The Shame of Ireland

The Shame of Ireland

Now that I have established that the Council of Europe is run, sponsored and in allegiance with Pharma bribery and corruption how safe are any of us - How safe are the thousands of refugees flocking …

Now that I have established that the Council of Europe is run, sponsored and in allegiance with Pharma bribery and corruption how safe are any of us - How safe are the thousands of refugees flocking to the shores of Europe - more human subjects for pharma illegal Nazi type trials - I stand in solidarity with the good people of Europe as they are "duped" into aiding and tormenting women who suffered Novartis drugs and illegal clinical trials. I thank the lovely people of Holland where I was happy to spend my money on hotels, food and souveniers - I appeal to them to not be part of the corporate crime that is in reality the Cowards' War against the innocent. Big Pharma convinced Hitler that it was a matter of science to xperiment with the captive jews in the concentration camps and he supplied as many human subjects as Pharma demanded. To know that Pharma has convinced European Leaders that the same pattern is needed in the name of Science - I can honestly confirm that Pharma are still the Nazi gestapo they always were - and how infantile are Leaders in Europe to be convinced that illegally traffiking women for barbaric trials of removing parts of their bones, shredding their organs, mutilating them, violating their very private parts is Science - it is Nazism at it's worst and to know that all of the countries in the European Union are involved in this Cowards' War against one woman at a time leaves me knowing that the War and Torture to Human life has risen from the ashes of Auschwitz and World War 2 of violation, control, torture and rape to human life is ongoing all over Europe and specifically in Ireland.

The Irish Prime Minister is personally involved in calling on European leaders to aid Ireland in torturing one Irish woman who suffered medical/pharma rape of mutilation - four doctors involved in cutting into her body - four doctors involved in using her body to twist and turn her bones - remove cartilage bones - insert industrial patches - insert computer tips so that any other doctor or medical mafia can twist and turn her bones anytime she may go to a surgery - Dentists injecting poison into her gums - Opticians and Consultant surgeons in the Mater Hospital Dublin using blue light radiation on her eyes that burns the skin - Doctors in Tullamore Hospital burning her eyes again with Blue light radiation - shredding her organs - then accusing her of stating that the doctors had sexually assaulted her - Liars, Criminals the lot of them - This is what the Council of Europe and Prime Ministers in the Nederlands, France, Switzerland and Belgium are covering up and using their own paid mafia and criminals to further target and harm one Irish woman - Novartis pays well for their cover up and their abuse and torture to women - Novartis guilty of violation and pharma rape of women's bodies -

Here is a list of some of the Guilty Pharma criminals who happen to call themselves doctors :-

Michael Barry - Consultant Pharmacologist at St James's Hospital - Guilty of prescribing a dangerous drug that he knew exactly what would happen to the Patient - Guilty of ignoring warnings already issued by the IMB on Aliskiren since 2009 - Guilty of cover up and not reporting to the IMB the adverse reactions of Rasilez Aliskiren - Guilty of cover up for Novartis 

Eoin Sheehan - Tullamore Hospital

Dermot Hehir - Tullamore Hospital

Peter Coffey - Tullamore Hospital 2013

Ali (Doctor from Iraq) - Tullamore Hospital

Amy Corcoran - floating around as a training GP - Tullamore

Colm Byrne - Mater Hospital 2011 - inserting objects into women to have them easily tracked and targeted - lied to Pharmacist in the Mater by telling her that the patient was not allergic to Penicillen when she was - induced patient to anaesthetic whilst he violated her body together with a "final year" med student - a female who took part in the violation - he told patient that she had fainted - she had not - drugged the patient with psychotropic drugs whilst patient "knocked out"...and inserted fluids into her that came away from her body two days later - filled her with acid..

Brendan Kinsley - cover up of Novartis drug side effects - Rasilez Aliskiren

Colm O'Brien - Eye Surgeon Mater Hospital - took blue light out of protective casing and made patient look directly through it - causing burning to eye and face

Paul O'Connell - Mater Hospital - covering up adverse reactions of Novartis drug Rasilez Aliskiren

Deirdre McNamara - Tallaght Hospital - personally involved in harming patient to cover up Novartis drug Aliskiren

Grainne O'Halloran - Tallaght Hospital 2011 - lied to patient about injuries suffered from Aliskiren and refused to give blood test results

Dr Mary Boyd - GP Leixlip and her colleague known as Dr Thomas - guilty of lying about blood test results and taking part in the crime against the patient on behalf of Novartis cover up of their drug Aliskiren

Hugh Nohilly - GP - would not fill in the form that the IMB sent to him to put down the symtoms, disease and injuries the patient suffered from Rasilez Aliskiren.

