr Eoin Sheehan has written in letters that I have accused him of
sexually assaulting me – I have not – but even with such a statement
by Mr Sheehan why were the psychiatrists in Portlaoise Hospital
insisting that I go back to him – even for Mr Sheehan’s sake that
would not be the right thing to do – but I realise that the dynamics
of abuse do not change – the same pattern was with the Magdalene women
– God Love them – if they spoke out of turn they were sent to
Psychiatric hospitals and drugged.  What are the barbaric trials that
Mr Sheehan is doing – that he could have me dragged out of this home,
drugged and confined – for no crime, no judge, no jury not even an
assessment despite the lies that are written down.

I do not know how to bring all of this to a safe conclusion – I have
been directed by the Health Minister Mr Reilly to go back to the HSE
as they are responsible for safe medical care for all patients – the
circle of pass me on has been like that for three years and still my
body suffers at the hands of doctors in hospitals.  The pattern of
continued wrong medical care is torture and yet no one will help.

When I realise now what the psychiatric drugging of me almost lead me
to in June – over the following weeks I continually have asked
actually for a year – for the psychiatrists to take me off the Invega
– as I stressed to the doctors that I was suffering almost all of the
side effects.  A few months ago I again said to the psychiatrist and
showed him my hair, my nails – he stated your hair is Ok, it is not –
he checked my nails and said yes he could feel the ridges – I asked
him about Parkinsons Disease – as it states it can cause Parkinsons –
he states that Yes, it can cause symptoms like Parkinsons.  The medics
have tried to put everything down to alcohol yet they prescribe
medication that give cravings for alcohol.

For the last year I have researched and read two books, one being by
Dr Bob Johnson called Emotional Healing, another called Pharmageddon,
about the drug industry cover the data on clinical trials etc., but
the saddest part of all of this is the loss of life,the damage to
patients and just like in the gardai not being able to do their jobs
as per their Mission Statement – hospital doctors and doctors today in
Ireland are “forced” to become technicians and not the caring
doctor…The Good Psychiatrists of the World for patient safety are
stating that the most dangerous place for a patient today is the
doctor’s surgery – isn’t it sad that in many cases it is the same as
in a Garda Station.


I trust you will look into the foregoing – Whilst on Invega I suffered
nerve breakdown in many parts of my body, burning in bones, at back of
my neck and my tongue swelling – rashes, burning in eyes – and
shakiness – this has been conveyed to the nurses and doctors since
November 2013.

I have asked many times for medical support in coming off Invega – and
for the physical injuries I have suffered to be looked after.

I have been told again and again by Psychiatry that I need to stay on
Invega…and when I talk about the pain and physical moving of my spine
following the foot operation in Tullamore hospital I have been ignored

Please look at the picture below of pelvic/end of spine area of my
body.  It does not take a medical expert to note that something is
stuck inside – despite the evidence of many scars to my body, neck,
hips, abdomen and stomach area I was forcibly taken from my home – not
once in the five weeks that I was in Portlaoise Hospital was I
examined either by a gynaecologist or medical doctor – I was forcibly
drugged and told that I needed to stay on drugs.  Yes, I did have a
solicitor call one evening – who told me that I do not have to take
the drugs – nurses stated in front of the solicitor that I do not have
to take drugs – when the solicitor went the nurses told me that I do
have to take them or they would be forced into me.  Later that evening
after an exhausting interview with the solicitor – who told me that I
had been examined in Dr Haverty’s surgery in Tullamore that Friday – I
told her No – I had never been in Dr Haverty’s surgery – he with his
colleague (note not two independent GPs)  had come to this home on the
previous night.

Secretariats, I could go on and on but what is the point – I am sure
you will gather from the foregoing that I was forcibly taken into
psychiatry to cover up whatever Mr Eoin Sheehan and his team did under
anaesthetic in September 2013.

I ask that you please bring about transparency and safety..I have
records from Tullamore Hospital which state that I also had a
Larengsotomy – there is clear surgical marks to the outside of my
neck/upper chest also.  There are clear surgical marks under my arms –
I was never told that I had a larengsotomy – also from an xray earlier
this year – there is evidence of a surgical procedure to my bowel –
pain of which only following stay in Tullamore hospital – even the
documentation re foot injury states clearly the following

11/09/2013 Ankle Rt, Ankle Lt, Elbow Rt, Wrist Rt:
There is evidence of chip fracture of the right lateral malleolus .
Also there is a fracture of the right calcaneum.
No significant bony abnormality or injury shown in the right elbow and
right wrist.

There is no mention whatsoever about any injury to left foot – two
weeks after the operation notes were written up that screw and pin put
in to foot – no mention.

Please note the photo below here is the evidence that has been covered
up via Irish Psychiatry, Gardai and Irish Medical Council –

Notes from Portlaoise Hospital also states following xrays in
Portlaoise – Aortic Arch unfolded – I had a scan three years ago which
stated Aortic Arch unfolding –

None of these re the Aortic Arch have ever been discussed with me – I
note that Aortic Arch breakdown is noted as an adverse reaction to

There is clear evidence of wrongdoing from the notes from my body
tests and results.

It is clear that both hospitals and many hospitals in Dublin are
involved in the cover up of Aliskiren and other injuries done to me in
Hospitals under the HSE and Department of Health cover up on Novartis
drug Aliskiren.  Why indeed would a Pharmacologist review my records
and tests over a three week period and then prescribe me Aliskiren –
back in July 2011 – and from then I have had a litany of “medical
errors”.  That consultant was Dr Michael Barry of St James's Hospital - a pharmacologist and spokesperson for the Department of the Health on drugs..he knew well what aliskiren would do to a patient who had already suffered angiodema from Valsartan.