Paul McKernon - Connolly Hospital - following a phone call to the Chief Medical Officer - Dr Tony Holohan at the Department of Health - gave the patient a concoction of drugs and injection that caused an instant bleed to the brain - as he sneaked across the room with another injection/syringe held down by his side - the patient stopped him from giving that second injection - the bleed on the brain was confirmed a few days later when patient ended up in Tallaght hospital for five days - again lied to, drugged and fed with cortisone too many times - 

Nurse in Tallaght Hospital - made a phone call to Connolly hospital to find out what they had given patient whose face was now stifenning and throbbing pain in heart, swollen legs - Nurse says nothing back to patient - she puts on her coat and walks out of the hospital - Thank you to that good Nurse - she may not have helped the patient but she certainly was not going to lie or be party to the crime...

Hermitage Private Hospital - lied about blood and urine results 

Ministers Leo Varadkar, James Reilly, CEO Tony O'Brien of HSE, Patient Safety officer Dr Philip Crowley - all involved in cover up of Novartis drug

Novartis had their mafia all the way from Le Mans in France throw items at my house and stalked and followed me pointing some kind of weapons directly at my back that burned into my kidneys

Gardai involved in trying to force me into hospital for further cover up of Novartis drugs and clinical trials.

Here was one innocent woman, no crime, no jury - just picked by Government and Doctors who abuse and torture for clinical trials for Novartis and Amgen and just like in Auschwitz the women who were medically tortured had no choice - so too today this woman had no choice - and there in the hospitals she saw other women, drugged and violated - their eyes told the story of "prisoner" - 

If anyone who reads this thinks that this is not Nazism then please let me know and shame on Governments across Europe who try to convince themselves that this is "Science" - Ciba-Geigy convinced Hitler that this type of "medicine" was science - and who are Ciba-Geigy today trying to convince Universities that this IS "Scientific Research" - Ciba-Geigy came to Ireland in 1947 - they are now known as Novartis.  The Catholic Church in Ireland has supplied them with thousands of human subjects for the last decades - the industrial school children - beaten raped and given to Pharma and Universities for experiments - the Mother and Baby homes - the Magdalene Laundries - the Symphsiotomy women - all used in Pharma paid clinical trials of torture - and now The Marion Women 2015 - Mass graves of children and women are being discovered all over Ireland - 800 babies Tuam - 500 babies Castlepollard - Birr Co Offaly an undisclosed number of girls bodies in a Mass grave under a cross that says "Orphans of St John's" - Several mass graves of women - some have been discovered with bandages still around their skeletons - were the adverse reactions victims murdered - They were all murdered for no good reason - Many of the babies sold to American arrived with bandages on their arms from the experiments done on them - and now today the whole world stands by whilst the Irish mad doctors are still doing experiments on women for and on behalf of Novartis - Now will some Government kindly tell me what World War II is over because it is certainly not over for the women and children in Ireland - Mass graves of babies, and women and not one investigation - Peace and Justice movements do not care about the reality of the war against women - the UN, the EU continue to cover it up - Novartis are criminals - they torture and then they leave it to their paid mafia to kill the innocent - Corporate crime is still crime - Pharmaceutical Rape is still Rape - and shame on any and all of you who have been involved in this torture, if only by your silence - Silence is not an Option.

Note that the US, China and Japan have charges against Novartis in the last year in the cover up of data on the same Novartis drugs I suffered - Cover up of the data in Ireland is shredding the affected organs, glands of the patient - Dr David Healy, Psychiatrist and Pharmacologist writes in his blog about patients who suffer Pharma adverse reactions - one of his articles is "Follow the Patient to death" - From my own personal experience Novartis and their medical cartel of bribery and corruption first Torture, demean, stalk and violate the patient in every way - there is no safety, no freedom, no privacy, no peace, no justice, no mercy when one becomes a Novartis injured patient - 

Silence is Not an Option...

11th September 2015

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