What are my choices to sit before a psychiatrist and take psychotropic
drugs that will further break down my health –

Whilst attending mental health nurse in Bury Quay Tullamore – a young
woman who has been very friendly etc., but forces down the fact that I
will be on this medication a long time – I looked up the risks of such
medication on, I liaised with many worldwide psychiatric
experts and followed up with researching the CEP.Org, I spoke to
 the MHN (Mental Health Nurse) many times on this – and I questioned
alternative therapies but always at the same time I never changed from
the fact that I knew that I was coerced into psychiatry because I
questioned Mr Eoin Sheehan and Tullamore hospital to many injuries to
my body “during” foot operation.  The truth does not change.

It is frightening and it is criminal what the HSE and hospital doctors
together with Gardai are willing to go to to cover up wrongdoing in
HSE hospitals and to cover the adverse reactions of Aliskiren.
Aliskiren is a drug given to patients to forcibly break down their
good health and I have been persecuted for knowing that.

I have pleaded for safe health care for over three years at every
opportunity my own healthcare service has continued to harm me and
cause so much upset in my life and my family’s.
Last week I spoke to MHN in Bury Quay I asked her to please cancel
the appointment with Dr Daly at Bury Quay.  I told her that I have now
weaned myself off the Invega for over three months and that I want to
finish with the Mental Health service – she knows the reasons well – I
told her as I did from the beginning that I am concerned about my
physical health and have noted further physical health problems that
have never been explained to me.  She asked would I come down and talk
to her and see Dr Daly face to face – I told her that I have been
saying about the drug side effects and the physical injuries to my
body but no one is listening to – MHN stated that she would do

Yesterday I was surprised to receive a further letter from Bury Quay
stating an appointment for next week 27th November with Dr Daly.

I rang MHN – she rang me back later and told me that it was
probably automatic – I stated to her that I am writing to the Mental
Health Inspectorate to inform them of the foregoing – I thanked her
for all the time and courtesy she showed me but that I did need to
move on – and since coming off invega I have done a lot. 

She then stated that she had been trying to ring my family and could not
get in touch with.  I asked why.  She stated that she had to check
was I OK.  MHN stated that this is probably making me angry now.
I told her No, it does not make me angry it sickens me. 
  MHN stated that she had to try and ring her but stated again she was
unable to get in touch.  I did tell MNH that I know I mentioned
that I would write a letter down to her but I told her that I thought
afterwards that it should really go to the Secretariat of Mental
Health.  MHN asked me to send her down a copy of the letter – I
told her that I would leave it to the Commission to do that.

This morning my email is frozen, therefore, I am writing this out –
and would ask you if anything is not too clear, please phone or write
for any clarification.

I rang my family and on checking through phone details I was told that
no one from Bury Quay had tried to ring – there were no records of
a missed call or a telephone message etc.  I knew then the dynamics of
abuse and control do not change…again.  In the months before June and
following June of this year –  I arrived one day for my prearranged
appointment – waited for some time – then the receptionist told me
that MHN said it was the following Tuesday – I said OK but when
Tom and I got home – it was clearly that day – but as MHN said to
me the following week that it could easily have been her mistake – I let it
go – human error does occur.  This happened again.  I said nothing but
confirmed that Tom and I write down the times and dates.  Another time
– this would have been in July – I was very ill following eating an
egg and was getting ready to go in to Bury Quay for appointment when I
started vomiting – Tom (my partner) rang Bury Quay to cancel the
appointment and told them what was wrong.  When I did see MHN a
week later – she stated that I had it wrong that it was her that was
to come out to me at the house – I knew that was not true as the
morning I was ill we had a worker in doing some work – he was here
that morning I was ill – he is a friend of Tom’s and we would always
leave him working away – it was on the calendar for Bury Quay – again
MHN said maybe she had got it wrong.

Mental Health and yet we have the system trying to confuse people –
and then yesterday stating they were not able to get in touch with my

This morning I rang MHN and confirmed to her that my family had
no missed calls or messages – she said maybe it is her fault that she
may have got the number wrong.  She rang me back later stating that it
was her fault – she had a digit wrong.  She never asked me to confirm
the correct number.

I told MHN yesterday that I am willing to put this before the
Courts if I have to – and I would ask the Commission’s advice on that.

I also show a copy of a photo of my spine – which has been turning
since December 2013…I had no trouble with my spine before the foot
operation in Tullamore Hospital –

It is clear from the foregoing that Irish psychiatry is abusing the
Mental Health Act to cover up injuries to my body in Tullamore
Hospital and the breakdown of my physical health due to the drug
prescribed in July 2011.

Thank you for your time – and I pray that you will both Secretariats
look into this – when a patient’s life is used by healthcare in
barbaric clinical trials – what does one do.

The EU Health Minister advised me to write back to the Departments
here in Ireland.  Sir Nigel Rodley (Geneva) also advised me to go to
Legal Aid – advises all patients to inform their doctors of
their side effects from drugs – as does the Irish Medicine Board -
but no one in Ireland is listening, even with the evidence before
them.  Irish Medicine Board stressed to me in July 2011 that it was
urgent that I get medical help for the Aliskiren adverse reactions –
why is there no safety no way forward in honesty and safety for a
patient who suffers adverse reactions of a drug in Ireland.

Even to a non-medical person the facts speak for themselves – how safe
are any of us under such a regime?

Yours sincerely,

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